Can You Take a Leatherman On a Plane? 2024 TSA Rules

Whether you are an adventurer or a knife aficionado, you might be curious about the rules for bringing a Leatherman or other multitools on a plane.

Here is a quick answer.

Generally, multitools are permitted in carry-on bags if they do not include a knife, the scissors measure 4 inches or less from the pivot point, and the other tools are less than 7 inches, however ; you can pack any type of multitools in your checked bag without any problems.

This is the only post you will need to know everything about taking multi tools in both domestic and international flights and some tips for packing and transporting your multitools during air travel.

Let’s dive right in.

Can You Take Multitools On a plane?

Are Leatherman TSA approved?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has strict guidelines regarding sharp objects.

The TSA didn’t mention any specific model or brand but they had a section about multitools in general.

And here is what they stated.

In general you are not allowed to bring sharp objects through the security checkpoint, multitools with any size of knives are not allowed in carry-on bags.

In the other hand; you will not be able to bring multitools with larger blades in carry-on bags like scissors more than 4 inches.

But Multi tools without blades are good to go in both carry-on and checked bags without any issues.

Leatherman without long and sharp blades are TSA approved.

Here is a screenshot from The TSA website:

The TSA Rules on taking multitools on a plane

Which Leatherman Is TSA Compliant?

Even if your Leatherman does not have a knife and all the other tools are smaller than 7 inches, that won’t guarantee your items to pass the security checkpoint.

The TSA agent searching the bags is always the final decision to allow or ban certain items that go on board the airplane.

Some of them are picky.

But most of the are concerned about your safety and safety of all passengers.

You know those bad guys that can use anything and threat the security of the airplane and passengers.

I checked The TSA social media to find more answers.

Joyce wanted to bring this Leatherman PSA in carry-on baggage.

The TSA replied that multi tools with knives of any length must be packed in checked bags.

Multi tools without blades are good to go through the security checkpoint with any issues.

It is important to know that even if a company advertised a multi tool as a TSA compliant, sometimes it is just for marketing purposes and make the sell.

If the tool contradict one of the rules mentioned above it will not be allowed on board the Airplane.

Multi ToolsCarry-onChecked Baggage
Leatherman Multi ToolAllowed without a knife and scissors over 4 inches from the pivot point Allowed
Large Leatherman raptor scissorsNot allowed Allowed
Gerber Dime Multi ToolAllowed without a knife and scissors over 4 inches from the pivot point Allowed
CRKTAllowed without a knife and scissors over 4 inches from the pivot point Allowed
Böker multitoolAllowed without a knife and scissors over 4 inches from the pivot point Allowed
Victorinox multi toolAllowed without a knife and scissors over 4 inches from the pivot point Allowed
SOGAllowed without a knife and scissors over 4 inches from the pivot point Allowed
Swiss army multi toolAllowed without a knife and scissors over 4 inches from the pivot point Allowed
Benchmade multi toolAllowed without a knife and scissors over 4 inches from the pivot point Allowed

Can You Bring A Multi-Tool In Checked Luggage?

There are no issues packing any type of multitools in your checked baggage.

If you are traveling with a checked bag, it is better if you pack your Leatherman inside.

That way you don’t need to worry about your multi tool being confiscated.

however; there are always some drawbacks for sending items in the airplane hold.

I don’t want to be pessimistic, but the items may get damaged, lost or even stolen.

So if you own an expensive multitool that you are not ready to lose leave it at home if you can’t take it in your carry-on bag.

If you have some time and needed tools you can always modify your multitool, remove the knife and pack it separately in a check bag.

Remember that any sharp object packed inside a checked bags need to be sheathed and secured properly to avoid injury to luggage inspectors and baggage handlers.


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Can You Bring multitools In a Checked Bag Internationally?

There are different regulations when taking multitools to other countries.

In fact you c/a bring a tool to a country and you may not be allied to take it to another

It is better if you contact your airline prior your flight and and know the current regulations of your destination country.

Can You Bring a Multitool on a Plane in Canada?

In Canada small tools with blades of 6 cm or less are permitted when flying within the country and international destinations.

And just like inj the US that knives of any length will not be permitted in carry-on bags.

Can I take my Leatherman on a plane to the UK?

Even though multitools may contain knives and other tools shorter than 6 cm the UK authorities do recommend placing these items in checked bags or to avoid packing them at all.

Can You Bring a Multitool on a Plane in Europe?

You can take small multitools with a knife in the UE, but you can only place them in checked bags.

Can You Bring a Multitool on a Plane in Australia?

Almost the same rules as Canada, ensure that you pack any multitools inside your checked bag.

Avoid packing any type of knife in your carry-on baggage regarding the size, that way you won’t face any issues with the security agents at the airport.

Tips For Packing a Leatherman For Air Travel

Before heading to the airport with your Leatherman multitool, it is important to pack it correctly to avoid any issues with the TSA agents.

  • Check what type of Leatherman you have: know the size of tools and if there is a knife and scissors included in your multitool, that way you will know where to place your Leatherman or any type of brand you have.
  • Secure the blades: whenever you pack your multitool ensure that you secure the blades, use a solid pocket and add more layers of clothes to avoid any accidents during inspection, a strong pocket will also prevent the tools from any damage and dents.
  • Label the bag if you can: If you’re packing a multitool in your checked baggage, it’s a good idea to label the bag to alert the baggage inspectors that there’s a sharp object inside.

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Final Thoughts 

Flying with a multi tool including Leatherman is possible but here is what you need to know.

  • Do not pack any type or model of multitool with a knife in carry -on bags
  • You cannot pack multi tools with scissors larger than 4 inches from the pivot point in carry-on bags either.
  • Place tools over 7 inches long in your checked bag
  • You can bring all types of multitools in checked bags 

Sharp objects are sensitive in the air travel industry and they may be subject for additional screening, so it is better if you prepare yourself for any situation at the airport.

And if you’re concerned whether or not your item will pass the security checkpoint, you can pack it inside your checked bag.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels 

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