Can You Take Hair Extensions In Hand Luggage? 2024

Hair extensions are a special way for getting the hair you’ve always wanted and to experience different hairstyles.

They are also a fun way to change your hairstyle instantly, on special occasions and on vacations.

But can you bring hair extensions and clip-ins on planes and can you wear them through the security checkpoint?

Yes, you can wear hair extensions through the security checkpoint or take them in your hand luggage, but if they set off the alarm the security officer will conduct a manual inspection or a private screening.

In this post we will cover everything you need to know about wearing hair extensions through the security checkpoint and taking them in hand luggage.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can You Wear Clip In Extensions Through Airport Security?

Yes, they are not a big deal.

Hair extensions are popular and travelers are wearing clip-in extensions in both domestic and international flights.

So clip-in extensions are good to go through the security checkpoint, but some types of metal clip-ins may set off the metal detector. 

In this case you will need to tell the security officers what caused the BEEP, and that you are wearing extensions, this will also make your screening process take longer and may even include a pat down, they won’t ask you to take them out unless they suspect that there are something hiding inside.

The TSA and most airport securities recommend to keep it simple and use non metal clip-ins to avoid any inconvenience at the security clearance.

Here are some answers from social media.

Farima asked the TSA if she can go through the security checkpoint with clip-on hair extensions.


The TSA customer service replied that hair extensions without metal clips are good to go through the security checkpoint, and it is highly recommended to avoid wearing items with high metal content.

Even permanent hair extensions are allowed to wear through the security checkpoint.


Important: if you are wearing a wig or extensions for medical related use and the TSA wants to inspect them, you can request a private screening.

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Pack Your Extensions In Your Hand Luggage

Hair extensions are good to go in carry-on bags.


It’s always best to take essential items inside your carry-on bag or personal item

If possible items like extensions are best if you rolled them and secured them inside your carry-on bag, instead of wearing them at the airport.

You can use a small hair extension case or pouch to keep them separated and easy to reach in case you want to wear them anytime.

Take Hair Extensions In Checked Luggage

There are no restrictions on taking clip-in extensions in checked baggage, and one advantage of doing it, you don’t need to worry about the security checkpoint.

The only thing that you will need to worry about is the security officers and luggage handlers that may not take care of your items.

And if you are traveling with professional permanent extensions, it is highly encouraged to place them in your carry-on bag.

They are pretty expensive and they may be missed from your checked bag

It’s never advised to send anything expensive in checked bags.

Final Thoughts

You are free to bring and wear hair extensions through the security checkpoint and in hand luggage.

Just know that some metal clip-in extensions may trigger the alarm.

That is why the TSA always advises to use non metal clip-ins.

If you are wearing them and set off the alarm the TSA will need to know where the alarm comes from, but they will not ask you to remove your hair extension.

For your convenience and to avoid any delays at the security checkpoint , you can tell the officers in advance that you are wearing metal clip-in hair extensions.

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