Can You Bring An Eyelash Curler On a Plane? 2024

Eyelash curlers are essential tools for achieving perfect lashes, and there are different types of them, but are eyelash curlers allowed on planes? 

Here is a quick answer:

Eyelash curlers are small items so they are permitted in both carry-on and checked bags in domestic and international flights.

In this post, we will find more about the rules and regulations for taking eyelash curlers on planes, the TSA rule and airline policies, safety concerns, and tips for packing eyelash curlers for a flight. 

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a Classic Eyelash Curler

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Can You Take Eyelash Curlers Through The TSA Security Checkpoint?

The TSA didn’t mention anything about eyelash curlers on its website, so I sneak into their social media account on Twitter to find some answers.

Turns out that eyelash curlers are not listed as prohibited items, so they are good to take through the security checkpoint without any issues.

Here is an answer from the AskTSA customer service.

The TSA answer about taking eyelash curler on a purse

Eyelash curlers are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags.

Will An Eyelash Curler Set Off Airport Security?

If your lash curler sets off the metal detector it will be subject to additional screening.

Despite the fact that the TSA agent inspecting your bag has the final decision whether an item will be accepted in carry-on, I don’t see any reason why a security officer will confiscate a small eyelash curler.

Most types of eyelash curlers are not sharp objects or can be used as a self defense item.

So there is nothing to worry about.

Can You Take Eyelash Curlers Carry-on Luggage?

You can bring eyelash curlers in carry-on luggage, most of them are less than 4 inches / 10 cm .

Another key point is to ensure that you cover the metal clamps of the eyelash curler to prevent potential injury for the security officers .

It’s also recommended to place the eyelash curler in a clear plastic bag for easy inspection.

Items Carry-on baggageCheck in baggage
Metal mechanical eyelash curlersAllowed Allowed
Precision or point eyelash curlersAllowed Allowed
Plastic mechanical eyelash curlersAllowed Allowed
Heated eyelash curlers (rechargeable)Allowed Allowed but better if transported in carry-on
Eyelash glue, oil, gel, serum3.4 oz / 100 ml or less for each container Allowed
Eyelash clippersAllowed but must be less than 4 inches from the pivot point Allowed

Tips For Packing A lash Curler In Carry-on Luggage

Here are some tips to help you pack your eyelash curler in your carry on bag or personal item:

  • Place the eyelash curler in an easily accessible place inside your personal bag.
  • Keep the eyelash curler in a solid case or pouch to prevent damage.
  • If you’re taking other makeup items, make sure they also meet the TSA guidelines for liquids and gels.

Can You Take Eyelash Curlers In Checked Luggage?

The TSA answer about taking eyelash curler in carry on and checked bags

Eyelash curlers are allowed in checked baggage and there are no restrictions on the length of the eyelash curler in checked baggage.

If you are traveling with many lash curlers, the best idea is to pack them In checked baggage.

However; most eyelash curlers are small and are better if transported in carry-on baggage.

Final Thoughts On Bring An Eyelash Curler On Planes.

Generally, most eyelash curlers are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage.

It’s also important to follow safety precautions to avoid injury or damage to your eyelash curlers.

For international flights departing from the US, the same rules apply with the TSA. If you are traveling from other countries, I don’t see any problem taking these small items in carry-on, but it is better if you check with your airline.

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