Can You Bring a Fishing Pole On a Plane? 2024

So can you bring a fishing pole on a plane?

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Ready for your next fishing adventure ?

Or you just brought home your favorite fishing pole, but traveling on air with fishing gear has so much to consider.

Here is a quick answer.

According to TSA you are permitted to bring your fishing pole or fishing rod in both carry-on and checked baggage without a problem. Fishing gear and equipment are permitted because they are small sharp objects and they don’t cause any danger to airplane safety.

Most fishing poles are large for carry-on baggage, so most of the time you will be required to transport it as one of your checked bags on most airlines.

Though, it is always a clever idea to not pack all your sharp items inside your carry-on, but rather check size first with your airline before starting packing your fishing gear (the table is below).

If you are traveling within the US or one of the major international airlines we have provided a table below that displays what are the airline’s regulations about traveling with fishing gear.

However, we recommend not taking your fishing gear on board or through the security line, there is a good chance that the security will ask a thousand questions about all your items.

Here is all that you need to know about traveling with fishing gear on planes.

Can you take Fishing poles through TSA checkpoints?

According to the TSA fishing poles are allowed in either carry-on and checked baggage without any issue,However TSA prefers to contact the airline first to check what their regulations are about bringing fishing poles on airplanes.

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We took it further to see what the community is saying in social media and here is what we have got.

Jennifer asked the TSA on twitter about taking Fishing rods on carry on and the TSA validated that fishing poles are allowed without any restrictions in carry on baggage, However what Jennifer should take by consideration is if the fishing poles are within the airline carry on size.

Can you bring a fishing pole on a plane

Can you take a fishing pole for free on a plane?

Many airlines have one free checked bag for free, however airlines policies vary, but if the airline offers a first checked baggage then you can bring your fishing pole at no extra charge.

For example, United Airlines offers a first checked bag for free General and non-members in Premium Economy cabin so if you are traveling with your fishing case will be checked for free in this case even when traveling with another additional bag.

Most airlines will not permit taking your fishing pole or fishing tackle for free in carry-on baggage because of its size.

Can you take a fishing rod on a plane as hand luggage

Can you take fishing reels in hand luggage? If you are traveling with only your fishing reel you can place it inside your carry on bag and board the airplane.

But if you want to bring other fishing gear inside your rod case or a Fishing tackle box, you will be required to check in it in most airlines because of the size, and it will be counted as a standard checked baggage.

If you decide to take your Lures in your carry-on, make sure to contact your airline and ask them about the regulations about sharp items, if they said okay so go for it and place them in your carry on bag.

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Can you take fishing Poles in Checked luggage?

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Yes you are permitted to bring your fishing poles or your fishing gear in most airlines as checked baggage, however some restriction applies considering the number and how to pack your items inside your case.

Here is what are Major airlines regulations about traveling with fishing gear inside your checked baggage

All US airlines

American airlines you can bring a fishing pole on a plane on American Airlines as checked baggage.
also American airlines allow as checked baggage 1 rod case (containing up to 2 rods) and 1 equipment bag or tackle box ( will count as 1 checked item)
You can travel with:
2 rods and 1 reel in a case
Fishing tackle
A landing net
Fishing boots
1 pair of waders (properly protected)
United Airlines United airlines will accept one item of fishing equipment per customer as a checked bag. An item of fishing equipment consists of the following:
Two rods
One reel
One landing net
One pair of fishing boots
One tackle box
Southwest Airlines According to Southwest, your fishing gear Must be protected in a sturdy and solid case.
The items must be packed and protected well so they don’t get damaged during the handling process. Oversize charges only apply if the fishing rod container is more than 91 inches in length and/or more than three inches in diameter.
Delta Airlines According to Delta Fishing poles up to 115 linear inches (length + width + height) (292 cm) are allowed as checked baggage as long as they are protected safely.
You can also bring fishing poles that are within Delta Carry in size (22in×14in×9in).
JetBlue Jetblue will count your fishing gear as one piece of checked baggage, one item of fishing equipment—which can include 2 rods, 1 reel, 1 landing net, 1 pair of fishing boots (properly encased) and 1 fishing tackle box.
Hawaiian airlines According to Hawaiian airlines Fishing equipment will be accepted as checked baggage subject to the baggage conditions and fees. Hawaiian airlines will accept fishing poles up to 115 inches (292 cm) in length on any Hawaiian operated flight as a Standard Bag, subject to any overweight baggage fees, provided they are contained in a PVC, cardboard, or hardcover case.

International Airlines

British AirwaysFishing gear is not allowed in carry-on baggage on British airways.
All your fishing items including rods and hooks, must go in checked baggage and make sure they are well protected.
 According to British airways Items such as tennis or squash rackets, fishing rods, billiard/snooker/pool cues and hockey sticks are not allowed as part of your hand baggage because they are generally more than the allowed size and 56cm on length and They are not permitted through many airport security points across our network, so you will be asked to ch
Air CanadaAccording to Air Canada all this items ( fishing rod in rod case + tackle box + tackle bag + reels+landing net+boots+
life jacket )will be counted as one piece of baggage towards the maximum number of checked bags allowed by your fare type.
Air FranceFishing equipment (including 2 rods, boots, tackle box and net) can be transported in the hold.
your fishing gear will be counted as one standard check in bag. and it will be included in your ticket.
(except Light fare tickets) if you are only checking in 1 baggage item (or 1 of 2 baggage items allowed for passengers traveling in the Business or La Première cabins).
KLM According to KLM you can bring your fishing equipment as one piece of checked baggage.
A set of fishing equipment may only consist of rods, a reel, a landing net, a pair of fishing boots, and a fishing tackle box. Please make sure they are all packed together in 1 package.

How to pack fishing gear in your checked baggage?

How do you transport a fishing rod on a plane? Most airlines will accept your fishing gear if it is properly packed and protected, so make sure that you follow these simple steps to pack your fishing gear.

  • When packing your reels take the reel and put them separate inside your a small bag
  • wrap your reels in a towel or a piece of cloth
  • don’t check your reels put them inside your backpack or inside your Carry-on bag
  • Pack your rods inside a hard case or a Rod Tube, actually a rod tube is better because you can resize it as you wish. 

This guy on YouTube prefers to always fly Southwest airlines when traveling with his fishing equipment as they offer two checked bags for free.

Conclusion: Can you bring a fishing pole on a plane?

It’s no secret airlines sometimes mishandle checked bags .

and As stated above, if you are traveling with your fishing equipment, we recommend taking your reel inside your carry-on bag and transporting the rest as a checked baggage.

just make sure that you add some extra protection to your items before placing them inside your case.

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