Can You Bring a Phone Charger On a Plane 2024?

You don’t want your phone battery to die in the middle of a flight or while playing your favorite game, but what are the rules for taking portable and phone chargers on planes? And can you keep your phone charger in your bag during screening?

Here is a quick answer: You can bring a phone charger on a plane in both carry-on and checked baggage, phone chargers are safe to bring and use during a flight as many most airlines even provide power outlets for travelers to charge their cell phones.

In this post I will cover all the aspects of traveling with cell phone chargers, from packing your charger safely to going through airport security with your favorite charger.

Are Cell Phone Chargers Allowed In Carry-on Luggage?

According to the TSA, phone chargers are good to go through the security checkpoint and in carry-on baggage without any problem.

Most regular phone and portable chargers, even with batteries, do not have any restrictions in carry-on bags.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website:

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Lithium batteries are in devices we use on a daily basis, and it can be dangerous when transporting them on planes if not packed properly.

In February 2018 a guest bag with a portable power bank had caused a fire on board China Southern Airlines flight, luckily before the airplane took off.

The accident results in an inconvenience and stressful situation on board the airplane.

And because the Aviation industry wants to avoid any risks that Lithium batteries may cause, the FAA, TSA and most airlines have strict rules on traveling with lithium batteries.

Is There a Limit To How Many Chargers You Can Bring On a Plane?

The number of electronic things you can bring on a plane depends on the airline you’re using.

But, if you’re traveling within the US on a domestic flight, you’re lucky because you can take as many chargers as you want.

On international flights, though, you might run into some issues with the customs of your destination country.

For example, some airlines let each passenger bring up to 15 small electronic things like, portable chargers, cameras, phones, laptops, and tablets.

But, if you decide to bring 15 chargers, you’ll need to explain why you have so many when you arrive in the other country, or you may end up paying some hefty taxes.

When you charge your phone, turn on airplane mode to make it charge up quicker. If you’re going to travel, it’s a good idea to buy a really good charger. Also, change your phone’s settings to save battery life so it lasts longer.

Maximize charging

Where To Keep a Mobile Charger In Flight?

It is better to keep your mobile charger inside your carry-on bag or personal litem all the time, but electronics are more safe and easy to access if stored in a personal item under the seat in front of you rather than the overhead compartment.

If you don’t have space inside your personal item, just avoid placing your charger or any electronics in general in the bottom of your bag.

Can I Put Phone Charger In Checked Luggage?

Yes there is nothing wrong with normal chargers, that do not contain any lithium batteries, they can safely be transported in checked baggage without any problem.

According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) most consumer personal electronic devices containing batteries are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage.

You can not put spare (non installed) lithium metal and lithium ion batteries in your checked baggage and must be placed in carry-on.

If you do have to put other electronics in your checked baggage, secure your bag with a TSA-friendly lock that allows TSA agents into your bag for screening if necessary, but impedes access by others.

If you use a non-TSA-approved lock, TSA agents may cut it off as part of the screening process, leaving your bag vulnerable to would-be thieves.

Can You Charge Your Phone On a Plane?

Yes you can charge your phone on a plane if there is a power outlet available or you take your power bank, However many airlines do not have power outlets and USB Ports on their planes.

Most airlines are doing their best to include power outlets on their airplanes so travelers can charge their phones.

Check the exact airplane model you are flying with and find if they provide power in-seat outlets (You can sue SeatGuru).

How Many Mobile Phones Can You Take On A Plane?

This question for “how many smartphones can I take on an airplane ” was asked on travel.stackexchange and the answer is you can carry a lot devices with you:

Final Thoughts: Can I Bring a Phone Charger On a Plane?

You can always have your phone charger in your carry-on bag without any issues.

There are no limits to the number of cell phone chargers you can bring with you, but you should always stick with one or two chargers, to avoid any unnecessary questions at the airport, especially on international flights.

Always keep your phone charger handy inside your personal item, for easy access.

And don’t forget your charger on board the airplane in case you used it to charge your phone.

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