Can I Bring a Coat On a Plane? 2024

When traveling there is no doubt that you wanted to have alight jacket or even a winter coat always handy.

But can you bring a coat on a plane? And does a winter coat count as a personal item?

Here is a quick answer before we go deep into the topic.

You are permitted to take your coat or jacket on almost any airline without any restrictions, and according to the TSA jacket are allowed in the security checkpoint but you will need to take it off so it can be screened properly before you can proceed to your flight.

This post is about bringing coats on planes and what are the TSA rules about traveling with coats.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can I bring a coat on a plane?

There are no restrictions on taking coats on planes with most airlines, and each airline has different regulations about what you are allowed to take as baggage in either carry on and checked baggage.

In addition of your allowed baggage most airline permit you to have some additional items like a jacket an umbrella, reading material, food or merchandise that you buy in the airport.

Can You Wear A Winter Coat Through Airport Security?

Obviously the TSA ( Transportation Security Administration) don’t have any problem about wearing normal jackets through the security checkpoint, but they have specific restrictions on Heated Jackets / Sweaters.

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Passengers will be required to take off their heavy jackets at the airport security and place them in the conveyor belt for screening.

You can also place your coat inside your carry-on bag and it will be treated as any other kind of clothes, so you don’t need to take it out at the airport, and that will help make your screening process fast and smooth.

If you are a TSA PreCheck so you don’t have to remove shoes, belts or light jackets before clearing airport security, However sometimes even if you have the TSA PreCheck approval you will still need to take off your jacket.

TSA officers have the discretion to ask you to remove an item if needed.


Zara asked the TSA if light jacket, and sport coats are allowed to wear through the security line, and the TSA replied that jackets are allowed, but they must be removed and placed in the bin for screening.

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Can I carry my winter coat on the plane?

Can I bring a coat on a plane? Most airlines will not count your coat or jacket as part of your carry-on baggage as long as you don’t bring too many jackets.

If you take only one jacket you can either wear it, place it inside your bag or place it on top of your bag in the overhead compartment.

A big and large coat may cause small problems when traveling on small airlines, because of the limited space this airlines have on their airplanes so they limit the number of additional and personal items you can take.

But still the best way to take your jacket on a plane is by wearing it until you get on board the airplane, you can then place it inside your bag or under the seat in front of you.

You can also wear 2 jackets if you feel comfortable with that, and if the jackets are light.

How do you pack a winter coat in a suitcase?

If you decide to take your jacket inside your suitcase, carry on or check baggage; here are some tips to help you pack your jacket neatly before you travel.

  • First zip your jacket to make it easier to pack and fold.
  • Fold the sleeves backward.
  • Fold the coat in half, in the midline to make sure it is wrinkle free, each half meet the other.
  • roll the jacket up, the tighter the roll is the less space your coat will take.
  • secure the jacket with a duty band and tighten it so it won’t release as soon as you place it inside your suitcase.

Community thoughts

Jessica is so happy because she got the TSA pre-check and she didn’t have to remove her shoes or jacket at the airport security in her flight with United Airlines.

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Blake Asked Delta airlines if he can bring his heated jacket with a 144 Wh battery on the airplane.

And the Delta agent replied that if the TSA approved it he is allowed to bring it on board the airplane without any restriction.

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So Let’s just see what the TSA answers about traveling with heated jackets.

The TSA said that heated jackets are also allowed on airplanes, However you will need to remove your jacket at the Security checkpoint and place it in a bin for screening. 

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What are airlines regulations about graveling with jackets?

Most airlines will not count a jacket as a personal item or as part of carry on, but rather another additional item that is free of charge.

Here are some airlines and what they count a jacket.

United airlines In addition to your one carry-on bag and personal item, you can bring the following items on board:
A jacket
An umbrella
Reading material
Food or merchandise that you buy in the airport
American Airlines American airlines didn’t mentions jackets on its website, but obviously you can take your jacket on AA and it won’t be count as a piece of carry on.
Alaska airlinesThese items may be brought onboard without counting toward your carry-on limit.
Coats, hats, umbrellas (compact size that easily fits into an overhead bin, under the seat or in a suitcase)
A pillow for personal use
Food for immediate consumption
Frontier airlines Coats, diaper bags when traveling with an infant, canes, crutches, Portable Oxygen Concentrators, respiratory devices or any other assistive devices, and foot rugs for use during prayer are all free to carry on in addition to your one personal item.

Best Jackets For Travel

When traveling a lightweight and warm jacket to protect you against wet winter weather is critical, also a jacket that will not take valuable space inside your suitcase when you don’t need to wear it.

Here a variety of picks for some of the best lightweight jackets for travel.

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This jacket can easily be folded down to fit in your carry on or wear it while you are on your journey.

Conclusion: Can I bring a coat on a plane?

Now that you know how you fly with a jacket and that you can take your jacket on airplanes without any restrictions, and how to pack your winter jacket on your suitcase.

I don’t see any issue to ban a jacket on planes, but if you are traveling with so many jackets or coats make sure to know your airline size and weight limits,and you will be required to place them inside your carry on or checked baggage.

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