Do Airlines Accept PayPal? List Of The Airlines

So do Airlines accept PayPal? and what are the airlines that accept PayPal?

PayPal is the largest online payment facilitator in the market, with more than 300 million registered users and billions of transactions occurring annually the platform is expanding quickly and is making purchasing goods more easily.

When you link your bank account, credit card or debit card you can pay for products or services with your PayPal account in a fast, simple, and secure way.

and with the vast majority of users and travelers using PayPal most companies are integrating it in their payment process.

But do airlines integrate PayPal in their payment systems, and which airlines accept PayPal in their websites?

You can pay your ticket with PayPal on most airlines , like American airlines, JetBlue or United Airlines, and others (the table below), you can just choose to pay with PayPal at the checkout and access your account to confirm your ticket payment.

This detailed guide will cover all about paying for a ticket with PayPal and which airlines accept PayPal so you don’t need to expose your credit card number when booking your tickets.

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Do airlines accept PayPal?

Though it will be stressful if i tempted to travel with almost all the major Airlines, but i check almost all the airlines websites (which I’m going to list below )to see if they accept PayPal or no, and here is a quick answer:

You can use PayPal as your payment method when you purchase tickets on most airlines such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta and British Airways.

However some airlines may limit using PayPal in some countries, for example American airlines allow paying for PayPal only in the United States (including Puerto Rico and United States Virgin Islands) Canada and United Kingdom.

Also limits may include the type of fare you are purchasing.

How to create your PayPal account?

You can simply login to PayPal and create your account.

you can choose between a personal and business account.

If you will use your account just for paying for purchasing tickets or ordering products, the personal account is just fine;however, you can always upgrade to business if you decide to use your account for business.

Enter your personal info, and email will be sent to your inbox for confirmation.

then you can Link your credit card to your PayPal account and you can  purchase your tickets.

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Does American Airlines use PayPal?

You can purchase your ticket using PayPal on American Airlines except award tickets, If you have already created an account on PayPal and have balance your ticket fees will be charged without using your credit card balance, if you don’t have a balance PayPal will transfer money directly from your credit card, without even using your credit card number or info.

AA accept PayPal in this countries:

  • United States. (including Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom

Does Southwest Airlines Accept PayPal?

Yes, Southwest Airlines allows travelers to pay with their PayPal balance for tickets.

But Before you proceed to checkout make sure that you have a PayPal account, then you can either pay using your PayPal balance or credit card balance. Both ways you don’t need to share your personal payment info, only your email.

Does Delta Airlines Accept PayPal?

Yes, Delta accepts PayPal on all its departing flights from the United state on its official website.

PayPal is accepted for flights departing from the United States on PayPal Credit offers flexible terms that will allow you to pay for your ticket over time (subject to credit approval).

Delta Airlines accepts PayPal credit also and can do so by logging into your PayPal Wallet.

Does Jetblue accept PayPal?

Yes, in addition to the variety of payment options JetBlue provides.

You can also buy your ticket on JetBlue website using PayPal.

Other Digital wallets services are not available for reservations made by phone or using the JetBlue mobile app.

Does Spirit Airlines accept PayPal?

Yes, spirit airlines accept PayPal during checkout for booking tickets.

If you don’t already have a PayPal account you go above and read how to open a PayPal account to pay for your tickets.

You can always choose to pay with your bank account, credit card, PayPal Credit, or balance. The amount of your purchase will then be shown in your PayPal transaction details.

Does Alaska Airlines accept PayPal?

No Alaska Airlines do not accept PayPal, However you can use your Credit cards or Debit cards.

Does Allegiant Air accept PayPal?

No, Allegiant Air does not Accept PayPal.

Does Frontier Airlines accept PayPal?

According to Frontier Airlines, the Airlines currently does not accept payment in the form of PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Venmo.

Does United Airlines accept PayPal?

Yes, United Airlines allows passengers to use PayPal for booking tickets and Gift certificates on its website.

Does Hawaiian Airlines accept PayPal?

Hawaiian Airlines do not accept PayPal on their website, However you can book tickets for Hawaiian airlines flights on third party websites like alternativeAirlines.

Can you pay with PayPal on Emirates?

Yes you can book online at using PayPal, when booking your ticket you will be transferred to the PayPal website, where you will be required to log in and select your payment method, just as other airlines if you have balance in PayPal it will be used to book your ticket if not you can use your credit card balance.

Does British Airways take PayPal?

British Airways Allows PayPal for paying for flights online in a wide range of countries, however there may be some restrictions on some countries you can use PayPal from.

Airlines that accept PayPal

Does American Yes
Southwest Airlines Yes
Delta Airlines Yes
Jetblue Yes
Spirit Airlines Yes
Alaska Airlines No
Allegiant Air No
Frontier Airlines No
United AirlinesYes
Hawaiian AirlinesNo
Emirates Yes
British Airways Yes

Is PayPal better when booking your ticket?

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Yes, PayPal is much better when booking your tickets and also for any other service or product, because you will need only your PayPal email to proceed the payment.

Here are some other Advantages for using PayPal for booking Your flights.


  • You will not enter your credit card information.
  • Secured and protected from any unauthorized payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation email for any transaction that occurred.

Easy To use:

  • Easy to use whenever you make a purchase online.
  • You can link your credit card or debit card, so if you don’t have PayPal Balance you can use your cards instead.
  • No financial info involved.

Conclusion: Do Airlines accept PayPal?

Generally Most Airlines accept PayPal on their websites, and there is an ongoing effort from other airlines to make the payment process easy and simple.

What makes PayPal a good payment option for paying for flights is that you don’t even need to enter your credit card info.

Also with PayPal credit, you can book your flight and process the payment later.

This makes PayPal a very safe payment option and one that is aggressively getting popular.