Can You Take a Toaster On a Plane? 2024

Whether you are a toast lover and you regularly travel or you joust want to bring a toaster from your destination, then you may wonder if toasters are allowed on planes?

And here is a quick answer.

Toasters and bread machines are generally allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage, however, even if the TSA do allow toasters they should meet your airline carry-on size limits, a large toaster or bread machine is better to be transported in checked baggage.

Read on to know everything you need about traveling with toasters and how to pack them for your next flight.

Let’s dig in.

Amazon Basic 2 slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster/ Courtesy of Amazon
Carry on luggageAllowed
Checked luggageAllowed

Take A Toaster Through The TSA Security Checkpoint

The TSA ( the Transportation Security Administration ) didn’t specifically mention toasters on its website but they a rule about bread machines which are allowed through the security checkpoint.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website.

Screenshot from the TSA website

As the TSA always stated the final decision rests with the TSA officer to decide whether an item is allowed or not.

Even though they are extremely lenient about theses kind of items.

Jordan wanted to bring his toaster oven in carry-on baggage.

The TSA customer service replied that toaster ovens are allowed in carry-on baggage.

Screenshot from Twitter

You will need to double check your airline luggage rules heading to the airport, some toasters may not fit as carry-on on certain airlines.

If you want to take the toasted in addition of a carry-on bag and a personal item, you can try to fit the toaster inside your suitcase, as most airlines do allow only one small additional item.

If you want to bring some cutlery along with your toaster you can check out this post.

Take A Toaster In Checked Baggage

Toasters are good to go in checked baggage without any restrictions.

Here is an answer from the TSA confirming that.

Dennis wanted to know if a toaster is allowed in checked baggage.

The AskTSA customer service gave him the green light to bring his toaster.

Screenshot from Twitter

However; I wouldn’t recommend transporting it as checked baggage, mainly if you are traveling with an expensive one.

You may think that the toaster will be safe in the aircraft hold, but on its way to the hold it may get damaged, crashed or sometimes even gone for good.

So if possible toasters are more safe to travel in carry-on bags.

How Do You Pack a Toaster For Travel?

To travel with your toaster you will need to ensure that it will reach its destination in a good shape.

Moreover; a good packing will ensure that you don’t have to hassle with your toaster during our journey.

Here are some simple tips to help pack your toaster for your next flight.

  • If possible take a small toaster.
  • Use the package that your toaster comes with, if not you can use any card box that fits the toaster ( a solid one will be better ).
  • Remove the cables and any other accessories and place them in your carry-on bag.
  • Use a good storage case (Amazon link), it will protect your toaster , additionally; you don’t need to put your mixer parts in different places.
  • If you don’t use a storage case you can wrap properly the toaster with clothes around it or you can use any other soft item.

Final Thoughts

As we previously mentioned toasters of all types are permitted on planes, and the TSA and most airlines are not worried about them as they are not considered dangerous items.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is your airline carry on size and weight.

We hope this helps

Happy travels

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