Are Spinner Wheels on Luggage Good ? ( Pros And Cons )

So are spinner wheels on luggage good? And why should you have a Spinner bag?

Your next trip is fast approaching, but you still haven’t decided what type of suitcase you will go with. Even worse, you have completely forgotten about the luggage issue and still don’t know what type of rolling luggage should you choose?.

No worries!

In this detailed guide I will dive into the nitty-gritty of the two popular luggage types.

I will explain also everything you will need to know about spinner bags and 2 wheel suitcases in addition to which one of them worth the hype.

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What Is The Difference Between Spinner Luggage and 2-wheeled Luggage?

Can You Pull 4-wheel Luggage?

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4-wheel luggage is designed to be rolled on all 4 wheels, which makes it feel lighter to pull, and is ideal for use on smoother, flatter surfaces, such as airports and train stations.

You can sometimes pull them on 2 wheels, but generally it won’t work as a 2 wheeled suitcase.

While 2-wheeled Luggage is designed to be pulled and mostly it comes as soft sided suitcases.

Do Spinner Wheels Break Easily?

Nowadays, major luggage manufacturers have developed much stronger wheels that can withstand almost any terrain better and offer more longevity than before.

But if you know you’ll encounter dirt roads, beaches, or grassy areas on your trip, but still want luggage with wheels, the 2 wheeled luggage will better perform in any type of adventure.

Also, pay attention to the size of the wheels. Small wheels can get stuck in the grooves of the floor and can be broken as a result. A larger, sturdier wheel will be a better idea if the luggage is being pulled through the streets, especially on cobblestones or rough pavements.

On 4-wheeled luggage, the wheels are surrounded with a frame that can break and cause a some inconvenience if not handled carefully, but on the other hand, if one wheel breaks, you have three more to rely on, so 4-wheel luggage might be preferable if wheel breakage is an issue.

Pros of 4-Wheel Spinners Vs 2-Wheel Rolling Luggage

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1. Easy to maneuver

360-degree spinner wheels are more designed to keep the balance of the suitcase.

You can drag it behind as well as push it in front of you. Its character greatly facilitates your life, since you can move quickly from one airport to another or from one station to another without difficulty.

A spinner suitcase also makes breezing through small airplane aisles effortless and easier. 

2. Good quality

Since most spinner suitcases come as hard-sided luggage, the hard-shell suitcases’ features have improved over the years. They don’t crack and break as easily. 

The material used in their manufacturing is resilient (like the polycarbonate material), which makes it unaffected by rough handling and violent shocks. 

A hard case is therefore perfect for transporting high-tech devices such as iPads, laptops, cameras, and other fragile objects. Moreover, being waterproof, it effectively protects your belongings against snow and rain.

3. Easy to care for

A hard-shell case is simple to clean. If someone accidentally spills their coffee cup on your beautiful suitcase at the airport or a train station, no worries. Just grab a dry and damp cloth to wipe it down, and you’re done.

Choosing a rigid suitcase is the assurance of keeping your luggage clean and neat in all circumstances.

4. Great space-saving

Spinner hard-shell cases are easy to cram with staff without feeling the extra weight, in addition some of the suitcases are built with compression bags to take more and save space like Away luggage.

And some have no fabric folds or lining, allowing you to store a maximum of stuff. Plus, with its 50/50 split opening, it lets you store your stuff evenly on both sides with straps to hold it: clothes, sandals, beach towel, and travel accessories, etc. So you can optimize space while stabilizing the contents of your luggage.

Cons of 4-Wheel Spinners Vs 2-Wheel Rolling Luggage

First, most spinner suitcases are more expensive than 2 wheeled bags; however it will depend on the brand; but spinner suitcases prices are increasing because of their popularity.

The 4-wheel suitcases also can make it difficult to maneuver on rough surfaces, like grass or cobblestones. However; if you’re dealing with rough terrains, but you still want to bring a 4-wheeled case, pick one with sturdy wheels that will handle the hard ground better.

While 2 wheel suitcases will ride over hard surfaces easily, most suitcases are built with sturdy wheels and their likelihood of damage is always slightly insignificant.

A 4-wheeled suitcase has more wheels than a 2-wheeled version, but that also means more wheels to crack and need for replacement.

If a 4-wheeled suitcase is placed on an incline and not kept stable, you run the risk of it running away. So, if the four-wheeler is your bag, make sure to be extra careful when on an incline.

Freewheeling luggage can also be a problem to fit in airplanes overhead compartments, or luggage lockers on a train or bus if it has large wheels.

So Which I Should Choose, Spinner Luggage Or 2-wheeled Luggage?

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Spinner luggage is definitely worth the hype and is the winner, but It can be difficult to answer the question if you don’t know how many trips you’ll be taking and where you’ll be going. 

But four-wheeled luggage is a real lifesaver to carry on the smooth floors at any airport in the world, and also makes sailing through hotel lobbies easier. 

What’s more, you can quickly push two of them through a crowd of people if necessary. It’s light to push and can be especially useful if you have more than one piece of luggage.

With 4-wheeled luggage, even extra weight will not be a problem, as the suitcase is more steady because of the 4 points that makes it more balanced and never tilted to the wrong position. 

This weight advantage is important when transporting heavy items inside your bag.

Four-wheeled luggage is convenient to move down the aisle of the airplane or a train without the risk of blocking the way or disturbing other fellow passengers.

While two-wheeled luggage tends to be less expensive, they are also roomy, as they consist of few features and systems. Dual-wheel luggage is ideal for the traveler who is on a budget and has a lot of items to fit in their luggage. 

If the trip involves a lot of walking on uneven surfaces, 2-wheel luggage is designed to be pulled behind you and handle rough surfaces more easily.

Another advantage for travelers whose trips involve rough terrain is that 2-wheeled luggage tends to have sturdy wheels and an axle that connects them, so it’s less likely that a rogue rock will unexpectedly damage the wheels of the luggage while traveling.

There’s something very different about pulling a beautiful bag behind you, and 2-wheeled luggage is mainly designed for that. So, if you choose to carry your luggage behind you as you walk through the airport, go for a 2-wheel variant.

But keep in mind that they are difficult to use if you are traveling with several suitcases, 2-wheeled luggage can tip over more easily.


Final Thoughts Spinner Wheels luggage Pros And Cons.

We hope this spinner luggage review helps you to decide if the 4 wheeled suitcase is the right for your next adventure.

To sum up, 4 wheeled suitcases are gaining more popularity because they are designed to roll effortlessly on clean and glossy surfaces, even when traveling with several bags, on the other hand 2 wheeled suitcases can handle any surface but it will demand some effort from your side.

While we have covered everything about 4 wheeled spinner vs 2 wheeled suitcases, it will be Even better to take a look at hard-sided vs soft-sided suitcases.