Are There Chargers On Planes?

Whether you are flying first, business or economy class I’m sure you wanted to keep your electronic alive, to watch your favorite movie, play a game or just chill and listen to your favorite playlist.

But are there any charging outlets on planes?

Generally, most airplanes have charges on their seats, however; the power availability on a plane will depend on the model of the aircraft and the class you are flying.

Keep reading to know if there are charging post on plane and which airlines have charger on their planes.

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So Do Planes Have Charging Ports?

Most airports have charging outlets on their terminals, however, on some airplane unless you are traveling first or business class, most budget and low cots airlines do not have charing outlets or USB ports on their aircraft seats.

Even though if an airlines has power outlets, that will not guaranty that the specific airplane you will board will have the charging outlets, so it is better to check the exact airplane of your flight and what type of outlet it is available on the airplane .

Types Of Outlets Available On Airplanes

I have seen pretty much two type of charging ports that is available on airplane:

  • USB power outlets: these types of outlets are built in airplanes seats entertainment systems or armrests, you will only need a standard type-C charger and you are good to go., I personally prefer this one.
  • In-seat power outlets: these are the standard power outlets, these outlets are built into seats, and can be found almost on any modern airplane.
  • Some airlines provide also portable charging stations in case you wanted to charge several devices one time.

Which Airlines Have Power Outlets and USB Ports?

I did a massive research to find which of the major airlines have power outlets on their aircraft, turned out that only some of the old aircraft like Bombardier and budget airlines that do not have power outlet or USB ports.

United Airlines

Domestic Fleet110V power Availability
EMB175All seats or premium seating only (depending on aircraft) 
A319Exit row forward 
A320Exit row forward 
737-700Exit row forward 
737-800Exit row forward 
737 MAX 8All seats 
737 MAX 9All seats 
737-900/737-900ERAll seats 
757-300All seats 
777-200All seats 
International Fleet100V Power Availability
757-200 All seats 
767-300ER All seats 
767-400ER All seats 
777-200ER All seats 
777-300ER All seats 
787-8 All seats 
787-9 All seats 
787-10 All seats 

American Airlines

AircraftPower Availability
A319All seats 
A321 TransconAll seats 
A321neoAll seats 
Boeing 737-800 and 737 MAXAll seats 
Boeing 777-200All seats 
Boeing 777-300ER All seats
Boeing 787-8All seats
Boeing 787-9 All seats

Southwest Airlines

AircraftPower Availability
Boeing 737 MAX 8No
Boeing 737-700No
Boeing 737-800No

Delta Airlines

AircraftPower Availability
Airbus A220-100 (221) All seats 
Airbus A220-300 (223) All seats 
Airbus A319-100 (319) All seats 
Airbus A320-200 (320) All seats 
Airbus A321-200 (321) All seats 
Airbus A321neo (3NE) All seats 
Airbus A330-200 (3M2) All seats 
Airbus A330-300 All seats 
Airbus A330-900neo (339) All seats 
Airbus A350-900 All seats 
Boeing 717-200 (717) All seats 
Boeing 737-800 (738) All seats 
Boeing 737-900ER All seats 
Boeing 757-200 All seats 
Boeing 757-300 (75Y) All seats 
Boeing 767-300ERAll seats 
Boeing 767-400ER (764)All seats 
Bombardier CRJ-200No
Bombardier CRJ-700Not in main cabin
Bombardier CRJ-900All seats 
Embraer E-170Not in main cabin


AircraftPower Availability
A321All seats 
A321neoAll seats 
A220All seats 
A321neoAll seats 
A320All seats 
Embraer E190No


AircraftPower Availability
Airbus A320-200No
Airbus A320neoNo
Airbus A321-200No
Airbus A321neoNo

Hawaiian Airlines

AircraftPower Availability
Aerospatiale ATR-42No
Airbus A321neoUSB
Airbus A330-200USB
Boeing 717-200 No

Spirit Airlines

AircraftPower Availability
Airbus A320-200 No
Airbus A320neo No
Airbus A319-100 No
Airbus A321-200 No

Alaska Airlines

AircraftPower Availability
Boeing 737-9 MAXOutlet & USB
Boeing 737-900EROutlet & USB
Boeing 737-900Outlet & USB
Boeing 737-800Outlet & USB
Boeing 737-700Outlet & USB
Airbus A321neoOutlet & USB
Embraer 175No

Sun country Airlines

AircraftPower Availability
737-800Outlet & USB
737-700Outlet & USB

Air Canada

Air Canada aircrafts have power outlets in business class and signature class seats, and in few economy class seats, But the good news is USB ports are avalaiabe all their aircraft seats.

Are There Any Alternatives ?

If it happened that you will be flying on airplane that do not have power outlets or US chargers, here is s one alternative to consider:

  • Bring a fully charged power bank with you on board, ( double check your charge at the airport ).
  • Ensure that your device is fully charged and turn the airplane mode when you are onboard to conserve some battery life.
  • Ask the flight attendant to charge your device, if there are no outlets in the airplane.
  • close unnecessary apps and reduce brightness of your phone.
  • Close the WiFi whenever you don’t using it.

Final Thoughts

So are there chargers on planes? Yes, most airplanes have power outlets and USB ports.

However; that won’t guaranty that your electronic devices will be charged, so if you want to make sure that you can charge your device on an airplane you should checked the details before you book your flight.

If you are traveling first or business class you are more likely to have a powder outlet, without even worrying about.

Even though a power bank is alway a handy device to have inside your carry on when traveling economy, as in some airplane even if there is a place to charge, it might not always work, or you have to share it with a follow passenger.

We hope this helps

happy travels

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