Can You Bring Tweezers On a Plane 2023?

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So can you bring tweezers on a plane?

There are limitless reasons that make it good to have a pair of tweezers in your purse or bag during your trip.

And to have a joyful journey ahead it will be great if you are aware of the rules of what you can pack inside your carry-on bag or purse, mainly when traveling with sharp objects like tweezers and trims that many people do not see as a big deal.

Fortunately you can maintain your eyebrows anywhere because tweezers and small sharp objects are permitted in carry-on and checked luggage without any restrictions, but if it happens and triggers the alarm the TSA or the airport security officer may ask for an additional inspection.

Read on to know more about traveling with your tweezers and trims on your next flight.

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we may receive a small commission (with no additional cost to you) if you purchase an item from the links in this page.

Can Tweezers Go In a Carry-on?

According to the TSA tweezers can be carried in carry-on and through the security checkpoint without any restrictions.

Here is what the TSA says on its website.

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Note that as the TSA always stated the final decision is for the security officer, he has the authority to restrict any item that can pose damage or threaten the safety of passengers.

But it is rare when an officer does not allow a handful of items in carry-on.

This passenger wants to bring 3 tweezers and she doesn’t want to send them in her checked bag.

The TSA customer service replied that tweezers can go in carry-on luggage without any problem.

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The TSA and the airport security do not have any requirements for packing tweezers in carry-on baggage, but it is better to always better to put safety first and pack neatly your items.

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Susan is not sure if tweezers can go onboard.

The Delta customer service clarified to her that tweezers are acceptable in carry-on luggage.

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ObjectCarry On BagsChecked Bags
Slant-Tip TweezersOKOK
Point-Tip TweezersOKOK
Pointed-Slant TweezersOKOK
Round-Tip TweezersOKOK
Flat-Tip TweezersOKOK
Wide-Grip TweezersOKOK
Arched-Claw TweezersOKOK
Table with different types of tweezers rules in carry on and checked luggage

Can You Take Tweezers In Checked Luggage?

You can bring any type of tweezers in your checked luggage, including slant-tip tweezers, splinter tweezers, and any other kind of tweezers. TSA or the airport security doesn’t mention any blade length limits.

But the only requirement they mention is that tweezers must be packed and sheathed neatly inside your check in bag, to avoid any possible injuries or accidents for the luggage inspectors or handlers.

Take Tweezers On International Flights

Most airlines do not have restrictions on small sharp items, so you can easily bring them in both your cabin bag and checked luggage without any problem.

Almost the same rules as domestic flights are applicable when traveling with sharp objects intentionally.

Any item that can be used as a weapon or with a longer blade will not be permitted on board the airplane.

How To Pack Your Tweezers

When traveling with tweezers or other sharp items, here are some few techniques you can use to perfectly secure them.

  • You can place your tweezers inside your toiletry bag.
  • Use a small container, locked with a TSA approved lock if placed in checked luggage.
  • You can also protect your tweezers with a piece of cloth and place them inside your suitcase compartment, shoe or boots.
  • You can also use a Leather tweezers storage Bag (Amazon link).
  • If you are taking other sharp items in your checked luggage you need to make sure that they do not damage your suitcase or the items can fall out from the container you are using.

Best Tweezers

Tweezers are not that expensive, they last long, versatile, small and can be carried everywhere.

Here are some of our top-picked tweezers to consider if you are planning to invest in a new one. They have higher ratings on Amazon, are affordable and the most important you can pack them easily on carry-on baggage without any problem.

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All small makeup tools are good to go in both carry-on and checked luggage.

You can bring tweezers and small sharp items in both carry-on and checked luggage without extra restrictions.

Just make sure that you don’t take any other long sharp items along with your tweezers that could be used as a potential weapon.

So go ahead and pack your tweezers and all your makeup items.

If you still have questions about taking such items on your carry-on or checked baggage you can search on the website, or just head to the TSA website and navigate what you can and can’t bring.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Happy travels.