Can You Bring a Blanket On a Plane 2024?

Blankets are warm and cozy.

If you are planning to bring any type blanket on plane, here is a short answer.

You are allowed to bring blankets ( including electric and survival blankets ) in both carry-on and checked bags on most airlines; the TSA does not have any issues, just ensure it is within your airline size and weight limits.

Keep reading to know more about taking blankets on planes in both carry-on and checked baggage.

We’ve already covered the rules when traveling with pillows, you can read the post if you want to take your pillow along with your blanket.

Let’s dive right in.

Two cozy blankets
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Take a Blanket On a Plane – The TSA Rules

The TSA (The Transportation Security Administration) has no issues about traveling with all types of blankets.

According to the them you are allowed to bring blankets through the security checkpoint without any restrictions.

Here is a screenshot from their website.


I also did a research if the have any specific limitations or exceptions on bringing electric blankets here is what I found.


And so yes, there is no restrictions on both regular and electric blankets in carry-on .

Does a Blanket Count As a Carry-On?

Most airlines are pretty lenient with taking additional items on board the airplanes.

So it is better to fit your baked inside your bag, and you can take it out after you get on board the airplane.

Some airlines – especially budget airlines – will count your blanket toward your person item if it doesn’t fit inside your bag.

So be careful, because that will add some significant fees to your travel itinerary.


Tip: If you plan to take a nap, you can take a travel sized blanket That folds up small for carrying it will just do the work. Especially on frequent long-haul flights, you may also want to consider a lean-forward pillow , which lets you use the space in front of you for a more comfortable sleep.

Before you check in your bag make sure that you don’t forget your blanket in your suitcase.

Can you Take a Blanket In Checked Baggage?

Blankets are good to go in checked baggage.

In fact if you are not going to use your blanket during a flight the best way to travel with it is inside your checked bag.

That way you will save more space for your essential items.

Do wanted to know if survival blankets and digital trail cameras are good to go in checked baggage.


The AskTSA customer service gave him green light saying “survival blankets and digital cameras are good to go in checked bags.”

Do airlines charge for blankets?

Most airlines offer blankets for free, however you are not allowed to take it with you when you reach your destination.

and if you decide to take your own personal small blanket, most airlines won’t charge you for it, even if your blanket is a bit bigger it will count as either your carry-on or personal item.

Most airlines allow additional free items in addition to your main carry-on bag and personal item, (an umbrella, a magazine,a purse, a blanket).

Do airlines wash their blankets?

Most airlines focus on customer experience, and most airlines wash their blankets regularly; airline companies clean their Blankets at an industrial laundry that is contracted by the airline or washed at their own base home at the airport.

Tip: No matter how often you travel,you will need a suitcase or a backpack that suits your needs and hold all your essential items, they have to be spacious and durable while staying within any airline luggage size and weight limits (Amazon links).

Airlines And Flying With blankets?

Blankets provide a great comfortable flight; sometimes we need to fly to our destination carrying blankets in our baggage. Or perhaps you bought a blanket during your vacation and need a way to take it home with you.

Can i take a blanket on a plane American Airlines

@American airlines allow blankets on board the airplane without any restrictions, however you should always make sure that your blanket does not exceed its personal item or carry on size .


Does A Blanket Count As A Carry-On Delta?

@Bilbo asked Delta about bringing a blanket, and if it will be considered as a personal item.

@Delta agent that they allow taking blankets on Delta as long as they are compliant with the airline carry-on baggage limits, but if it doesn’t fit inside the carry-on it will be considered as a personal item.


Can I take a blanket on Spirit Airlines?

didn’t found a Tweet from Spirit airlines about traveling with Blankets, but yes there is no restrictions on traveling with blankets on spirit Airlines, It can be placed inside your main carry-on bag, or it can be transported also inside your personal item which is a bag that will fit perfectly under the seat in front of you.

Can I take a blanket on Southwest Airlines?

Just like other airlines Southwest will count a large blanket that is not inside the carry-on bag as a personal item or carry-on bag depending on the size of your blanket.


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Final Thoughts: Can You Bring a Blanket On a Plane?

There is really nothing against taking your own blanket ( even if it is an electric blanket or weighted blankets ) onto the plane. If you want to, you will never have to use the airplane blanket if it is thin or just won’t provide the comfort you want.

If you are traveling with a large blanket as a gift or for any other purpose ensure that you know your airlines luggage rules to avoid any surprises at the airport.

We hope you have a cozy flight.

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