Can You Bring a Hammock on a Plane? 2024

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Hammocks are handy equipment that allows you to swing, relax anywhere and spend a day at the beach, but if you are planning to pack a hammock for your next adventure you may wonder if all types of hammocks are permitted on planes.

Here is a short answer: hammocks are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage, however, hammock cots, poles, chains and frames must be transported in checked baggage as they won’t fit as carry-on. 

Keep reading to know more about traveling with hammocks in both domestic and international flights

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The TSA Rules And Hammocks

The TSA didn’t specifically mention hammocks on their prohibited list, but you will need to ensure that you don’t take hammock sticks or any sharp accessories through the security checkpoint.

You will also need to consider your airline luggage size and weight.

Hammocks Allowed in Carry-onAllowed in checked baggage
Fabric hammock ( No sticks )YesYes
A rocking hammockNot the lightest and will not fit in carry-onYes
canopy hammock Not the lightest and will not fit in carry-onYes
portable folding hammockNot the lightest and will not fit in carry-onYes
hammock chairNot the lightest and will not fit in carry-onYes
hammock with spreader barNot the lightest and will not fit in carry-onYes

Can You Take a Hammock In Checked Luggage?

Standalone hammocks are more hard to travel with because of the setup.

And If you are not a fan of waiting at the luggage carousel, then you will need to make an exception if you are taking hammocks with poles and frames.

Hammock poles and frames, carabiners, straps, and cords need to be transported in checked baggage.

Additionally, you need to pack the hammock and its accessories in a sturdy bag that can withstand the rigors of air travel. 

Tips For Traveling With Hammocks

Before heading to the airport with your hammock it is crucial to do some proper packing, and here is some tips to keep in mind before traveling with your hammock:

  • Pack the hammock properly: if you don’t have a hammock storage bag, when packing your hammock ensure that you fold it tightly to save space, you can use a comparison bag or packing cubes instead.
  • Pack straps or carabiners in a separated place to avoid any damage.
  • Protect your hammock; compression bags or packing cubes will not protect your hammock when transported in checked baggage, so ensure that you add a sturdy bag or a protective cover.
  • Check your airline weight and size restrictions: each airline has its luggage regulations, so before you take your hammock ensure that you have a quick idea about the rules to avoid overweight fees.
  • Consider alternatives: If you have a bulky hammock it is maybe better if you rent or buy a hammock at your destinations, rather than lugging one.
  • Put safety first : When using a hammock at you favorite spot ensure that you follow some safety guidelines, such as checking the weight limit and it is properly attached and secured.

Final Thoughts On Taking Hammocks On Planes.

You shouldn’t face any problem bringing a travel friendly hammock with you on a plane in both domestic and international flights.

When transported in carry-on, ensure that you don’t pack any sharp items with it onboard , on the other hand there are no issues on taking the whole hammock setup in checked baggage as long as you follow the airline weight and size rules.

FAQ: Bringing A Hammock On a Plane

Can You Place A Hammock In Your Carry-on Bag?

Yes, as long as the hammock fits inside your suitcase, you won”t have any issues with the airline or the TSA agents.

Do You Have To Contact The Airline Before Taking a Hammock?

If you are traveling with fabric hammocks and fits well inside your bag, then I don’t see any reason why you should contact the airlines, however if you wanted to take a bulky hammock with other accessories, it is better to contact the airline and inform them that you will take a hammock and know the rules regarding these items.

Where Can You Put Other Hammock Setup Accessories?

Hammock, carabiners and straps are okay in carry-on baggage, but hammock poles and chains or any other sharp items need to be placed in checked baggage.

What Type Of Hammock Is Better When Traveling?

If you are planning to take a hammock for your next adventure , it’s best to get one that is lightweight and compressible. Remember to also consider the size and the weight of any accessories that come with it.

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