Can I Take a Coffee Machine On a Plane 2023?

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So can I take a coffee machine on a plane? And can you take a Nespresso machine on a plane?

Whether you’re a fan of Nespresso, Cappuccino, Americano, or Macchiato , having your favorite Java and coffee machine by your side is an absolute must.

If you are not quite sure if you can take your lovely morning Nespresso machine or any other type of coffee maker or grinder with you on the plane, then read on and will quickly run you through the rules and the process of traveling with all these kinds of machines on planes.

You can take coffee machines and coffee makers on planes and on most airlines in both in carry-on and checked baggage, but they need to adhere and stay within the airline’s size and weight limits, larger coffee machines may not meet the size for carry-on luggage, which may them subject to checked baggage rules. .

keep reading for more tips on traveling with your favorite coffee machine, including the best manual espresso, bean-to-cup, pod and capsule, and filter coffee machines, along with some of the best portable coffee machines if you consider owning a new one.

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De’Longhi Coffee Machine / courtesy of Amazon

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Can I take a Coffee Machine / Coffee Maker in carry-on?

Whether you want to take a Nespresso machine on a coffee grinder or small coffee maker they are all allowed on carry-on baggage without any restrictions, apparently coffee makers don’t have any sharp items, but if it happens your machine has removable blades you will have to place them in your check in baggage as they are not allowed inside your carry on bag.

Another thing to remember is the size of your coffee maker, if it exceeds the airline carry-on size you will need to transport it as your checked baggage.

So ensure that the machine will fit in the overhead storage or under the seat in front of you.

Here are what the TSA says about taking coffee makers on Twitter:

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Can I Take My Coffee Machine In Checked Baggage?

Just as carry on luggage, you can take your coffee machine maker or blender in checked baggage in most airlines without any restrictions as long as it is within the airline luggage size and weight limits.

If you are traveling with a small coffee maker, you are just good to go.

@O’Houlihan asked the TSA about his coffee maker and the TSA confirmed that the item is good to go in both carry on and checked baggage.

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If you decide to fly with your Nespresso machine, any other coffee machine or blender inside your checked baggage, make sure that they are packed carefully and be sure all cords are wrapped. If you have an expensive fragile coffee maker, we recommend packing it in your carry-on.

Prepare Your Coffee Machine For Travel

When traveling with a large coffee machine, If possible, protect your machine by transporting it in a travel cover.

If not possible put your machine inside a piece of cloth that can take the hits of the transporting.

other-ways a coffee blender cover will work just fine for a small blender and it will fit easily inside your backpack or carry on bag.

Can I Bring Coffee Beans On a Plane?

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 Beside your coffee maker you may want to take with you coffee beans or ground coffee along.

And here are the rules about traveling with coffee in general.

TSA have no restrictions when traveling with coffee beans, but rather if you take grounded coffee in a container more than 12 oz you will be required to take it out from your bag or personal item, for further inspection.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website about taking coffee beans or airplanes.

Can I Bring A Coffee beans and coffee Machine On A Plane- TSA

It is preferable to organize your items inside your carry-on baggage,separate coffee from other objects like liquids or outfits to ease your screening process in the security checkpoint.

What Is The Best Portable Coffee Maker For Travel?

It’s not always easy to find your favorite quality coffee when you are on your trip, plus it will cost a little bit extra when you are always having coffee in local cafés.

And as stated above you are allowed to take your coffee machine or blender in most airlines, picking up one will be the right choice. 

Our Top pick: After extensive research we have picked AEROPRESS Coffee and Espresso Maker, it is the best coffee machine for travelers in the market, it is the most used by coffee lovers on the go and here is why.
AEROPRESS Coffee and Espresso Maker is our pick because of its small Brew time, easy to clean and of course its small size so it won’t add more weight to your luggage.

Travel coffee makers

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Coffee machines

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Can I Bring Coffee Beans On a Plane International Flight?

If you are a coffee snob you will definitely want to bring your favorite coffee along with your coffee maker.

Departing from the US the same TSA rules apply when taking coffee in either your carry-on baggage or your checked luggage.

but before taking coffee to any other country you should check the government requirements and the rules for taking coffee to that country.

For example if you want to take coffee back to the United States USDA (United Stated department of agriculture) Stated that taking green Coffee beans, roasted coffee to US is allowed and you will not need any document, however you will need to declare that you bring coffee in the entry.

Final Thoughts

You can take your coffee machine along with a coffee grinder and coffee beans on airplanes without any restrictions.

The only thing you have to consider is the size and weight of your machine, if you pick the Aeropress coffee maker you are just fine, it is small and easy to pack inside your carry on bag or backpack.

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