How To Sleep On A Plane In Economy Class?

If you’re taking a long-haul flight, dozing off is a good way to pass time, even though it can be really frustrating when you’re trying to fall asleep, but don’t worry – there are still a number of strategies that you can use to help you sleep on a plane comfortably.

Sometimes airplanes are much noisier than a bed but you need to be armed with the right gear and strategies that you can use to wake up refreshed .

Keep reading to know what to take on a plane to sleep, additional tips and tricks so you can sleep on a plane even without a pillow or taking Melatonin.

Let’s dive right in…

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How To Sleep Comfortably On a Plane?

You’ve probably seen it before, a passenger falls asleep on a plane without head support, and fellow passengers helplessly watch him or her drift off.

The person may snore, mumble, twitch, and make odd faces. It’s not exactly pleasant to watch. But why does this person can’t sleep comfortably?.

Read on and follow these nine easy tips to sleep on a plane In economy class comfortably.

1. Choose a good seat

If you are not flying premium or business class, you will need to consider the seat you are choosing.

A wide seat will definitely provide a comfortable sleep experience.

Window seats have something to lean your head against, and you don’t’ need to worry about your head falling.

In the other hand extra legroom seats have extra space too stretch your legs while dozing off.

2. Wear a Sleeping Mask

The very first thing you need to do before heading to the airport is to grab a sleeping mask.

The big reason we can’t sleep comfortably on a plane is because of the light.

Sleeping without a mask can make the time to fall asleep longer.

A sleeping mask will block any light that can prevent you from falling asleep, they can also provide a calming environment even when you don’t want to sleep.

A good sleeping mask should be made from soft material and also make sure to use a mask that is wide so it will cover your eyes completely to avoid the light coming in from the sides.

3. Use a Neck Pillow

This is the second reason we find it hard to sleep, we can’t fix our head properly.

So using a neck pillow will solve the problem.

It may seem bulky when traveling with it, but most of the time it will be a life saver, you can choose a stylish one that may not seem heavy and awkward.

4. Use a Seat Sleeper

A Seat Sleeper will keep your head on the headrest and prevent you from flopping down and waking up.

The Seat Sleeper will support your head , and the difference between it and a travel pillow is that it will fix your head with the seat.

If you select or preferan aisle seat it will works just like a charm.

The good thing is you can use a seat sleeper instead of a mask, or you can use both of them.

5. Listen To Ocean, Rain, River Or Other Water Sounds

One of my favorite tricks whenever I want to sleep comfortably is to listen to calm water sound instead of the airplane noise.

Water sounds are naturally relaxing and calming, that is why many people use it for meditation exercises.

Listening to this can remove the noise and decrease the time to fall asleep quickly.

Of course there are various ways to listen to water sound on your phone or other devices.

Aside from helping to sleep, listening to water sound has also some benefits. Some of these include the following:

  • Increased concentration
  • Better sleep quality
  • Increased feelings of relaxation
  • Noise control

6. Wear Noise-canceling Headsets

If you prefer to listen to music or other sounds, using high quality noise canceling headsets will reduce the background noise.

This is important not when listening to music, but it decreases the noise of the airplane.

The noise during a flight can be normal but most of the time is higher, and the loudest moments are during the take-off and landing, but mostly noise canceling headphones will decrease that noise.

We have already listed some of the best noise canceling headphones, you can read the full list here.

7. Wear Compression Socks

Compression socks will help increase the blood flow in your legs and make them relaxed. They’re especially good on long-haul flights.

This may seem an obvious tip, because most people are already wearing socks.

Wearing compression socks will help you fall asleep faster and snooze better during your flight.

Sometimes it may be inappropriate to remove your shoes, but kicking off them and wearing some warmer socks will increase the chance of sleeping comfortably during your flight.

Research proved that wearing warm socks during sleep in a cool environment had positive results on the quality of sleep you get .

8. Use Footrests

Footrests or hammocks will help reduce the pressure at the bottom of your feet especially in economy class, improving the movement of the legs and the rest in the body.

Your back will be relaxed and you can then sleep as you want.

Footrests are better than crossing your legs,you will apply pressure, and you want to let the blood flow to the rest of your body especially in long flights.

9. Do Not Drink Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine can keep you energized and make you enjoy your flight, but there’s some downside: too much of it will keep you awake even when you’re ready to sleep.

10. Change Your Position

It will be comfortable to change your position during your flight, if you are trying to sleep for a long flight, try to sleep on your side and don’t make your head fall back all the time.

Sleeping for a long flight with the head falling back for longtime may cause the tongue to collapse, narrowing the airways and causing you to snore.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Rude To Sleep On a Plane?

I don’t think it is rude to sleep on a plane, as long as you don’t disturb others it’s totally okay.
And as long as you don’t snore, or flop around, or talk in your sleep or touch others with your actions or noises you make, it would be permissible to sleep on the plane.
It is also unacceptable to sleep and recline your seat and crush the person behind you

How To Sleep On a Plane Without a Pillow?

As mentioned above you can use a seat sleeper instead of a pillow, in addition seat sleepers are not bulky and they can be used on almost any seat.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On a Plane?

You shouldn’t sleep only while taking off and landing, it’s not because you will miss the people applauding, it is to avoid your ears pooping, and still reduce the trouble on your ears caused by the pressure.
So it is better to not sleep until the plane reaches a certain altitude.
I found this article on it provides some of the best techniques to do to your ears during landing and take off.
Here are the tips but you can read about them in detail in the link above.
-Swallow your saliva regularly
-Chewing gum or sucking on hard candy
-Valsalva maneuver

Final Thoughts: How To Sleep On a Plane In Economy Class?

Traveling can be stressful for the body, especially on long flights. So you will need to do some prior preparations and get armed with the right accessories.

Follow the tips above and you will enjoy your snooze on your next flight like a baby.

We hope the tips above will help you have a comfortable flight and sleep like a baby.

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