Can You Take a Dehumidifier On a Plane? 2024 (TSA Rules )

For many people, a dehumidifier is an essential bit of kit. Removing moisture from the air not only makes things a bit more comfortable but is also healthier.

And It comes as no surprise that you may want to take a dehumidifier on a plane, especially when traveling to humid locations. Can you, though?

The TSA doesn’t explicitly ban dehumidifiers. You can take them in both your checked luggage and your cabin baggage. However, if you are taking it in your cabin baggage, liquid restrictions will apply. Your dehumidifier needs to be completely dry. If the dehumidifiers have a small amount of water, you will need to remove it or you can’t take it on board.

On this page, we want to talk a little bit more about taking a dehumidifier on a plane. We also want to chat about related items that people may also want to take on a plane e.g., room diffusers, air purifiers, and personal humidifiers.

Let’s dive right in

Can You Take a Dehumidifier In Carry-on Baggage?

The TSA didn’t specifically mention dehumidifiers on its website.

So I wanted to find some answers.

Margarita wanted to bring an electric dehumidifier and a cordless dehumidifier with silica beads inside in her carry-on baggage.

The TSA replied that dehumidifiers and silica beads are good to go in both carry-on and checked bags, even though they will need some additional screening.

She will need to remove all personal electronic devices larger than a cell phone ( referring to the cordless dehumidifier ) and place them in a bin for X-ray screening.

But there are also some tips that you need to keep in mind.

You can take a dehumidifier on a plane in your carry-on baggage if:

  • It is completely dry.
  • It meets any size restrictions that your airline has in place.

The ‘dryness’ is incredibly important.

As you may know, the TSA places limits on the amount of liquid that you can take through security. No container can be larger than 3.4oz / 100ml.

Chances are that your dehumidifier is. So, if it is not completely dry, it won’t get through security.

This means that you can’t take it on the plane.

You’ll need to look into the specific baggage restrictions for your airline too.

Most dehumidifiers won’t go over the max limits, but it is always worth checking.

Can You Take a Dehumidifier in Checked Baggage?

There are no restrictions for taking a dehumidifier in your checked baggage. This means that you don’t need to worry about drying it out.

Although, I wouldn’t recommend that you pack a dehumidifier that is filled with water.

Once again, you’ll need to pay attention to your airline’s rules. Some larger dehumidifiers can be heavy, and they may go over any limits that your airline has in place, especially when you factor in your other baggage.

Tips For Packing a Dehumidifier For Travel 

If you want to take a dehumidifier on a plane, it must be completely dry, especially if it is going in your carry-on.

However, this also applies to your checked luggage. If it isn’t dry, the water could leak and mess all your other belongings.

If you are placing the dehumidifier in your checked baggage, i recommend that you wrap it up in towels or something similar (clothes can also work).

The guys handling checked bags are bashing the around quite a bit, and this could damage your precious dehumidifier.

Ideally, you’ll want to avoid traveling with an expensive dehumidifier. They can break or even vanish. If you must take one, take a personal size one. Not a hefty machine.

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Can I Bring a Personal Humidifier on a Plane?

In your checked luggage, you should have no problems. If you are taking it in your carry-on, then you’ll need to make sure that your personal humidifier is completely dry before you take it through security.

So, use a towel to dry up the water reservoir!

Once you have gone through security, you are free to fill up the water reservoir on your personal humidifier.

There’ll be no further restrictions. However, we do discourage you from using your personal humidifier on a plane.

Planes are cramped and it could affect other passengers.

Can I Bring a Portable Air Purifier on a Plane?

Once again, assuming that your portable air purifier is 100% dry, there are no restrictions on taking it in your carry-on.

There will never be restrictions if you want to take the portable air purifier in your checked baggage.

Can I Take a Room Diffuser On a Plane?

There are no restrictions on taking a room diffuser in your checked baggage. However, you may have issues with your carry-on.

Although, the restrictions don’t apply to the room diffuser but to the essential oils it needs.

If they are in your carry-on, all essential oils must be in containers under 3.4oz. All your bottled essential oils, along with any other liquids (e.g., skincare products) need to be placed in a plastic bag measuring no more than 1 quart in size.

The room diffuser should be completely dry i.e., no lingering essential oils.

If you take more than your allowance through security, you’ll be asked to throw your essential oils away. Since some of them can be expensive, you won’t want to do this.

Final Thoughts

You can take a dehumidifier in both your checked and your carry-on baggage.

If you’re taking it in the latter, then make sure that you dry any liquid beforehand., because If you don’t, it won’t pass TSA screening and you won’t be allowed to take the dehumidifier on the flight.

We hope this helps

Happy travels

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