Can You Take a Chair On a Plane? 2024

So can you take a chair on a plane?

Taking a chair on a plane is much easier than you think and just like taking a normal bag, you don’t need to spend a lot of time planning ,however airlines have different restrictions of luggage and what you can bring.

But if you are still confused if chairs are still allowed in carry-on or checked baggage on most airlines and the security checkpoint, here is the short answer.

You can bring any sort of chair, including foldable chairs and stools,beach chairs, battery chairs or desk chairs through the security checkpoint and on most airlines, some chairs may be big for carry-on baggage but you can still take them in checked baggage.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with chairs and some tips for successfully packing your chair for your next flight.

Let’s dive right in.

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DeveSouth Outdoor Camping Chair / Courtesy of Amazon

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Take a chair through the TSA security checkpoint

According to the TSA The Transportation Security Administration Chairs are allowed in the security checkpoint with any restrictions, and you can take them in both carry on and checked baggage , however you should check your airline size and weight to make sure your chair is compliant with the airline luggage rules.

Sarah asked the TSA on twitter if she can bring her folding camp chair in carry-on and the TSA confirmed folding chairs are allowed.

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Can you take a chair in carry on baggage?

Now as you know that all kind of chairs are allowed to bring your through the security checkpoint, you will need to know if your chair has the right size to be allowed as a carry-on item.

There are some kinds of chairs that you can even place inside your carry on bag, or take them as your personal item like this Camping Chair.

Other chairs are large for carry on,for example here is what United airlines carry on size requires.

Your carry-on bag should fit in the overhead bin. 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 centimeters x 35 centimeters x 56 centimeters). and for the personal item the sizes are 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 centimeters x 25 centimeters x 43 centimeters).

United Airlines

The chair above for example has these sizes 32.2″ x 5.9″ x 3.9″ if it is folded , and obviously it is a bit larger, but if you are traveling with a small version of the chair size is less than 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches you are good to go in carry on baggage.

Can you take a camping chair on Checked baggage?

A camping chair or a beach chair can be taken on a plane, and the best way to travel with your chair is by checked baggage,However airlines have different checked baggage regulations, but you will not face any problem checking in it.

Some airlines may require you to pay additional fees if your chair is oversized or they don’t offer a complimentary first bag.

If you are traveling with a foldable chair I recommend grabbing a travel bag for your chair so you can easily place it inside your suitcase , that will minimize the fees if you are traveling with multiple bags.

If you are traveling with a normal chair a vintage chair, which are not foldable or can be placed inside your bag, you can easily wrap it and place inside a card box and you can check in it, most airlines swill accept boxes in checked baggage.

Pack a chair for your flight

It is quietly hard to take a normal chair in carry-on baggage because of its large size, but folding and detaching foldable chairs are easy to place inside your carry-on bag or backpack.

If you want to take multiple camping chairs, beach chairs or just take a few foldable chairs home, you can grab a duffle bag and place each two inside one duffle bag, that may reduce some additional fees for your trip.

Best friendly travel chairs

As usually we always like to pack the best and helpful products for you, so i dig deeper and did a research about some of the best chairs for outdoors, they are compliant with most airlines carry on size meanwhile they are so if you plan to travel with family or friends you can take many of them without been loaded with a ton of unused accessories.

Here are some of our picks.

  • ABCCANOPY Folding Portable Camping and Beach Chairs: This chair has only 17″×5.5″×5.5″ in size when folded lightweight but can hold up to 330 pounds/150kg and comes with its bag so you can easily detach it and place it inside your backpack, if you want to take many of these chairs you can easily put up to 3 inside your checked bag and seal through the airport smoothly.
  • NiceC Ultralight High Back Folding Camping Chair: the chair has a size of 17″×6″×6″ in the carrying case and can hold up to 250 lbs or 113 kgs, easy to transport and carry everywhere, you can also take many of these chairs inside your bag without even been noticed.

Community thoughts

Bob asked the TSA about this collapsible chair, and obviously the chairs are small enough to be transported in carry-on baggage.

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The chair seems to have a small bag that will be counted as a personal item or a carry-on if it doesn’t fit inside his backpack or suitcase.

Conclusion: can you take a chair on a plane?

As a takeaway you are allowed to take any kind of chair in the security checkpoint without any restrictions, however you should always make sure that your chair is within your airline carry-on size.

Taking a chair in checked baggage is much easier even if your chair is slightly big you can pay some additional fees at the airport.

The best way to avoid additional baggage fees or pay for your chair, is to minimize the amount of luggage you take or invest in a collapsible chair that can fit inside your suitcase easily.

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