Why Is Rimowa Luggage So Expensive? Is Rimowa Worth It ?

Rimowa is known for its unique designs, premium materials, and craftsmanship, which are considered some of the best in the industry

Rimowa have some of the expensive bags in the market, and it’s definitely worth knowing some of their pros and cons before investing in a Rimowa bag, which is exactly what we cover in this article. Looking at factors like how much it cost, the quality and the warranty they provide.

So let’s figure out if Rimowa luggage is worth It? And why Rimowa prices increase over time.

Let’s dive in.

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Rimowa Topas Stealth Aluminium Carry on / Courtesy of Amazon

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Is Rimowa a luxury brand?

Rimowa the German brand features some of the best value travel products that range from suitcases, handbags and backpacks to accessories.

Travelers interested in luxury luggage might be wondering if Rimowa is worth it and if it is a luxury brand. The answer is, yes, Rimowa is a luxury brand and it is growing drastically, it is expanding and it continues to do so.

Why Is Rimowa So Expensive? ( The Top Reasons)

Before we dive into if Rimowa is worth buying we want first to mention some of the main reasons why Rimowa bags are so expensive.

  • Brand Value
  • High demand
  • Quality and durability

1. Brand Value

As we always initiate the reviews, the general impression of a product in the market plays a significant role in the product price and value.

Big brands tend to always price high.

Rimowa is a big brand and it has more value in the luggage industry.

To have a Rimowa bag , a wallet or a handbag, is about owning a piece of luxury that comes with respect.

It’s about investing in a personal piece of luxury.

It’s about the experience, the status, and the luxury that comes with it.

Any brand that is as recognizable as Rimowa gets to set exorbitant prices.

Because they are a status symbol, brands like Rimowa are instantly able to charge more simply because of who they are and because of the people that use their bags.

As long as people are willing to pay those prices, the prices will continue to increase.

Also with celebrities endorsing their products-Like Rihana, Rimowa can increase its brand trust and familiarity among travelers, which are important variables in the purchase decision-making process.

Rihana Holding Rimowa bag
Also With celebrities promoting their products-Like Rihana, Rimowa can increase its brand awareness, trust and familiarity among travelers / Rihana Twitter

2. High Demand

I’m sure you already know the law of supply and demand.

If the supply of a product or service exceeds the demand for it the prices will fall, and If demand exceeds supply, the price will rise.

Just as discussed with other brands like Samsonite or Hammitt demand has always a significant rule on their high costs.

Luxury brands release limited, unique and good products that serve their buyers better and result in high demand.

Though, brands like Rimowa invest in brand loyalty, which means each new product they release there is a customer base that already wants to test or buy the product. 

Just as we mentioned about Samsonite, you can notice that overtime the Samsonite prices will increase drastically.

3. Quality and durability

Rimowa takes quality and durability so seriously.

In addition the brand builds trust because they consistently provide high-quality products and experience.

They primarily use aluminum and polycarbonate as the main materials for their products.

As stated by Remowa :

From vintage wood to classic aluminum to high-tech polycarbonate: at Rimowa , we’ve always looked for ways to make travel better. We’ve seen a lot of change across three centuries but our philosophy has always stayed the same: expert travelers need expert travel solutions.


In 1937 the very first aluminum bag was created by Rimowa, later then Titanium luggage was released by the brand.

The material used in Rimowa bags is very expensive.

What makes titanium unique is that it is stronger than steel, lighter in weight, and abundant, making this metal not only strong but extremely useful too.

Is Rimowa Worth It?

Rimowa bags are a popular choice for anyone looking to buy a durable bag made from durable titanium or Aluminum. In addition to being lightweight and easy to maneuver, these bags have also become a bit of a status symbol, especially given their cost.

So if you want a solid and durable lightweight bag that will last so long and includes some luxury so yes Rimowa is the right choice, Rimowa is worth it.

Purchase price

While many travelers claim the Hybrid cabin is the best choice for passengers that travel a lot and who like to travel with carry on only.

The Rimowa Hybrid Cabin is the most popular suitcase; it starts at $850, followed by the original cabin with a price of $1.150 and the classic cabin that starts at $1,900. 

But how do the Brands set these whopping prices?

Here is a simple example on how the brands or Manufacturers set their costs, you can notice that almost 93.66 percent (in this example) of the price goes to manufacturing the product, However in some cases the profit can go to over 50 percent.

Annual operating cost for a single suitcase

What’s so special about Rimowa?

The special thing about Rimowa is that it combines luxury with functionality, almost all Rimowa brands are luxury designed and built to last.

Rimowa builds aluminum luggage that is known for its durability, hard to be damaged and lightweight.

They also have a wide range of travel accessories, the special part also is that if you are asking where to buy Rimowa bags or other accessories, most of their products are available on Amazon and on their official website.

Conclusions : So Is Rimowa worth buying?

However, Rimowa bags may seem quite expensive for some people, for travelers that expedite their products worth every penny compared with other brands.

If you are a frequent traveler and you can afford the price so it is really a good choice, also experiencing that luxury feeling may completely give a new meaning to your travel journey.

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