Can I bring Watches On A plane? 2024

So can i bring watches on a plane?

I always travel with 3 watches, my everyday watch that i always wear, and apple watch and , another one I wear for business or on other occasions.

However, it is important to know if the airline will allow many watches inside your carry on or checked baggage and how to protect your watches while you are on your journey.

All kinds of watches ( Men’s Wrist Watches, Smartwatches, Women’s Watches, Apple watches ) are allowed on airplanes, in both carry-on and checked baggage without any restrictions.

Here is a full guide about flying with watches, what are the airline’s regulations about traveling with watches, how many watches you are allowed on airlines in both  carry on and checked baggage.

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The TSA Rules

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) do not specifically mentioned watches on its website.

Given that some types of watches are considered Jewelry, I wanted to grab this screenshot from their website.

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The stated that Jewelry is allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage.

I also checked their social media to find more information.

Daniel Asked the TSA if he can take his Apple watch from United States to United kingdom.

And the TSA replies that watches are allowed to take in carry on and checked baggage.

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Can you put watches in carry on baggage?

TSA don’t restrict accessories including watches in carry on baggage, However at the security screening, The TSA will ask you to Remove you watch or other accessories and put them in the tray.

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Can you put watches in checked baggage?

Yes, you are allowed to put your watch inside our checked baggage without restrictions, However if you are planning to bring too many watches (brand new watches for selling purposes) inside your checked baggage you will need to declare them if you are traveling internationally, and you may need to pay taxes.

i highly recommend not place your most valued items inside your checked baggage, but rather place your expensive watch inside your carry on bag or personal item.

There is more chance your items to be stolen, broken when handling baggage at the airport, since they may not handle baggage with care.

How do you travel with a watch?

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Here are some cautions to take into consideration when you decide to travel with your watches.

  • Make sure to place your watches inside your carry on.
  • pack your watches wisely and separately inside your carry on, double check and re arrange you packaging just after the TSA checkpoint

the watch mustn’t be placed without a box or protection in checked baggage or without cushioning.

Can i carry a smart watch or an apple watch in checked baggage?

Yes, you can take an apple watch or other smart watch in checked luggage without any restrictions.

However if you are afraid that your watch may get scratched or stolen the better choice is to place it inside your carry on bag.

Can I Wear My Smartwatch Through Airport Security?

You can wear your watch through the airport security checkpoint, However the TSA advises to remove your watch and place it inside a pocket,carry-on bag or personal item, for a fast and smooth screening process.

Please note that some watches or accessories may set the alarm off and that may cause the airport security to manually check your item.

How to protect your watches while traveling?

If you want to make sure that your watches are safe and well protected, investing in a compact and solid watch roll is a brilliant idea.

There are two types of watch boxes, simple canvas or leather boxes and hard cases.

Conclusion: Can I bring Watches On A plane?

You can bring Your watches on a plane in both carry-on bags and checked bags.

There is nothing suspicious about watches according to the TSA, but you will always be required to take off your accessories at the security checkpoint and place them inside the w-ray bin.

While if you are transporting watches inside your checked baggage, the airport security may open your bag if they need to , but overall you are just good to go.

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