Can you Bring a Heating Pad On a Plane 2024?

So can you bring a heating pad in carry-on or checked baggage?

Do you want to take your heating pad on your flight , but you don’t know if they are allowed or not? Don’t worry, you can take your heating pad on most airlines. Yes, you can still wear it if you want and it is easy and safe; however, But Gel heating pads are not allowed in carry on baggage.

Here is a detailed guide on the regulations for traveling with heat pads and some tips on taking your pad on airplanes.

We will not mention how to wear, benefits or any advice because we are not health specialist but you can refer to this article on Healthline for the best practices of using heat pads.


TSA Heating Pads on planes

According to TSA (The Transportation Security Administration ) you are allowed to carry your electric heating pad through the security checkpoint without any issues.

Chemical or Gel heating pads are not allowed in carry on baggage because Gels, aerosols and liquids must follow the TSA liquid rules which are allowed in 3.4 oz and in a quart-sized.

Can you take heating pads in carry-on baggage?

You can bring electric Heating pads on board the airplane in most airlines, however some airlines may allow them just inside your carry on bag but will not allow them operated.

In other hand, Gel heating pads are not allowed in your carry on baggage, as they contain gels. The gel inside is essentially a liquid, so you won’t be able to carry a heating pad that big in with your carry-on.

Can you take heating pads in checked baggage?

well if you are not planning to use your electric heating pad on your flight, you can bring it inside your carry on baggage, which most airlines prefer .

You might be worrying that you cannot bring your Gel heating pad on your carry on baggage, but it is OK in checked baggage, just make sure that it is packed perfectly.

What is a gel heating pad?

It called also Chemical heating pad, which is a pad with a liquid inside

Disposable chemical pads employ a one-time exothermic chemical reaction. One type, frequently used for hand warmers, is triggered by unwrapping an air-tight packet containing slightly moist iron powder and salt or catalysts which rusts over a period of hours after being exposed to oxygen in the air. Another type contains separate compartments within the pad; when the user squeezes the pad, a barrier ruptures and the compartments mix, producing heat such as the enthalpy change of solution of calcium chloride dissolving.


Taking heating pads on US Airlines

As long as the TSA allows heating pads, so most US Airlines will allow, i just found that many website displays that American Airlines banned using them on board the airplane, but till today there is no clarification in the airline website or on twitter.

Taking heating pad for international travel

we’ve researched rules on taking heating pads on international airlines, and we found that the majority of airlines allow them in both carry on and checked baggage.

@British Airways

@Lee asked British airways if he can bring His heating bad on carry on, and The airline replied that there is no restrictions

@Air Canada

@Stephanie obviously did not ask @Air Canada to bring an electric heating pad, but she brought it already but the plug didn’t work for her.

People also ask:

Which heating pad is better for airplanes?

We researched best heating pads for airplanes so many websites selected gel heating pads which are not allowed in most airlines.

But electric heating pads are just good in airplanes as they are easy o pack and will just fit in your personal item when you leave the airplane.

Can you Bring a Heating Pad On A Plane? Summary

Usually, you won’t have a hard time traveling with Electric heating pads. Especially if you’re traveling domestically or flying with a U.S. airline.

But you should not bring a gel heating pad on your carry on, we suggest you to place it in your checked bag.

Remember gels, aerosols and liquids must adhere to the TSA liquid rules as stated above.