Are Smart Bags Allowed On Planes?

The world of luggage is infinite and smart luggage or the innovative suitcases are just a tiny part, often they look like a typical bag, but they are more like just an ordinary suitcase.

Smart luggage is built to ease passengers’ traveling journey without sacrificing the look and the convenience; and their features can help save time, keep the bag organized and safe.

Most smart luggage brands are durable and they built them with some advanced features like GPS trackers, USB ports and even smart locks.

But can you fly with these types of smart luggage? And do airlines allow them on their planes?

Here is the short answer:

You can fly with smart luggage operating with lithium batteries on most airlines if the battery is removable. Airlines do not allow any smart bag with installed lithium batteries in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Let’s dive in and see what air travel authorities and airlines say about flying with smart luggage.

What Is Smart Baggage?

If this is your first time hearing about smart luggage, you may also have heard about suitcases that follow you, or luggage with charger, they are suitcases built with rechargeable batteries some of them can be motorized and with advanced features, like charging USB ports, RFID, smart locks or electric scales, it is the luggage of the future.

Smart luggage is also any type of luggage that has any type of high-tech capabilities and features operating with batteries, a GPS tracker, Bluetooth or an electronic smart lock.

You may notice some passengers riding them at the airport, or you saw a video of them on Youtube.

What You Should Know About Airlines’ Smart Luggage Ban?

As a part of passenger safety, the FAA and most airlines do not allow flying with lithium batteries in checked luggage.

Lithium metal batteries are known to be dangerous and can catch fire because of their dangerous materials, so any device that has a non detachable lithium battery will not be allowed in checked luggage as well, lithium batteries should go only in carry-on luggage, and as long as most types of smart luggage are mostly designed around lithium batteries the same rules applies to them.

Are Smart Bags Allowed On Planes?

Not a long ago most of the airlines, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the IATA did not have regulations on flying with smart suitcases or luggage with charger, however; most suitcases that time were built with installed lithium batteries.

But after 2018 most aviation authorities and airlines started to ban smart luggage with non-removable lithium batteries in both on board the airplane and in the cargo.

That is when many smart luggage companies took the leap and adjusted their products to include removable batteries and other types of batteries like the AAA type so passengers can keep track of their bags even when transported as checked luggage.

So nowadays almost any airline allows smart luggage in both carry-on and checked luggage if the lithium battery or the power bank is removable.

So you can now bring your smart suitcase on any airline, including American Airlines, United, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Airlines, without any issues.

You may wonder why the battery needs to be removable even in carry-on luggage.

But the reason why airlines recommend that, is in case the bag will be checked at the gate or at plane side, or there is no available space on board the airplane.

Note that the battery can stay in the suitcase as long as the bag features are powered off and stored in the overhead compartment. Most airlines do not recommend charging the bag on board.

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Credit: American Airlines

Here is what Delta airlines stated on its website:

Customers checking a smart bag with a removable lithium ion battery must remove it and take it with them into the cabin. Customers carrying-on a smart bag containing a removable lithium ion battery must remove it from the designed enclosure prior to boarding the aircraft. This is consistent with Delta’s policy today requiring customers to place spare lithium-ion batteries in their carry-on luggage.

Delta Airlines

Are Smart Suitcases TSA Approved?

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Credit : Twitter

The TSA are those guys that search your luggage at the airport to make sure that no one sneaks something dangerous to the airplane.

And they work with the airlines to maintain the safety of passengers and to speed their screening process, they do not endorse any product, so they do not recommend any type of suitcase or bag.

And so long as the battery is removable or has another type battery that is not lithium or lithium ion you are good to bring your smart suitcase in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Are Smart Suitcases Will Be Searched At The Airport?

The TSA or any other airport security most of the time inspect all types of suitcases, if they cannot scan the suitcase perfectly, obviously 90 percent of the airport security will inspect it manually.

Make sure that you do not mistakenly place any prohibited objects inside your beautiful smart bag especially flammable items, remove the battery and take it with you on board in case you want to check in your suitcases.

Why Should You Consider a Smart Bag?

First of all a smart suitcase is the coolest high tech suitcase you will ever have and more secure than a regular bag.

Smart luggage is a trend nowadays with its chic looks and styles, most passengers want to acquire a suitcase that follows him, but it is not just about the ability to ride itself and the design. There is also a whole load of advanced features that the suitcases include.

Most suitcases are durable and made from strong materials that are hard to break with solid wheels, USB ports to charge your devices on the go, GPS trackers in case you want to locate or you lost your bag and smart locks to secure your belongings and make it hard to open.

Here are some of the Features smart luggage can have.

  • Electronic lock
  • USB ports for charging devices
  • Bluetooth
  • Electronic scale
  • GPS tracking
  • RFID to protect your personal info
  • Electronic baggage tags

What Type Of Smart Luggage is Best?

Not all smart luggage are created the same or will make you and the airlines happy, but it mostly depends on your needs and what features you want in your suitcase.

Some people like smart luggage just because they can move effortlessly, or they can load it with heavy items, so if you like that kind of bag Modobag or Airwheel is a great choice to go.

If you are going to send your bag as checked luggage, you may need to track it, but if your smart suitcase has a lithium battery that won’t happen, because you will have to remove the lithium battery.

But if you choose smart luggage with AAA Batteries, you will not have a problem with the airline or even tracking your luggage.

Final Thoughts

Smart luggage is an advanced travel technology that mean to improve passengers’ experiences, and most airlines do not have any problem flying with them as long as the lithium batteries are removable.

If you have a smart bag that operates with AAA batteries, then you don’t need to worry about airlines rules.

Just remember, if you are thinking of getting a perfect smart bag, choose one that will last you many years and has an easily removable battery .

We hope this helps.

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