10 Best Games to Play on Airplane in 2024 ( Without WiFi )

Traveling should be a fun game, not a long boring experience, and if you are looking for some of the best games to play on an airplane.

You are in there right place.

There is infinity of mobile and online games that you can easily install on your phone or tablet, like puzzles, action games, and sports, all of them are great to get amused during your flight.

I’m a big fan of 8 Ball Pool, and one of my friends that is always on flights with me is a addicted to puzzles.

Whether it’s a long haul or a short flight, here’s a list of fun and entrained games that you can play on your next flight.

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What are the best games to play on a plane?

There are infinity Games to play on a plane, install your favorite ones, you can choose among a range of variations and categories , Action, Adventure , Arcade and more .

Here are our top picks and the best games to play on an airplane. We will keep adding games as we discover new and fun ones.

Please not that all the games are available in both app store and google play.

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1. Minecraft


If you are a fan of arcade games this is one of the best airplane games, the game is top rated in the arcade category in play store and app stores and with more than 10 million downloads.

You can Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles why you are in the sky.

You can also play it with a friend, with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs.

The game is accessible on mobile devices or Windows 10.

2. Hill Climb Racing

Hill climb racing

So if you like an adventure travel, give this original classic Hill Climb Racing a shot.

“Meet Newton Bill, the young aspiring uphill racer. He is about to embark on a journey that takes him to where no ride has ever been before. From Ragnarok to a Nuclear Plant, all places are a racing track to Bill. With little respect to the laws of physics, Bill will not rest until he has conquered the highest hills up on the moon!” the description said.

The game may require a bit of driving skills, speed, and attention as they often test your reflexes.

3. Chess 


If you are a chess lover, this game comes just at the right time, the best game ever in the board category with over half a million players.

If you never tried Chess this is your chance to try it, who knows you may like it.

You can learn chess for your flight, interactive lessons and videos, if you have WiFi connection you can also play it on your computer in a chess website.

“Little secret 🤫: I’m not good at playing chess.”

4. 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool

My Favorite so far.

You have to find a good  cue stick for this one, if you want to beat your travel companion.

“Play with friends! Play with Legends. Play the hit Miniclip 8 Ball Pool game on your mobile and become the best player!”

a fun game; If you find an alternative game that you love like this one , your plane will have landed before you know it. Perhaps the most iconic billiard game ever is 8 ball pool The Sims.

You can play it on Mobile in offline mode in the airplane, however not with friends.

5. Sudoku


This is a popular puzzle and classic game to play on your flight and train your brain while your are on air,

you can Solve Sudoku and have fun meanwhile ignite your creativity! in addition of Thousands of number games to explore.

6. Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans

More than 500 million downloads, the game is fun to play.

Clash of Clans is absolutely worth playing on your flight.

You can build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars!

7. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Do you like candy !!

I hear you !

One of the popular puzzle games that you can play on airplanes.

With over 1 Billion instals, if you never played this game just try it while you are in your flight.

Your 4 hours flight will feel like 25 minutes.

The idea of the game is that you try to Switch and match Candies with each other.

Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos.

8. FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer

Oh do you like Mbappé.

With more than 100 million downloads, if you never try Soccer ( Football in Europe ) this is a chance to give it a shoot.

“Really good app. It has a lot of cool features especially the market because you get to buy players” as a player said.

You can build your own team or play as your favorite for the first time as you take on your travel companion or other top teams in the heart-pounding football action of FIFA Mobile!

9. Subway Surfer

Subway surferes

This endless running game is just the right game for a long flight.

you can play until the character collides into a large obstacle, falls into the water or is overtaken by the demon monkeys.

A reviewer said “Simply speaking, this is by far the first, the most, the best, and I gotta say the only game you will NEVER get bored of. Much love, respect and appreciation to all the people who brought this game to life.”

10. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile legneds

Another great form of mobile game that takes lots of time and focus, you can build the perfect team with your comrades-in-arms! 10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning, jungling, tower rushing, team battles, all the fun of PC MOBAs and action games in the palm of your hand! Feed your eSports spirit!

Block damage, control the enemy, and heal teammates! Choose from Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Assassins, Supports, etc. to anchor your team or be match MVP! New heroes are constantly being released!

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Final Thoughts

Yes you can play most of these games on airplane mode, if there is no WiFi on your airplane, ensure that you download your favorite game prior the flight.

We hope you like this list of games.

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