Can You Take a Pocket Knife On a Plane? 2024

Nothing wrong with aways keeping a small pocket knife.

But can you bring a pocket knife on a plane? and what size knife is legal to carry-on a plane?

Here is the quick answer.

The TSA and most airline do not allow pocket knives on board the airplanes as they are dangerous items, but you can bring a small pocket knife in checked baggage, just ensure it is protected and wrapped neatly.

In this post you will know everything about traveling with pocket knives in both carry-on and checked baggage, in addition to some international policies.

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not attorneys or  legal authorities, we are travel enthusiast and we write about our experiences and topics we find useful, before you travel with your knife make sure that you are doing it right, some type of knives may get you in some unnecessary trouble, you can contact your airline, send them a photo of your knife or contact the airport security.

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Take a Knife Through The TSA Security Checkpoint

According to TSA pocket knives or any type of sharp objects that have a weapon shape are not allowed in carry on baggage.

So It is not a sharp idea to bring a knife through the security checkpoint, because TSA will likely take it away ( confiscate it).

However, you can have a knife in your checked bag and should be protected and wrapped securely to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.

And as always the TSA claims the final decision stays for the TSA officer to decide if an item is allowed or not in both carry on or checked baggage.

What Size Knife Can You Carry-on a Plane?

Can You Bring a Small Pocket Knife To Carry-on Baggage?

Actually small pocket knives are not allowed in carry-on baggage. All kinds of knives are banned inside your bag or in your pocket even if they are kitchen knives or with small blades.

If you want to bring a knife as a gift or for memories, you can pack it and protect it well inside your checked bag, or ship it to your destination.

Just don’t risk taking a knife in carry-on baggage, that may cause some inconvenience for you in the security checkpoint.

The TSA already proposed to permit small knives in carry on baggage, knives with blades shorter than 2.36in (6cm) and narrower than 0.5in into plane cabins, but TSA canceled the rule because of the large disagreement and the resistance from flight attendants and the public.

What Size Knife Is Legal To Carry-on a Plane?

There is no permitted size of knives in carry-on baggage, so all knives, regardless of their size, must be placed in checked baggage.

Unless you want to take a small plastic knife for your children or for other purposes, most airlines allow small plastic knives in carry-on bags and onboard the airplane.

Can You Bring a Knife On a Plane In Checked Baggage?

Pocket knifes and other kinds of knives are permitted in checked baggage; sharp objects in general must be protected and packed perfectly so the knife won’t cause injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.

If you are traveling with any other kind of knife you should always check the state or the country you are traveling to as knives have different regulations.

Important: The bigger and dangerous your knife is, the more precaution you should take at your destinations, make sure that you do not possess a knife without a reason.

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Are Pen Knives Allowed On Planes?

Just like normal knives, pen knives are considered sharp objects so you can’t take them in carry-on baggage and through the security checkpoint.

You can take pen knives only in checked baggage, ensure that you they are well protected to avoid them damaged or break during the transportation.

How to Pack a Pocket Knife In a Checked Bag?

It is honestly to be careful when you put any sharp object in your checked bag, for your safety and your items, and for the safety of the luggage handlers or the airport security when inspecting your baggage if it is required.

Also if you have an expensive knife it is preferable to not send It in checked baggage, the airline baggage handlers may mishandle your knife, in addition to the stories from passengers that their expensive items got missed in their check baggage.

Most airlines will not take the responsibility of losing any expensive items, other-ways if you want to place a cheap $10 pocket knife in your checked baggage we have outlined some of the best ways to pack it inside your bag.

You can either put your knife in a solid piece of paper or cardboard and Wrap it up in tape until you notice that it is completely covered and is safe to handle.

Other ways you can use a knife travel case that fits your knife, and you don’t need to wrap it or add type.

I have one similar for this Asaya Chef Knife Roll Bag which makes my life easy not just when I’m traveling with may sharp items but also in my everyday life, it holds all my necessary items in addition of my knife i put also scissors, and sometimes even a small wire cuter which i use when camping. 

Can You Take a Knife In Checked Baggage On International Flights?

Can You Take A Knife On A Plane To USA?

Knives are allowed in checked baggage in most international airlines , but carrying knives in each country differs and local police jurisdictions apply different restrictions on carrying these kinds of weapons.

Within the US For example Switchblade knives and other spring-loaded knives are prohibited and are not allowed for possession, and may be subject to seizure if you bring them to the United States.

Can You Take A Knife On A Plane Uk?

You can take a knife on a plane in the UK but you should always consider the UK Government law on possessing knives. It’s illegal to possess a banned knife or weapon without any reason.

Final Thoughts

All kinds of knives are not allowed in carry-on baggage, and there are no restrictions on traveling with pocket or normal knives in checked baggage.

For passengers traveling with other kinds of knives like swords for training purposes, work or galleries may need to take by consideration the local law and provide a reason for taking such items to the destination.

We hope this helps

Happy travels

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