Are Anti Theft Bags Worth It?

So are anti theft bags worth it? And do anti theft bags really work?

One of the experiences we don’t want you or any traveler to go through is getting your bag or any other valuables to be stolen.

But when you’re traveling, your bag can be vulnerable to anything.

And no matter where you are heading it is always better to prioritize safety, and that is why some luggage companies took it further and provide what they call anti theft bags and backpacks.

But are these Anti-theft bags really worth the hype? and what are the key components that make these bags resist those bad guys and pickpockets from breaking into them.

Let’s dive into the world of anti-theft bags and find out!

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What Are Anti-theft Bags?

An anti theft bag, is a backpack, a purse or a crossbody bag that is hard to be opened or slashed with thieves and steal what is inside.

Anti theft bags are more useful at home or if you are traveling, in crowded places, or just riding the subway in your city.

Anti theft bags do not only use locks, but some other safety features like hidden compartments and rough, sturdy materials, that can not be ripped easily.

Do Anti Theft Bags Work?

Anti theft bags MUST have these four criteria, locking zippers, solid material and straps, hidden compartments and RFID blocking.

Let’s unpack them.

1. Anti theft Zippers

What is an anti-theft zipper?

Zippers are the main thing in anti theft bags, if you can open a zipper easily so it won’t be difficult for a non owner to open your bag.

A good anti theft bag will have a zipper that you can lock, and make it hard for you to open.

If the bag can be worn with the zipper inside that will be even more advantageous.

“You don’t want you bag or purse zippers to be exposed to the world “

2. Solid Material

Most thieves use razor blades.

And if they know that there are expensive valuables in a bag or a backpack, they tend to cut and slash the bag.

This is where the ( UHMWPE ) ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material comes in.

The material is slash-resistant and its components are woven together and make it more solid and hard to cut.

UHMWPE is also lightweight and ultralight and is used widely in many other equipment.

If the bag is not made from this material mostly it will not resist the attempt to be cut with a knife or a razor.

“a bag that is not easy to cut with a razor or a knife.”

3.Radio Frequency Identification

This is important.

RFID is another feature that is essential in your bag to protect your credit cards, id and any other passwords.

RFID blocking systems reduce the transmitted signal power of the reader, preventing the microchip in the RFID card from working. This ensures RFID card security.  Essentially, RFID readers transmit signals which power the microchip in the card, the microchip in the card then powers up and sends data back to the reader.  This can be prevented by either deflecting/blocking RFID signals, or by transmitting a signal that interferes with the reader but this only works with one frequency and often a certain type of technology.

Source: rfidcloaked

4.Hidden Compartments

Hidden compartment will help protect more your items like documents and other accessories.

A good bag will have secret compartments with zippers to add an extra layer of security to your belongings.

There will also be a compartments for specific items, like your passport, Id card and other documents.


This is a must for purses or crossbody bags and even backpacks.

Some thieves won’t even bother to break in a purse or crossbody; they will try to take it and run.

they just cut the straps and escape with the whole bag.

But that will not happen with a cable hidden inside the shoulder strap(s).

The cables are solid and are not easy to cut, the thieve will give up cuting.

TIP: When traveling with a purse or crossbody bag always wear the strap across your body. Don’t wear it over one shoulder.

“a bag with a cable hidden inside the straps”

Is An Anti Theft Bag Necessary?

An anti theft bag is more secure than a normal bag especially with the RFID feature,However, if you see yourself that you are more aware and you can protect your items or you are going to a safe place an anti theft bag is not necessary.

If you are going somewhere that is known for pick-pocketing or some other kind of cams, it is better to be armed with an anti theft bag.

What Are The Best Anti Theft Purses?

If you want to invest in a new anti theft purse or bag, we have picked the best and top rated Anti theft purses from Amazon, check out the table.

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So do Anti-theft bags worth it? In my opinion yes, just a simple feature will prevent your item from being stolen.

And if you are going for a solo adventure do not hesitate to use an anti theft purse or bag.

It is also worth it to watch some videos on youtube to prevent your items from theft or pick-pocketing.

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