Can You Take Nail Clippers On A Plane In 2023?

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So can you take nail clippers on plane?

As a frequent traveler, I’ve flown with various different items inside my carry-on and checked baggage.

Generally legal restrictions and regulations about sharp objects is that any item that will threaten the safety of passengers, the airplane and pose an inflight danger, are not permitted to be transported on board the airplane.

Nail clippers or Nail trimming, are accepted on your carry on and checked baggage without any issue,but as there are many shapes and sizes you will need to consider the size of blades. if the blades are over 6 cm in length, they will need to be packed inside your checked luggage (this same rule applies to small tools such as calipers and drill bits).

I’ve also quoted some passengers’ thoughts and what are other airlines regulations about taking Nail clippers or fingernail clippers – as some passengers call them- on planes.

Let’s dive right in.

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Vanwin Nail Clipper/ Courtesy of Amazon

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Can You Take Nail Clippers Through TSA ?

According to the TSA nail clippers are allowed through the security checkpoint without any problem.

However, sometimes the airport security may ask for additional screening for manicure set.

But this only applies for certain items.

Here is what they have to say on the website.

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This passenger wonders if she can take her grooming tools on her flight.

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The TSA confirmed to her that Grooming tools, such as nail clippers and nail files, are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags.

Are Nail Clippers Allowed On Carry-on?

The Short answer is yes, you are free to bring nail clippers in your carry-on luggage.

If the Nail clipper is small and most of them do, you are just fine to place it inside your carry on bag.

Ann Asked the TSA customer service on Twitter about Nail clippers and scissors in carry-on, and the answer is pretty straightforward, Nail clippers and scissors with blades less than 4 inches are allowed in carry-on baggage.

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Are Nail Clippers Allowed On Checked luggage?

If you want to bring your nail clipper in checked luggage, it is totally fine and sometimes the best way to travel with such items is inside your checked suitcase.

This passenger asked the TSA if a tweezer and small finger nail clipper are allowed in checked luggage.

And the TSA customer service gave her the green light to bring both of her items without any problem.

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However nail clippers are more safe compared with other sharp objects but whenever you’re bringing your nail clipper on a plane especially in checked luggage, you must protect them neatly.

You don’t want the luggage inspectors or handlers to get injured while transporting your bag.

Airlines Regulations On Taking Sharp Objects Like Nail Clippers In Carry On And Checked Baggage

American Airlines

ObjectsCarry onChecked bag
Metal knives (of any length or type)
Box cutters
Ice picks
Straight razors
No Yes
Nail clippersYesYes

Delta airlines

ObjectsCarry onChecked bag
pocket knives, scissors or other sharp objectsNo Yes
Nail ClippersYesYes


ObjectsCarry onChecked bag
Any device with a folding or retractable blade
Box cutters
Ice axes/ice picks
Knives (any length, composition, or description)
Meat cleavers
Metal scissors with pointed tips  
Spare blades
Straight razors 
No Yes
Nail ClippersYesYes
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British Airways

ObjectsCarry onChecked bag
items designed for chopping, such as axes, hatchets and cleavers
ice axes and ice picks
razor blades
box cutters
knives with blades of more than 6cm
scissors with blades of more than 6cm as measured from the fulcrum
martial arts equipment with a sharp point or sharp edge
swords and sabres 
No Yes
knitting needles and crochet hooks
tweezers, Nail Clippers
disposable and cartridge razors (not loose blades)
Yes Yes

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Conclusion: Can You Take Nail Clippers On Plane?

Taking Nail clippers on planes or sharp objects in general may have different regulations depending on the country and the airline, though; dangerous items may not be permitted in  any airline. For peace of mind we recommend leaving what is not necessary at home.

The rules are there to protect you and the airplane and avoid any inconvenience, and whether or not the item can potentially be used as a weapon.

If you still have questions about taking such items on your carry-on or checked baggage you can search on the website, or just head to the TSA website and navigate what you can and can’t bring.

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