How To Listen To Music On a Plane? ( 2023 )

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So how do you listen to music on a plane?

Besides reading my favorite book I’m always looking forward to discovering new songs on my flights.

And with the infinite amount of choices we have today, it is effortless to listen to your favorite songs on planes.

In this post we will show you how to listen to music offline and reveal some of the best ways to make your flight fun and enjoyable.

Here is a short answer before we dive in more on the topic.

There are different ways to listen to music on planes, you can either download your favorite songs on a file, download streaming apps like Spotify or use the airline seat back screens, if the airline you are flying offers free WiFi so there are limitless ways to listen to music.

Let’s show other ways and how other travelers listen to music on their flights.

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we may receive a small commission (with no additional cost to you) if you purchase an item from the links in this page, we really appreciate it!

Is There A Way To Listen To Music Offline?

You can listen to your favorite songs without WiFi and offline on airplane mode on Amazon music.

You can just download your favorite music for offline listening in the Amazon Music app, you can just login to your app and choose the songs you want to listen to during your flight.

Otherwise Spotify works on planes great as well, you can get a membership on Spotify premium and it will allow you to download songs to play offline, and without the need for WiFi.

What is good about spotify is that you can listen to podcasts if you don’t want to listen to music anymore; You can purchase a month or two of spotify, and cancel whenever you want.

One of the things i like to do whenever i take my laptop, I prepare a list of my favorite songs on my laptop. I usually do the some kind of work or playing while listening to my preferred tracks.

How To Download Music On Amazon App?

You can have Amazon Music on almost any device, iPhone, android or iPad.

  • When login go to your app homepage, click on My music.
  • you can either choose your favorite song and click on the dots shown in the screen and choose download.
  • When you click download the song will be added automatically to your downloaded list
  • downloaded songs will be marked at your list and they will play offline whenever you click on one of them.

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Can I Use My Phone On A Plane To Listen To Music?

However mostly i use my laptop but i have never been on a flight when i don’t use my phone to stream music; and the best way to listen to music on planes is on you phone, you can either use an app or download your favorite music in a file, however apps will provide with more recent songs and choices.

if the WiFi is accessible on your flight, you can stream your favorite songs on spotify free app or any other streaming app.However their features are limited.

If you have some free time before your flight and have a laptop, you can also download some songs online and convert them into mp3 and play them during your flight.

Inflight entertainment is a great way to listen to music on planes.

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You can also stream music via some airlines that have free inflight apps, like American airlines that permits to stream Apple Music and songs, playlists, on any domestic flight equipped with Viasat satellite Wi-Fi with no Wi-Fi purchase required.

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Youtube On A Plane

If you have youtube membership, you are also able to download music and play it during your flight, When turning on you mobile data open YouTube and just tap on your prefers songs and download them, they may take some time to download but it is really a good way to enjoy your favorite songs and clips while you are on your journey.

Can I Listen To Apple Music On Airplane Mode?

Yes, just like spotify premium and amazon music, Apple music will permit you to listen to music on aniline mode when you download your favorite songs prior.

If you are an apple music subscriber, you can download music on your internet connection and play offline on your flights.

To download tracks on apple music to play on airplane mode you can just open your Apple Music app on your phone , tablet or android device. click on the song or playlist and Tap Add to Library.

After you add the music to the library you can now download it by clicking on download.

When you are on your flight you can easily access your downloaded playlist songs.

Popular Apps To Use On Your Flight

Amazon Music
Google Play Music

What To Listen To On Airplanes?

You can listen to pretty much everything you like on Amazon music, Spotify or any other apps mentioned above; however; i recommend downloading a long playlist before heading to the airport.

You can assemble a mix of the songs you like to enjoy in the sky, or even this is an opportunity to discover some new songs and music categories. I like to listen to a few pop hits and classical music.

Summary : How To Listen To Music On A Plane?

To sum up, you can either listen to music on planes by using apps or download your favorite tracks on your phone.

Also when traveling on domestic flights, so many airlines offer free WiFi on board so you can just access your favorite app and stream music.

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