Can I Listen To Spotify On a Plane? 2023 (Here Is How)

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Generally you can listen to Spotify on a plane if you have Wi-Fi or you have a Spotify Premium plan so you can sync your favorite songs and podcasts and play them on airplane mode, but if you have a free plane you can only listen to music if you are connected to WiFi on board the airplane.

Keep reading to know more about listening to Spotify on a plane, and some alternative in-flight music entertainment options to use instead of Spotify.

Let’s kick things off.

Can I Listen To Spotify On a Plane?

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What Is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital app that gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos from other creators around the globe.

Listening to music is generally free for any user, but purchasing a Spotify premium membership will give you unlimited choices and enjoy ad-free content.

You can download the app in Apple Store, google play and it is available for all devices: computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TVs, and cars.

Can You Play Spotify Music On a Plane?

Because all electronic devices need to be switched to airplane mode during flights.

As I mentioned above you can stream Spotify using WiFi , ( even though In-flight Wi-Fi can often be slow and weak) but if you have a Spotify premium membership you can download music prior your flight and play it on a plane without need to internet concretion.

If you have a Spotify premium account we will walk you through a step by step way to download music and podcast to enjoy during your flight.

The basic Spotify account will not work on airplane mode it requires you to have mobile data in your phone or connected to WiFi, and it is also limited in terms of what you can expect even if you have WiFi, additionally you will need to deal with a lot of annoying ads and promotions.

Play Spotify By Connecting To Plane WiFi?

Nowadays most major airlines have WiFi on board the airplane, free of charge or with a subscription fee.

If you are traveling on a plane with WiFi then you won’t need to bother yourself with downloading tracks or podcasts on Spotify.

You can already know whether your airplane has WiFi, because the airline has to specify if they include wifi in their services.

But unless you are traveling on a budget airline like Frontier or Allegiant airlines, most major airlines do have WiFi on board their airplanes.

Spotify Premium planYou don’t need mobile data or WiFi, but you will need to download songs and podcast before you go offline
Spotify Free Account You will need mobile data or WiFi
Flight ModeYou can’t play or listen to music on Spotify using flight mode

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How To Listen To Spotify On Airplane Mode?

There are several ways to download songs using Spotify app, albums and podcasts if you have a premium membership and here is one of them.

The process is almost the same on all devices.

  1. To create a new playlist locate your favorite song and click in the THREE DOTS as in the screenshot below.
create a new Spotify  playlist

2. Click add to PLAYLIST

add song to Spotify playlist

3. Now CREATE a new playlist

create new Spotify  playlist

4. And give your playlist a name

Name Spotify  playlist

5. Once created you can notice that there is only one song, you can add as many songs as you like ( Just click on add songs ), once you are done adding songs, click on the DOWNLOAD icon ( arrow pointing down).

Downloaded songs

6. the download button will turn into green once the playlist download is completed, AND VOILA you can now play all these songs in the offline mode without need of WiFi or cellular data.

Sync songs in Spotify  app

What To Do When Your Spotify Won’t Play Music Offline?

If you have a Premium Spotify subscription , but can’t download music you can remove the app and re-download it again, if it doesn’t work it is maybe a technical issue so you can search other solutions in the Spotify community or just ask so you can vet other suggestions.

Otherwise there are many alternatives to try if Spotify does not want to play offline for you during a flight.

Use other offline music players: There are several music apps on Apple Store and Google Play, that allow you to download songs and listen to them offline. 

Bring your own music device: You can also bring your own device, such as a computer, an iPad or Phone, and load it up with your favorite songs before the flight.

Use in-flight entertainment: Many airlines offer in-flight entertainment options, including music channels and preloaded playlists. Check with your airline to see what options are available.

Use Youtube downloads: Not all YouTube videos can be downloaded, but still you can find some albums and songs that you can download and listen to during a flight, you can easily click the download button under any video and you can play it whenever you are offline or onboard the airplane.

Final Thoughts 

You can not stream or listen to Spotify on a plane using cellular data because of safety reasons.

However, there are other ways to enjoy music during your flight, such as downloading songs or playlists before your trip ( which requires having a premium Spotify account ).

You can also use offline music players, YouTube downloads, taking your own music device or using in-flight entertainment.

By preparing ahead of time and following the tips above, you can ensure that you have access to your favorite tunes during your flight and make your journey more enjoyable.

We hope that this has answered your questions.

We wish you an enjoyable journey.

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