Can I Bring a Lamp On a Plane? TSA Rules 2024

Whether you want to take a desk lamp, a UV nail lamp or any other type of lamps in your suitcase, you will need to know the rules for traveling with these types of lamps on planes.

And here is a quick answer: You can bring all types of lamps ( desk lamps, nail uv lamps and rock salt lamps ) in both carry-on and checked bags on flights within the US, however, lamps with longer sticks are better when transported in checked baggage.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with lamps in both domestic and international flights.

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Can You Bring a Lamp On a Plane?

The TSA doesn’t write anything specifically about lamps on its website, however; they have mentioned that lightbulbs are permitted in both carry-on and checked baggage.

The TSA rules on light bulbs

The only difference is that most desk lamps have metal sticks that can be used as a bludgeon to knock someone in the head.

So if you are taking a small lamp there will be no issues, but a lamp with a large handle will mostly depend on the TSA agent whether it will be allowed or not.

John wanted to know if this Neon lamp is allowed in carry-on baggage.

The AskTSA customer service confirmed that Neon lamps are safe to bring in carry-on bags.

The TSA customer service replied to  a passenger that neon lamps are permitted  in carry on baggage

Obviously John needs to double check that this lamp is within the airline carry-on size limits, otherwise he will need to place it in checked baggage.

Lamps with liquids inside fall under the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule, so they will need to be transported in checked baggage.

Like this Lava Lamp Chispo wanted to pack, but the TSA replied that Lava lamps are not allowed in carry-on bags, any larger amount of liquids more than 3.4 oz / 100 ml need to be transported in checked bags .

The TSA answer  about taking lava lamps in carry on baggage

Even Himalayan salt lamps are good to go in carry-on bags but they will be subject to additional screening.

The TSA answered a passenger about taking a Himalayan lamp in carry on bags

Can You Bring a Desk Lamp On Carry-on?

Yes as long as your desk lamp fits within your airline size and weight limits you are good to go.

Small desk lamps are easy to pack inside a bag, but if you have a large lamp you will need some more extra space.

Foldable desk lamps are a great idea when traveling as they are space saving, easy to use and carry, they can fold to a small size that easily can fit into a personal item.

If you are taking a large box that doesn’t fit inside your bag you can either check in it or they will count it as a piece of carry-on.

LampsCarry-on bagsChecked bags
Desk LampsAllowed Allowed
Table lamps Allowed Allowed
UV nail lampsAllowed Allowed
Floor Lamps Allowed but the handle will be the issue (you may pack the handle in checked baggage)Allowed
infrared lampsAllowed Allowed
Oil lamps ( antiques )Allowed but ensure that they are empty from any liquidsAllowed
Bedroom colorful lampsAllowed Allowed
Lamps with AA batteries Allowed Allowed
Lamps with Lithium batteries Allowed Must be packed in carry-on

Can You Bring a Lamp In Checked Baggage?

Even though lamps are allowed on board the airplanes, the TSA and most airlines do recommend taking them in checked baggage.

It is mostly because of the handles and the rest of the parts.

But there are some drawbacks when taking these electronics in checked baggage.

If not packed properly electronic items are prone to be damaged through rough handling when transported in checked baggage.

They are also prone to be missed or even stolen, so whether you are traveling with a desk lamp, a UV nail lamp or even a Himalayan salt lamp ensure that you find a way to pack it inside your carry-on bag.

If the lamp doesn’t fit inside your carry-on bag and you are not confident that it will make it in checked baggage it is better if you leave it at home.

How To Pack a Lump For Travel?

Before heading to the airport with your lamp here is some tips to help you ensure that it will arrive safely:

  • Dismantle the lamp: remove the bulb and pack it separately in a padded container or protective wrapping to prevent it from damage.
  • Wrap the lamp base and other parts: Use bubble wrap or other wrapping material to prevent the lamp from scratches and dents.
  • Use a sturdy box: in addition to wrapping the lamp with bubble wrap, ensure that you use a sturdy box and avoid placing any heavy items with the lamp.

Final Thoughts 

You can take most types of lamps on planes in both carry-on and checked baggage.

But larger lamps with bulky sticks will be subject to additional screening and It will mostly depend on the TSA agent you encounter at the airport if it will be allowed in carry-on bags or not.

Lamps with liquids inside need to follow the TSA liquid rule, more than 3.4 oz / 100 ml need to be placed in checked baggage.

If you have a large lamp like a floor lamp, instead of taking it on a plane you also have the option of shipping it to your destination, you can use companies like FedEx and UPS service for packing and shipping fragile items.

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