Are Aluminum Suitcases Worth It?

There’s always something you can’t resist about aluminum suitcases, probably due to the modern vibe they throw or just that they are light and glide smoothly.

But are Aluminum suitcases worth it? And are aluminum suitcases better than Polycarbonate suitcases?

Yes, for some passengers aluminum suitcases are worth it, not just because they are shiny and clean, aluminum suitcases provide more protection to your valuable items, unlike soft-sided suitcases, but just to know almost all aluminum suitcases will get scratches and dents under rough handling.

Let’s shed more light on the advantages, disadvantages and the key components of aluminum suitcases and what makes them good and expensive.

Let’s dive right in.

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DOMINOX All Aluminum Carry-On Luggage / Courtesy of Amazon

Why Are Aluminum Suitcases So Expensive?

There is nothing better than a clean and classic design but without sacrificing the quality and the sturdiness of the suitcase.

Metal suitcases are generally more safe and secure, but there are numerous reasons why aluminum suitcases are expensive,.

Check out the reasons below, and if they worth to invest in.


It is called the material that changed the world.

Aluminum generally is getting expensive and the material prices are rising year over year.

And with its growing demand the prices are soaring, you can find aluminum in almost everything, even in things we don’t always think about, cans, computers and cars.


Other than the neat and the professional-looking exterior, aluminum suitcases are “unbreakable”. They would last indefinitely with proper care and maintenance.

However, you should expect it to earn scratches, dents, dings, and scruffs in the long run, at least that is the closest it can get to getting damaged.

For this reason, aluminum suitcases are coveted travel accessories since they can withstand the roughest treatment during transit without showing any sign of luggage mutilation or damage.


Ever wondered why it is common for secret agents to walk with aluminum suitcases in Hollywood films? Well, they are one of the most secure suitcases with TSA friendly combination locks which prevent access to anyone with the wrong combination or key except the TSA agents.


For sure, aluminum suitcases are built to protect your belongings and make other travelers jealous. However, they are tremendously impractical if you stop focusing on their hard-sided beauty. For instance, its hard shell does not allow extra-packing since it lacks expansion capabilities ( but not all of them).

However, others might see the positive side and argue that it enables you to become a better packer. With the hard shell, the suitcases are relatively heavier and pricier than their fabric and polycarbonate counterparts.


Aluminum suitcases are chic and they’re just gorgeous.


The refined look and air of prestige that comes with walking around with an aluminum suitcase will automatically make you a prime target for thieves. Also, taxi drivers and hotel staff might expect more from you- higher tips. However, others might argue that traveling with an aluminum case may portray you as an experienced traveler, thereby, reducing the likelihood of being targeted by tricksters or scammers.


Well, it was until 2018 that aluminum suitcases started becoming popular. Initially, it was reserved for frequent flyers and those who were obsessed with retaining their elite status. About 99% of the general population does not see the value or the need for an aluminum suitcase. Their polycarbonate counterparts can offer fairly similar protections with a touch of luxury at a much more affordable price.

Which Brand Is Good For Aluminum Suitcases?

Aluminum luggage is built to last, but there are so many brands in the market.

And if you are planning to get an aluminum suitcase and a good protection for your valuable stuff , there are plenty of brands to consider, the most that comes to mind is Rimowa and Tumi , as they offer sturdy aluminum suitcases without sacrificing the style.

Just make sure that you pick a brand that offers a good warranty and customer service that will respond quickly and whenever you need them.

I like Rimowa as they offer some really good products, especially the noise reduction system, making the transportation super smooth. In addition Rimowa provides a global 5-year warranty for its customers.

Best Aluminum Suitcases For Travel

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ALEON 30″ International Trunk Aluminum Hardside LuggageView the item
LEVEL8 Gibraltar Carry On Luggage, 20″ Aluminum Frame Hardside Suitcase, Zipperless Luggage with TSA Lock and Spinner Wheels – SliverView the item
Aluminum Alloy Luggage Hard Shell Carry-ons Zipperless Hard Suitcase with Spinner Wheels, TAS Locks – 20 inch SilverView the item
ZERO Halliburton Pursuit Aluminum Hardside Travel Case (Black, Large Travel Case)View the item
Bamboo Wolf 20-inch Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Carry-on Hardside Suitcase Hard Shell Luggage, Built-In TSA Lock, Zipperless Fashion with Spinner Wheels for…View the item
Travelking Aluminum Luggage Carry On Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase Lightweight Metal Suitcases (Grey, 24 Inch)View the item
Rimowa Topas Stealth IATA Luggage 30″ inch Multiwheel 85.0 L Matte BlackView the item
Luggage Protector Suitcase Cover PVC Waterproof Travel Suitcase Fits Most 20″ to 30″(20″)View the item

Final Thoughts

With all that said, so are aluminum suitcases worth it?

In the past the aluminum suitcases were more of a travel souvenir or a luxury item that does not necessarily add any real benefit. However, many luggage brands have revolutionized aluminum suitcases today.

If you feel like you need to be part of the community you don’t need to rub a bank to get an expensive suitcase with a protective casing, there are various aluminum suitcases with just reasonable prices in the market.

We hope this helps.

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