Can You Bring Clothing Irons On Planes? 2023

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A clothing iron is a necessary item if you want to ensure your clothes are neat and wrinkle-free, but can you bring clothing irons on planes?

Here is a quick answer.

Generally clothing irons are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage, however, when transported in checked baggage the final decision rest for the TSA officer at the airport, it is recommended to place large and bulky clothing irons in checked baggage

Keep reading to know whether or not you can bring clothing irons on planes and provide tips and alternatives if you need to keep your clothes looking their best while on the go.

Let’s dive right in.

A dark blue clothing iron

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Can I Take a Clothing Iron Through Airport Security?

The TSA didn’t specifically mention electric clothing irons on its website.

Even though the TSA does not classify clothing irons as prohibited items, they are still skeptical about letting some types of these appliances go on board the airplanes.

Some types of clothing iron plates can trigger the security alarm and even can be used to hit someone in the head, so these items will be subject for additional screening.

Travel sized clothing irons are good to go in carry-on baggage and you won’t find any issue taking them through the security checkpoint.

I looked it up on Twitter to find more answers.

Uday already asked the TSA if a clothes iron is allowed in carry on suitcase.

The TSA reply on taking a clothes iron in carry on bags

They respond that clothes iron is allowed in carry-on bags as long as it’s free of any liquids.

But the answer in the screenshot below Is quietly opposite.

The customer service replied to Erin that even though clothes iron are not specifically mentioned on the TSA prohibited items list, the security officer at the airport has full discretion to not permit an item if it triggers the alarm, so it is better if these items are transported in checked baggage.

The TSA reply on taking a clothes iron in checked bags
Types of Irons Allowed in Carry-onAllowed in Checked Baggage
Steam generator ironsYes, must be free from any liquids inside Yes
Traditional or basic clothes IronsYes, but it is better if transported in checked baggage Yes
Mini ironsYesYes
Automatic irons (large)will not fit in carry-onCheck with the airline as the are large items
Hanging ironswill not fit in carry-onYes

Can You Bring A Clothes Iron In A Checked Bag?

If you need to bring a clothing iron on your trip, packing it in your checked baggage is the best way to ensure it gets to your destination without any issues. 

Before packing the iron ensure that it is clean and free from any liquids and place it in a protective bag.

You can wrap it also in clothing and place in the middle of the suitcase to prevent it from getting scratched or damaged during transport.

If the cord is removable you can take it with you onboard the airplane, the TSA and most airlines do not have any issues taking cables and cords in carry-on bag.

If you are traveling to another country ensure you know the default voltage for your destination country, or you can just get a worldwide travel adapter .

Final Thoughts On Taking Clothing Irons On Planes.

While clothing irons are generally allowed on planes, some airport security officers may not allow large clothing irons in carry-on baggage, as they can be used to bludgeon someone in the head.

So it is important to take a travel size clothing iron in carry-on baggage.

When packed in checked baggage ensure that you pack your items properly and take necessary precautions so your irons arrive at your destination without damage.

There are some alternatives though, if you don’t want to bother yourself with taking a clothing iron on a plane, like using hotel irons, laundry services or traveling with wrinkle resistant clothing.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels

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