Can I Bring Mascara On a Plane ? 2024

So can you bring mascara on a plane? And is mascara a liquid TSA?

Wherever you are traveling, you want to take care and maintain good eyelash health, so your mascara should be in your purse at all times.

But what really makes some people confused when traveling with mascara is where to place it. If mascara can go in carry-on and if it will be counted as a liquid.

The short answer is yes, you can bring mascara on a plane in both carry on and checked luggage, but mascara is considered a liquid so you are allowed only 3.4 oz / 100 ml for each tube in your carry-on bag, any container that exceeds this limit is allowed in checked luggage.

In this article we will cover all that you need to know about traveling with mascara on planes, and we’ll show you how to travel properly with your mascara in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Let’s dive right in.

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Does Mascara Count As a Liquid By The TSA?

According to the TSA, mascara is allowed through the security checkpoint and in carry-on luggage, however the quantity of each container should not be more than 3.4 oz/ 100 ml, and should be placed in a quart sized-bag.

Here is what the TSA has to say about mascara on their website.

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However; you may question that mascara is not 100% liquid, but the TSA stated that any item that can be poured, pumped, squeezed, spread, smeared, sprayed or spilled will be subject to the the 3-1-1 liquid rule.

Most mascara tubes are small and do not exceed that volume, so you don’t even need to worry about the volume, you can place as many as you want in your quart sized bag.

Cassie asked the TSA if she needed to place her lipstick and mascara in a quart size bag.

The customer service replied that mascara should be in containers less than 3.4 oz.

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Tip: No matter how often you travel,you will need a GREAT suitcase or a backpack for your next trip, that will hold your needs and take all your essential items, they have to be spacious and durable while staying within any airline luggage size and weight limits (Amazon links).

Can Mascara Go In Carry-on Luggage?

Yes, as stated above mascara is allowed in carry-on luggage with limited quantities.

no more than 3.4 oz / 100 ml for a single tube inside a quart sized bag.

The good news is you can fit as many as you can in your toiletry bag, and if you pass the security checkpoint you can purchase mascara in the duty free shop without worrying about quantity limits.

Whenever you take your mascara inside your quart sized bag, make sure to place your toiletry bag accessible. You can place it inside your backpack or purse because you’ll have to remove it and place it inside a separate bin for X-ray screening.

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Take Mascara In Checked Luggage

You can bring as much as you want of mascara in your checked luggage,

The TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule does not apply in this case, which means that you don’t have a specific quantity to take in your checked luggage.

However, it is not recommended to place any fragile items inside your checked baggage with proper protection.

If you are not taking your mascara in a makeup bag, you can put it between your clothes and you’ll be good. You can also put it in a paper towel and put that in a jar of some sort.

Also checked luggage are more prone to be mishandled or lost, it is better to keep your essential items in your carry on bag.

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Can You Take Full Size Mascara On a Plane?

The largest mascara tubes do not exceed 2.0 ounces / 59 ml.

The popular size is 0.32 ounces / 9.45 ml, so most mascara are travel size, also they will last for so long during your trip most of the time you will need only one.

So yes, you can take a full size mascara in your hand luggage if it is less than 3.4 oz /100 ml and in checked luggage even if it is more than the mentioned size.

What About International Flights? Does Mascara Have Some Restrictions?

Generally, most makeup products such as mascara are allowed on international flights.

The liquid limits are still applicable for international flights, no more than 100 ml/ 3.4 oz for a single container and the container must fit comfortably within the plastic bag, which is to be completely closed. You will need to present the plastic bag for visual examination at the security screening point. Only one bag per customer will be permitted.

But if you bring too many mascara tubes, you might have to pay some taxes. Whenever you’re flying overseas, you will pass through the customs, not only security. If they find that you are traveling with a large quantity of mascara that is not for personal use,you will have to pay a duty tax or your mascara will be seized. When traveling domestically though, you won’t face any issues for taking some extra makeup products or tubes of mascara.

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Final Thoughts

Generally most mascara tubes are less than 3.4oz, so you can pack them easily inside your carry-on toiletry bag.

Mascara comes in various sizes and in case you want to travel with a mascara or other makeup product that is considered liquid and it is more than 3.4 oz you need to place it in your checked bag.

We hope this helps

Happy travels.

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