Can You Bring a Hair Dryer On A Plane?

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Can you bring a hair dryer on a plane? And is hair dryer allowed in flight

It can be a bit overwhelming to keep your hair under control when traveling without your hair dryer,and taking a new hair dryer (Amazon link) with you on a plane is not that complicated but it’s easy to get confused with all the different rules and restrictions.

If you are flying with only carry on, there is more chance that you will lack enough room for your hair style items.

In addition, to the airline’s limited luggage space you have to be compliant with the TSA rules, before you go prepared with all your checklists completed.

Here is the short answer: Yes, You can bring your hairdryer and you can place it in your carry-on or checked baggage without any problems.

In this post we will answer all your questions “Can I bring a hair dryer on the plane”, and we’ll explore some of the best practices when traveling with your expensive one.

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Can you bring a hair dryer on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your a blow dryer or hair dryer on a plane, in both carry-on and checked baggage without any restrictions.

Hairdryers are not considered as dangerous items,That is why the TSA permits them on airplanes with unlimited quantities.

A hair dryer can be a dangerous item only when plugged to the power, it may be combusted or ignited if it is a poor quality item, rather than that, a hair dryer itself it’s just a bunch of wires, electronics inside a plastic container.

Here’s a screenshot from the TSA Website:

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TSA hair dryer

If you Can’t find the answer in the TSA website you can also Tweet your question for ASKTSA or the airline on twitter just as Cleosays did and they will get back to you as soon as they read the message.

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Can You Bring Dyson Hair Dryer On Plane?

There are so many brands and models of Hair dryers in the market, and you can take any model of any brand you like on airplanes, whether it is a Dyson Air Wrap or Revlon Hair dryer or any other brand.

There are no restrictions, so you can bring any brand and any type, as long as it has a cord, and fits inside your bag

Can You Bring a Hair Straightener On a Plane Carry-on?

According to the TSA you are allowed to bring in either carry on or checked baggage any kind of Hair Straightener or known as Flat Iron with cords.

Just as the Hair dryer you can bring any quantity, model or brand without any restrictions, as long as you adhere to the airline’s size and weight regulation, However if your carry-on bag doesn’t fit all your hairstyle items you can transport them as checked baggage.

Can I Take a Hair Dryer And Curling Iron On The Plane?

According to TSA Curling Iron (with cord) is allowed in either carry on and checked baggage.

Butane Curling Irons (cordless) are allowed in carry-on baggage only with some instructions, like safety precautions.

TSA stated that A safety cover must be placed securely fitted over the heating element so The device must be protected from any accidental activation.

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Should I Take a Hair Dryer When Traveling?

When traveling, your hair dryer can do multiple tasks; in addition to styling your hair, we can say that it is an essential item when traveling.

Some travelers may see it as a bulky item (that can take serious space in your luggage), and it can be found easily at your destination, but i see it as a must to add in your travel checklist because a small Hair Dryer can do the job just right.

Can I Take My Hair Dryer To Europe?

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In this post about “Will My Hair Dryer or Straightener Work in Europe” Ceptics detailed what voltage a Hair dryer should have if you are planning to travel to Europe.

If your Hair Dryer Voltage is more or between 120V or 125V, then the chances are high The Hair dryer will not work with just an adapter plug, so you will need to buy a voltage converter.

A Dual voltage Hair Dryer will work best when traveling and it will function well in the US and Europe.


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Can I Use My US Hairdryer In Mexico?

Mexico operates on a 127V supply voltage, and if your hair dryer Voltage can run on 127V you will just need the right power plug; however most Hair dryers are designed to work in multiple countries.

If you are not sure what voltage is your Hairdryer just check the label the manufacturer will display all the info about the voltage and how to use it.

Summary: Can You Bring a Hair Dryer On The Plane?

Can you bring a blow dryer on a plane? Traveling with your hair dryer should not be a struggle, as the TSA and most airlines are allowing them on airplanes, just double check that your hair dryer is well functioned and packed well.

Please make sure to read your airline’s luggage regulations and restricted items when traveling internationally, if you are not sure about your item or you want to take a new hair dryer with a battery or different material.

Happy travels.

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