Can You Bring a Vacuum Cleaner On a Plane? 2024

Traveling on air with large vacuum cleaners can be a pain sometimes, but it’s not especially impossible.

As a general rule most types of vacuum cleaners can be brought on planes in both carry-on and checked bags without any issues, however, large vacuum cleaners will need to be transported as checked baggage.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with all types of vacuum cleaners in both domestic and international flights.

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A vacuum Cleaner

Can You Bring a Vacuum Cleaner On a Plane?

TSA Rules For Vacuum Cleaners

The TSA missed the mark by not mentioning regular and upright vacuum cleaners on its website.

But they did mention Vacuum Robots which are allowed through the security checkpoint in both carry-on and checked bags.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website:

Note that rechargeable vacuum cleaners with lithium-ion batteries may be subject to additional screening.

On the other hand, the TSA will not stop you when taking a regular vacuum cleaner on a plane, just ensure that it is within your airline luggage size and weight limits.

Some large vacuum cleaners may not fit as carry-on baggage on certain airlines; so you will need to check with your airline prior to heading to the airport to determine their size and weight restrictions.

You can check the luggage size and weight of your airline using this Airlines Baggage Calculator.

I had to dig in deeper to find out more information in the TSA social media.

This passenger checked with the TSA about bringing a robot vacuum cleaner in carry-on.

The TSA gave him the green light that vacuum cleaners are good to fly in both carry-on and checked bags

The TSA answer about taking a vacuum cleaner in carry-on

Nash wanted to bring his handheld vacuum in checked baggage.

The TSA customer service replied that handheld vacuums with  installed lithium-ion batteries are approved in both carry-on and checked bags, but uninstalled lithium-ion batteries must be packed in carry-on bags.

The TSA answer about taking Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner in checked baggage

Can I Bring a Vacuum Cleaner In Checked Baggage?

Vacuum cleaners are not on the TSA or airlines list of prohibited items, so you should be able to pack your vacuum cleaner in your checked luggage without any issues. 

However, it’s important to properly pack your vacuum cleaner to prevent any damage during transit.

In addition to the original packing you can wrap the vacuum cleaner in protective material, such as bubble wrap, and pack it securely in your luggage. 

If your vacuum cleaner has detachable parts, such as hoses or attachments, you should pack them separately to prevent any damage or loss. 

Robot vacuum cleaners are better if packed in carry-on bags.

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Can We Carry Vacuum Cleaner In International Flight?

Vacuum cleaners are good to go on international flights.

Ensure that you check your airline size and weight beforehand.

Hanan was going with American Airlines to Dallas then flying with Qatar Airways to Doha and wanted to bring a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.

The TSA replied that handheld vacuum cleaners with installed lithium-ion batteries are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags.

The TSA answer about taking Dyson vacuum cleaner on international flight

You may need to take additional precautions to comply with international regulations when traveling with additional Lithium-ion batteries which are considered hazardous materials.

Traveling with a large vacuum cleaner will cost an arm and a leg, especially with some major airlines .

Final Thoughts 

It doesn’t matter if you are taking a Dyson vacuum or any other type of vacuum cleaners; they are allowed on planes in both carry-on and checked bags.

Large vacuum cleaners may not fit as carry-on baggage.

Robot vacuums with removable batteries are better if transported in carry-on baggage.

Ensure that you properly pack and protect your vacuum cleaner to avoid it breaking or damaged during transport.

Vacuum cleaner types and modelsCarry-on bagsChecked Bags
Handheld VacuumAllowed Allowed
Upright Vacuum cleaners Allowed if it fits in carry-on ( check with the airline )Allowed
Central Vacuum SystemAllowed Allowed
Robotic vacuum cleanerAllowed Allowed ( but it is preferable if transported in carry-on )
Stick VacuumAllowed Allowed
Cordless VacuumAllowed Allowed
Bagless Vacuum CleanerAllowed Allowed
Canister Vacuum CleanerAllowed Allowed
Backpack VacuumAllowed Allowed
Wet / Dry VacuumAllowed Allowed
Carpet sweeper VacuumAllowed Allowed
Dirt Devil VacuumAllowed Allowed
Dyson V15 Detect VacuumAllowed Allowed
Wet and Dry VacuumAllowed Allowed
Robot vacuum Cleaner ( like Roomba vacuum )Allowed Allowed

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