Can You Take a Can Opener On a Plane? (The Answer)

There are many types and varieties of openers, ordinary and electric can openers, bottle openers and corkscrews, and if you are planing to take one of these types on your next flight. 

Here is the quick answer.

In general, you can take can or bottle openers on planes in carry-on baggage if they don’t have a blade so can not be used as a weapon, If you are taking a can or a bottle opener that has a knife or a blade you will need to send it in your checked bag.

Any other type of can openers are allowed in checked baggage without any restrictions.

We decided to let you know more about this, after all it is important to be aware of the rules so you don’t end up with the TSA or other airport security confiscating your item.

Let’s dive right in.

Manual can opener with long hands

Take Can Opener Through The Security Checkpoint

Generally, can openers like this one (Amazon link ) have no restrictions on hand luggage.

The TSA ( Transportation Security Administration ) didn’t mention can openers on their website, but they have mentioned bottle openers. Can and bottle openers with no blades are good to bring in carry-on bags.

But bottle openers with blades are not allowed in hand luggage, they need to be transported in a checked baggage.

This means if you are planning to buy a new opener that you will be taking with you all the time, ensure that it is clean and it doesn’t have any blades. 

Here is what the TSA has to say about taking can openers through the security checkpoint.

The TSA answer about taking can openers in carry on bags
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Even though most of the manual can openers have no blades and are safe, but, as the the final decision whether an item is okay to bring on board is for the security officer inspecting your items.

Some airports can be more strict than others, overall for domestic flights there will be no issue traveling with a normal can opener or even as corkscrew.

On the other hand, for international flights, some airports may not even let a regular can opener go on board the airplane.

It is better to check the country of your destination, or the airline you are flying with before you get at the airport.

Take Can Opener In Checked Baggage

Unless you are traveling carry-on only; It is a smart move to transport any type of sharp object in checked baggage.

Any type of can or bottle openers with a sharp edge or you think they will be questioned by the airport officers, ensure to place them in your checked bag.

Buzz wanted to bring this small manual can opener in his carry on backpack.

They replied that a manual can opener isn’t specifically mentioned on their prohibited items list for carry-on bags.

So it is recommended to place them in checked baggage because the TSA officer has the final say.

The TSA replied to a a passenger on taking a can opener

Can openers like the one in the image above, can accidentally hurt any one dealing with checked baggage if they are not protected properly.

To avoid that, ensure that that your can opens is well sheeted and covered before placing it inside your bag.

If your can opener is a gift, a souvenir, or any type of expensive item, do not send it in checked baggage or you can just leave it at home and take regular one instead.

Final Thoughts

You can bring a can opener in carry-on baggage on most airlines if it doesn’t have a blade or a knife.

An electric or a regular can opener without a blade or some sort of sharp edges can pass smoothly through the security checkpoint.
Send any openers with blades, or have a weapon shape in checked baggage.

Ensure that you neatly cover and protect any sharp objects you are traveling with so it won’t cause injury for the airport staff handling your bags.

We hope this helps

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