Are Travel Wallets Worth It?

Travel wallets are a good idea to secure your travel documents and valuable items while you are on a trip.

Travel Wallets are convenient especially when traveling abroad and to crowded destinations, they are convenient, slim and fashionable, and over the last few years they become the way to go for so many travelers.

But are these travel wallets really worth it and why should you get one?

Keep reading because in this post we will answer all your questions about travel wallets, money belts and pouches.

We have looked at some advantages of using these beautiful slim travel wallets while on your adventure, if they are safe for travel, and reasons why many people prefer them over a typical wallet.

Let’s dive right in.

Are Travel Wallets Worth It?

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Types Of Travel Wallets

There are several types of travel wallets in the market, from travel neck wallets, wrist wallets, money belts, RFID blocking passport wallets, leg travel wallets, and even travel wallets with slash proof wire straps to keep your items safe while you are on your journey.

A travel wallet will store your ID, passport, boarding pass, vaccination card, boarding passes, drivers license,SIM card, cellphone, cash, a key, a pen and even sometimes your phone. 

Today we will cover all the mentioned travel wallets but will focus more on this neck pouch documents holder which is used widely and most people like because it can be used for various purposes.

Are Travel Wallets A Good Idea?

In my opinion a travel wallet is essential for every traveler. I never travel without my neck wallet or money belt, but let’s look at some advantages of traveling with a travel wallet and why you should consider one.

Here are the advantages of using a travel wallet.

  1. All your documents in one place
  2. Keeps your valuables safe
  3. Organize your cash
  4. RFID protection and security
  5. Chic designs

1. All Your Documents In One Place

Even when not traveling the importance of organization is inevitable, you don’t want to show up to the airport and you start patting down your pockets and searching on the bottom of your backpack or suitcase compartment for your passport or boarding pass.

Sometimes people won’t realize that until they get to the check in counter or to the security checkpoint and start looking for their documents or luggage receipt.

So the best way to avoid all that is by using a good travel wallet that will keep all your documents and valuables easy to reach, you can easily have access to any of them whenever or whenever you need it.

2. Keeps Your Valuables Safe

Unfortunately, when you are traveling you should always be conscious and aware of some bad situations and some bad guys that take advantage of distracted people.

But if you are always armed with a secured and hidden travel wallet, you don’t need to worry about those guys because your valuables are already secured and safe.

Money belts or small fanny packs are more known to be secured when traveling to crowded places, it will fit easily around your belly under your shirt or jacket ( make sure that it is hidden well out of sight), and one of the pros of a money belt is it can take more than a small wallet.

3. Organize Your Cash

It may seem that credit cards are used globally, but some cash is still needed when traveling to any country whether in Europe or any other continent , it may happen to find a shop or an airport that does not accept credit cards.

Some wallets are better for holding travel credit cards than cash, but it is better to always consider a travel wallet with a small compartment for storing a few bills and receipts .

4. RFID Protection And Security

Do RFID wallets actually work?

RFID wallets will prevent thieves from stealing your credit card or passport information and that is called electronic pickpocketing.

If a credit card RFID is enabled, most thieves use some types of RFID readers without even the need to touch the credit card, however this type of skimming is rare but it is still possible and it is better to get a wallet with RFID blocking.

And just like credit cards, some passports also are RFID enabled so it is better to place them along with credit cards in one RFID wallet to avoid the risk of being scanned.

RFID can be found in almost any modern travel wallet, whether it is a money belt, a neck pouch or even a standard wallet.

5. Chic Designs

If you like trending styles and colors, there are many stylish travel wallets in the market that you can enjoy.

Most travel wallets are lightweight and well designed,perfect for men and women, and they are slim so they won’t be visible even under thin layers of clothing.

But if you want to add more items in the wallet you may need to wear an extra layer for concealing your cash and valuables.

How Do You Wear a Money Pouch?

There are different types of money belts in the market, the best one is the pouch that can take more items and still not visible under your clothes.

You can easily slide it around your back and fix it over your stomach. some people prefer to put it under their jeans pr pants in general so it won’t be visible even when filled with some extra items.

What Should I Keep In My Travel Wallet?

It is better to take only your necessary items wherever you travel, for example do not take the whole set of debit cards, you can take only one, also if you do not need your driver license it is better to leave it home.

Here are some items that you can keep in your travel wallet in your next adventure.

  • One debit card.
  • Driver license.
  • Cash
  • ID/passport and Travel Documents
  • Business card.
  • Emergency medical insurance card.
  • Keys

What To Look For A Travel Wallet?

Before you go for a particular travel wallet, consider first what features you will need, and what kind of wallet will be suitable, is it a money belt pouch, neck travel wallet or a fanny pack.

Most of the time I would not recommend a fanny pack, if you want your valuable items concealed all the time.

A fanny pack is bulky and you will not feel comfortable wearing it properly under your clothes.

Here are some of the requirements and main features for a travel wallet.

  • The Travel wallet must be light and slim
  • RFID blocking
  • Many compartments for ID / credit Cards / passport
  • Solid Zipper
  • Solid and comfortable strap

Our Top Picks Travel Wallets

the VENTURE 4TH Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking

the VENTURE 4TH Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking

Specifications :

  • Best for: Adventure
  • Material: Nylon
  • Colors: gray, Beige, black, brown, green, silver
  • RFID blocking: Yes

Fjallraven Unisex Passport Wallet

Fjallraven Unisex Passport Wallet

Specifications :

  • Best for: Short trips
  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Colors: Acorn,dark olive, navy
  • RFID blocking: No

HERO Neck Wallet – RFID Blocking Passport Holder

HERO Neck Wallet – RFID Blocking Passport Holder

Specifications :

  • Best for: Adventures
  • Material: Nylon
  • Colors: Black, aqua, army grey, ash grey, beige
  • RFID blocking: Yes

VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt

VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt

Specifications :

  • Best for: Adventures
  • Material: Nylon
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Ash Gray, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, and Silver.
  • RFID blocking: Yes

Final Thoughts : Are Travel Wallets a Good Idea?

Taking a travel wallet is a good idea and will help you keep track of your valuables, keep them together, and safe from sneaky thieves.

A money Belt or a neck travel wallet are just the best wallets to take on your journey, and the good thing also is you don’t have to break the bank to get a nice travel wallet, you can find a good one with less than $20.

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