Can You Bring Hair Dye (Colors) On a Plane? 2024

The TSA stated that liquid hair dye without Hydrogen peroxide are permitted in carry-on and checked bags, but when packed in hand luggage it must abide by to the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule, 3.4 oz / 100 ml or less for each container placed inside a quart sized bag.

Powdered hair dye is allowed in carry-on bags and it doesn’t need to be in a quart-sized bag, but powders greater than 12 oz / 350 gram will need to be removed from your bag and placed in a separated bin to undergo additional screening.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with hair dye on planes and some tips for safely bringing hair dye on your next flight.

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The TSA Regulations On Dye Liquids And Flammables 

The TSA didn’t specifically mention hair dye on its website, that makes many passengers confused.

But before we dive into whether you can place hair dye in your carry-on or checked bag, it is important to know what is the TSA rules on liquids and flammable items.

The TSA limits the amount of liquids, gels, creams and pasts in carry-on bags to 3.4 oz / 100 ml for a single container packed inside a quart sized bag, large quantity of liquids must be transported in checked baggage.

Meaning you can only take small containers of liquid products, whether it is hair dye, face wash, Vaseline or nail polish .

Most hair color kits consist of products that is less than 3.4 oz / 100 ml.

For example the popular Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme box consist from the following:

  • Cream developer 2.28 oz / 67.5 ml .
  • Hair Color creme 1.6 oz / 47.3 ml.
  • Nourishing conditioner 1.25 oz / 37 ml.
  • Fruit oil concentrate ( comes in less than 1.25 oz / 37 ml ) 
  • Gloves

Some L’Oreal Paris hair dye components also comes in less than 3.4 oz / 10 ml which makes them travels friendly just like their competitor Garnier.

I looked up for some responses from the TSA.

@Charlotte wanted to bring this Revlon hair dye in her carry-on bag.

The TSA customer service replied that any liquids, creams or pastes in their dye package must be 3.4 oz / 100 ml or less placed in a quart-sized toiletry bag along with other travel sized liquids.

@El wanted to bring 2 sealed boxes of hair dye for a wedding in her carry-on, but the dye container inside the box is apparently 5.28 oz / 150 ml which is more than the allowed in carry-on.

So she will need to either refill them in travel size containers or place them in her checked bag.

You should know that most types of hair dye consist from ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals.

So to ensure that the TSA will let your hair dye make it in carry-on ensure to read the label and it doesn’t contain any flammable or other oxidizers.

If the hair dye contains some type of flammable ingredients, it is better to leave it at home and get another one at your destination.

On some occasions you can still bring your hair dye in carry-on baggage as long as it is within the quantity limits, and the TSA clerks won’t even look at the ingredients ( it is not guaranteed ).

Put safety first and travel with a chemical free hair color, or get your favorite hair dye after you arrive at your destination.


Can You Bring Hair Dye In Checked Baggage?

You don’t need to follow the TSA Rules if you want to transport your hair dyes in your checked bag.

If you want to bring an unopened box then it is better to place it in your checked bag.

But as i mentioned above if the hair dye consist from chemical ingredient, the security clerks will likely remove it from your bag and leave a notice inside.

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Tips For Traveling With Hair Dye On a Plane

Here is some additional tips to consider before start packing your hair dye:

  • Follow the TSA and airline rules: the TSA liquid rules are pretty clear, but the ingredient inside subject is quite vague, but you can snap a pic of your hair dye and tag the AskTSA on Twitter as in the screenshots above.
  • Take travel size containers: If you are not taking a checked bag and you have containers more than 3.4 oz / 100 ml, travel sized containers will allow you to bring larger amounts of hair dye without any issues.
  • Pack in checked baggage: if you want to take unopened box, you can put it in your checked bag, but know that the box might be opened and inspected if the security agents want to know what is exactly inside the box.
  • Protect your hair dye: checked bags are not handled carefully, and hair dye if not protected properly can leak and make a mess inside your bag, consider placing the box inside a plastic bag before packing it inside your bag.
  • Get hair dye at your destination: purchasing some items (not just hair dyes ) at your destination will leave some space inside your suitcase for other items, especially if you are traveling for an extended period, it will help you also speed up your screening process and avoid any inconvenience with the TSA officers.

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Final Thoughts 

You can bring hair dye on a plane, but it’s important to follow the TSA regulations and guidelines to avoid any inconvenience or delays at security checkpoints. 

The quantity and the ingredients of the hair dye you have will affect how you can bring it on a plane.

Pack it in your checked bag, if it’s larger than 3.4 oz / 100 ml,

Transferring hair dye to travel-sized containers or purchasing it at your destination can make the process easier and stress-free. 

Hair dye with flammable chemicals will likely not be allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage.

I hope this helps 

Happy travels