Can You Keep Airline Amenity Kits?

Airlines want to connect with you even when your flight with them is complete, that is why they offer onboard amenities kits; however most airlines provide inflight amenities kits only for premium passengers.

But can you keep airline amenity kits?

Before taking anything from your flight it is preferable to know what you can keep from a plane. Especially if you are traveling in a first or business class.

You can just ask the flight attendant if you are confused about such items but generally you can keep amenity kits that are given in any class.

It is like a promotion for airlines and the brand products, when you keep them it is like helping them advertise their products and brand, but there are some items that you can’t keep, especially blankets and pillows.

Let’s find out more about airline amenity kits and if you get to keep the amenity kits on planes and take them home.

Let’s dive right in.

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What Are Amenity Kits?

The airlines amenity kit is a small bag that airlines offer to passengers on board especially on long haul flights, it usually consists of personal care items, (like in the image above), airlines give them to the first and business class, however sometimes they are offered for economy class passengers either.

Do You Get To Keep The Amenity Kits On Planes?

Most airlines offer an amenities bag for first and business class passengers, consisting of toiletries and gifts, especially on long haul and international flights.

And if you ever received this kit don’t feel bad or hesitate, you can keep it and take it home with you, if you leave it, there is more chance the airline will not use them again, so they will be wasted and recycled.

For example American airlines offer these 3 premium packages amenity kits.

  • Flagship First
  • Flagship Business
  • Premium Economy

The bag usually consists of sleeping masks, flight socks, lip balms and lotions in addition to other items like dental kits, mouthwash, earplugs, tissues and pens.

you can keep all of these items and use them at home or on your next flight without any issues.

Eye masks and face masks

Eye masks and face masks can be offered in almost all classes, and depends on the airline, and they are for personal use, other passengers won’t use them again, so you are good to go and keep your masks.


Except for my brother’s socks, If i get offered socks on my flight, I want them clean, neat and never worn before.

Airlines won’t offer worn socks for other passengers, so you can keep them as they are personal items that won’t be used again even if they have been cleaned.


I always travel with these EarPlanes Ear Plugs that balance and relieve Air pressure during my flight, and whenever I receive other earplugs I just toss them on my bag and know that i have a backup.

Earplugs cannot be used again with other passengers if you left them on board, so just take the earplugs when your flight is landed and reuse them in your next flight again.

Packaged food and drinks

Food offered on flights are totally okay to take with you especially on domestic flights, however on international flights you will need to make sure that the food you want to take is permitted in the country of your destination.

Diary products, fruits and vegetables have special guidelines in different countries, otherwise if you have a layover or connecting flight the food can still be helpful while waiting for your next flight.

In-flight magazine

Oh this is my favorite, i like to read magazines and whenever my flight lands i take the magazine in my hands so i can finish my favorite article in my hotel room or while I’m waiting for the next flight.

However magazines can be used again by other passengers but it is an advantage for the airline to take the magazine and show it to the world, which is good for the airline publicity as magazines have more high impact messages on advertising.

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Can You Keep Airline Pajamas?

Pajamas are offered on luxury airlines like United, American Airlines, Qantas and for premium tickets, and obviously most of the time the cost of the pajamas are included in the booking ticket and the package cost.

So you are just fine if you plan to keep the pajamas when you arrive, most airlines will not use these pajamas again as they are for personal use.

They are a fun way to remember your flight.

However; this is not always the case I some airline ” it is better to as the flight attendant”

Can you keep airline slippers?

Some airlines offer slippers on long haul flights in case you want to take off your shoes and help your feet rest.

Usually airlines offer slippers along with Pajamas.

So you are good to go and get your slippers home, most airlines do not have any problem taking slippers.

Can You Take Airline Blankets Home?

Most airlines offer blankets, to help passengers relax and enjoy their flight, but unfortunately it is not advised to take airline blankets.

You can use it during the flight but you can’t keep it or take it home, as most blankets are expensive and the airlines may wash them and can use them again.

So even when you are flying first or business class you are not allowed to take the blankets from the airplanes.

Can You Keep Airline Headphones?

Yes, most airlines will allow you to keep regular headphones, but not expensive ones as most of them can be used again.

Most airlines usually replace the foam over the ear piece, clean the headphones and reserve them to use again, even if you are traveling on first or business class, you may not be able to take those expensive headphones with you home.

Summary: Can You Keep Airline Amenity Kits?

One of the things you should keep in mind about taking airlines amenities kits is that they provide them to help advertise and promote their products, amenities in bags are hundred percent yours, while other items like blankets you should consider the airline rules or you can just ask the flight attendant if it is okay to keep an item.

I usually take magazines, earplugs, and sometimes toiletries, but other items like socks, slippers or masks I leave them on the airplane, either for other passengers to use or just for the airline to give it to the next passengers.

I hope this answered all your question about keeping airline amenities.

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