Can You Take Cables On a Plane?

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So can you take cables on a plane?

Cables and chargers are essential items to bring during your trip. You want them to charge your phone, for your computer and your camera, but traveling with a large amount of electronic cables may cause some confusion.

and electronics in the eye of the TSA or some airlines, should be handled with care for safety reasons.

So are there any rules on taking cable or extension cords on planes.

Here is the short answer.

The TSA doesn’t restrict cables and extension cords in both carry on and checked baggage, without any restrictions , however; they recommend it to be wrapped and any DVDs, CDs, or cassettes are removed from their devices. While you can pack expensive, fragile electronics items in your carry-on baggage.

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we may receive a small commission (with no additional cost to you) if you purchase an item from the links in this page, we really appreciate it!

Do you have to take out wires for the TSA?

According to the TSA you can bring cables and extension cords in either carry-on luggage or checked luggage.

cables, wires or other extension cords are not required to take out from your bag when going through the security checkpoint, if you packed neatly and perfectly your items, so they don’t block the x-ray from scanning your bag.

Here is what the TSA displays on its website.

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@Joseph asked the TSA if there are any restrictions on traveling with long cables in carry-on baggage; and the TSA confirmed that cables are good to go inside carry-on bags.

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Can I carry cables in my carry-on luggage?

Can you take an extension cord on a carry on? all kinds of cables are allowed in carry-on baggage, without any restrictions.

When I travel I usually place cables inside my backpack especially my laptop and phone cables , and if i need to use them i reach to them quickly and easily , for those i know i will not need them until my destination i make sure to pack them neatly, and avoid placing them cluttered inside my backpack.

long cables ,like electrical wires or other device cables like TV cables, it is preferable to remain inside your checked baggage but when traveling carry on only you can place them inside your carry on bag.

Can I carry cables in checked luggage?

The best way to travel with cable is in your checked baggage, if you are traveling with cables that you won’t during your flight it is better to place them inside your checked baggage instead of carry on bag, because they will just take space inside your bag.

@Wex is not sure if he can take his Xbox and it’s cables and controller in checked baggage; and the TSA answered that gaming console cables and controllers are allowed in checked baggage without any restrictions.

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Can you take a HDMI cable on a plane?

Yes HDMI cables and other TV cables are allowed on planes on most airlines in either carry on and checked baggage.

It is preferable to organize your cables and extension cords in your bag so the airport security won’t get confused and they may tend to open your bag during the security process.

Packing your cables tidy will keep them last longer.

Can I bring a power strip on a plane?

Sharp objects; weapons and certain amounts of liquids are the most restricted items onboard the airplanes, surge protectors or power strips are allowed on planes and they are really helpful items during your trip, if you are willing to do some work on your computer,charge your phone or iPad in the same time it will be helpful, or just to help a fellow traveler.

Protect your cables while traveling

Before placing your cable inside your organizer it is important to know how to pack and protect your cables, and if you also have a problem with breaking cables like me, you can follow the video bellow for TV and long cables,;

If you have small charger cables you can either wrap them with tape or use paracord and cover the whole wire.

Also you can use small cable protectors, you can just easily slip the protectors onto the end of the wire and prevent the wire from breaking.

Some other protectors have open sides that you can stretch easily and cover the whole wire.

How do I organize my travel cables?

Taking many cables on your trip and on planes will need to be more organized and neat, and with that said a travel Tech Accessory Organizer is just a life saver when traveling with more electronics and cables.

you can easily fit all your cables inside it and place it in your backpack or carry on bag.

If you are traveling with a bunch of cables, adapters or chargers, this BAGSMART Accessories Organizer bag it’s really beneficial, will work wonderfully, keep everything you need in reach and be your best friend, with it’s wide space and various compartments to organize your gear.

If you want something large enough for those accessories but not bulky, this Bevegekos Cable Organizer It’s nice to have all your cords in one place for traveling and when at home.

Conclusion: can you take cables on a plane?

Cables are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage without any problem, most airlines allow electronics onboard as long as they do not fall in the dangerous or hazardous items category.

If you are traveling with your devices along with cables, make sure to remove them from the devices before you put them inside your bag.

And remember your carry-on bag will end up stowed in the overhead locker and there is more chance your carry-on will be gate checked if the overhead compartments are full on some airplanes, so place your valuable items and electronics inside your personal item or backpack.

We hope this helps

Safe and happy travels!

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