Why Is Away Luggage So Expensive? And are Away Bags Worth It?

The Away Large Flex
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If you either have already know about Away luggage, by reading about it, recommended by a friend or saw a YouTube video.

You may want to discover more about the brand, if the Away outperforms other competitors with nice added benefits, if it is worth the hype and if you can rely on them every time you are going for a trip.   

If that is you, we have got you covered, and if this is your first reading of an Away luggage review, then you are in luck. In this post, you are going to learn everything about Away so you can decide easily if Away luggage is the right brand for you.

We will look at the main attributes of the Away luggage, the quality, the design, the warranty in addition to other people’s reviews.

We have already reviewed other popular luggage brands, pros and cons; feel free to check them out below.

Let us jump in.

Is Away a Luxury Brand?

Here is a hint first about Away luggage.

Away is a US luggage brand and travel accessories, located in New York City, the brand was established in 2015 by Jen Rubio and Steph Korey.

Away offer their products mainly in the US and UK on their official website, and stores.

One of the main reasons many people consider Away a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, is its expensive prices, however; Away luggage is not classified as a luxury luggage brand, but it still has some of the best luggage pieces in the market.

Some of the suitcases look unique with a touch of luxury and they can be used on special occasions.

The design and the look are also premium and more chic than a standard luggage piece.

Is Away Luggage Worth The Hype?

There are always debates and opinions about hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases. Away mostly focused on hard-sided suitcases.

However, it depends on the type of luggage you like, what will fit your trip and for what reason you are using your suitcase, but still Away builds some luggage that performs under any conditions.

Why Are Away Luggage So Expensive?

Here are some of the main aspects why Away luggage is expensive and if it is worth the hype.


Durability and sturdiness is the most important aspect of any suitcase.

Your checked luggage will get smashed at the airport, and Away has passed the test successfully.

They made the suitcases with strong materials, the Polycarbonate, Aluminum and Nylon.

All these materials are known for their high performance, durability and will withstand longer.

Surely Away will pay some significant prices for the material they use, and that plays a role in the lifespan of the suitcases.


Away have some of the sleek and clean luggage designs in the market.

However, I did not try to exaggerate with its design.

They have some stunning colors in tote bags or other accessories, but for suitcases, they go simple, sleek and clean.

I really admire the look of most suitcases, and their color variations, however; they have limited choices in some suitcases, but I am sure you will find your preferred color.

Away also the option to customize the look of the suitcase before you order it.

You can change the color of the suitcase, edit the style of the logo and choose its placement, and even choose which letters you want to engrave in the suitcase.

Most of the suitcases are designed with some helpful features :

  • Underside grab handle that designed to ease and increase functionality
  • Interior compression system to help pack more in
  • Removable, washable lining
  • Hidden laundry bag to keep dirty clothing separate

Customer loyalty

Returning buyers are one way to know if a brand is successful.

Most people that already try an away suitcase stated that they will buy it again and would recommend it to a friend.

That customer loyalty made them trust more on their products, and obviously, they have to work on both positive and negative reviews.

Customer service and warranty

Away customer service replies to a buyer
Image credit Twitter

Away luggage comes with a limited lifetime warranty and 100 days free trial.

The warranty covers any defects, like zippers, handles, wheels, and other necessary functional elements of the suitcase.  

The 100 day free trial means that you can test your suitcases for 100 days, and you can then accept it or return if you notice that it is not performing as promised.

The good thing is, they will repair any defects on the suitcase, and it does not matter if the damage occurred with the airline at the airport or even at home.

Away customer service is on fire, responsive, ready to help, and you can contact them via direct email or hit them on Twitter under the name @Away, and they will happily answer your question regarding luggage and services.


Away engaging with  followers
Image credit Twitter

Marketing is one of the main attributes that makes Away popular and expensive, recommendations from friends as mentioned  above, influencers and  social media engagement  (like Twitter) are all  methods they use to market their products.


For many people, some of the Away suitcases are overpriced; $300 is a lot of money for a single suitcase.

They may prefer a $200 luggage set, than a whopping $300 for one piece of luggage.

I think you can find similar suitcases for less than these prices and more designed, but you will need to think twice about their quality and warranty.

However, if there is one good thing special about Away luggage, it is the 100-day trial, you can return the suitcases if you do not like it for a replacement or a full refund.

What are Pros and cons for away luggage?


  • Beautiful designs
  • TSA approved USB charger
  • In built Compression system
  • Responsive customer service
  • 100 day free trial
  • TSA approved lock
  • Good warranty and return
  • Fits most Airlines luggage limits
  • Plenty of  positive reviews


  • Expensive
  • Not for frequent travelers
  • Not available on any store

Does Away Luggage Scratch?

Away luggage is durable and will resist but even though it will scratch in any contact with hard surfaces, or when it is not handled carefully.

In general, it is not just Away luggage that will scratch, but also the majority of the hard-sided suitcases.

The most common way people use to protect their suitcases is to use a stylish luggage cover or to wrap it in plastic; and you do not need to worry about airport security, they will put everything back  if they need to inspect the bag.

But, yes the away luggage does scratch.

What Is The Most Expensive Away Bag?

The checked large Aluminum Edition is the most expensive Away checked bag, with a price of $745 at the time of writing this review at the Away official website.

The suitcase is made from aluminum, which is known as a tough and resistant material.

On the other hand, the bigger carry-on aluminum edition is topping the list of the most expensive Away carry-on bags with a price of $645 at the time of writing this review.

 The Away bigger carry-on is also made with a sturdy aluminum hard shell, will fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines and it is compact enough for train and car trips alike.

The suitcases, which are not made from aluminum, the Bigger Carry on Flex and Bigger Carry on With Pocket are the expensive suitcases with a similar price of $345 in the time of writing this review, but there is not really a wide gap of price with other pieces.

While The Large Flex is the expensive suitcase for checked luggage with a price of $425.

Final Thoughts: Why Is Away Luggage So Expensive?

If you are a fan of hard-sided luggage, investing in an Away piece  will definitely be worth the money.

You will like the features and the compartments that come with the bags. The design is good looking and most importantly, you will not face any issue with airline regulations.

Most of the carry-on bags are designed to meet airlines carry on size limits

On the other hand; if you are a fan of soft sided bags, I would recommend going with a different brand, like Briggs & Riley, TravelPro or American Tourister.

We hope this helps.

Happy travels.

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