Can You Bring Change And Coins On a Plane ? 2024

Maybe you like collectibles or you just have some spare change inside your pocket and wonder what to do with it and if it is allowed through the security checkpoint.

There are less strict requirements when traveling with loose change and coins on planes, unless you are taking some unusual type of coins.

Here is the short answer.

You can bring coins and spare change through the security checkpoint in carry-on and checked luggage without any restrictions.

In this post we will cover both spare change and any other type of coins as they are similar in their shape and rules.

Let’s dive right in.

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Carry-on luggageAllowed
Checked luggageAllowed

Can You Take Coins Through Airport Security?

I’ve checked the TSA (The Transportation Security Administration) website to see if I can find any rules about traveling with change or coins but they didn’t mention anything, but I found this tip instead.

To avoid leaving your cash or coins at the security checkpoint, you can place them in a separated ziplock bag a pouch or a fanny pack and place them inside your carry-on or personal item

Travel tip from the TSA

Meaning that the TSA does allow coins and change through the security checkpoint without any issues. But you will be required to remove any change from your pocket during the screening process.

It is not obligatory to place them inside your carry-on, they only advise to do that because some passengers forget to retrieve their money from the bin.

The TSA claims that in 2019 they collected almost $926,030.44 in unclaimed money that passengers left behind at airport security checkpoints.

So ensure that you don’t forget your change or coins in a separated bin.

Do Coins Will Show In X-ray?

Yes airport scanners can detect even small amounts of metal, scanners will always detect anything that is not normal.

If you are traveling with a small amount of change or coins, it is even worth it to try hiding them as they do not have any restrictions.

In case flying with a coin collection, It will be easier to detect them.

Take Coins In Carry-on Luggage

I checked Twitter to see if I can find some other answers from the TSA customer service and here is what I’ve found.

This passenger wanted to bring this change bucket to Las Vegas in a personal item, and the AskTSA customer service replied that changes are good to bring through the security checkpoint but he needed to contact the airline and to know more about their luggage rules.

passenger asked the TSA about traveling with coins in personal item

Obviously there will be no issues with Frontier Airlines as carry-on luggage do not have weight limits in most airlines as long as you can handle and place your carry-on in the overhead bin without any help you are good to go.

So you can travel with a lot of coins as long as you are traveling on a domestic flight.

There are also no limits to the values of silver or gold coins you can bring in domestic flights.

Gold and silver coins are allowed with no value limit for domestic travel within the U.S. At any time, you may request a private screening of valuable items that need to be physically inspected.

The TSA customer service

Bring Change In Checked Luggage

You can bring change and coins on most airlines in checked luggage without any issues, however it is better to avoid placing any money and expensive items in checked luggage.

passenger asked the TSA about taking a jar of in carry-on

Even if your carry-on bag is gate checked make sure that you remove your coins from your bag that way you won’t have to worry about losing them. 

Checked luggage is more prone to be damaged or even lost, so it is better to avoid placing any cash or valuable items in it.

Unless you are traveling with some other type of coins like this Hobo Penny Jess wanted to take

passenger asked the TSA if he can travel with a Hobo Penny

This beautiful coin has a small knife inside and the TSA replied that this type of coin should be packed in checked luggage.

TIP:When traveling with your expensive items make sure that you protect them, and use a beautiful, solid and top-of-the-line bag. We always recommend hard-side suitcases that will give added protection to your accessories and fragile items! check out these Samsonite hard-side luggage on Amazon. It is really durable, solid and can be taken for any adventure.

Traveling With Change Internationally

I did travel with foreign coins ( but small amounts ) several times in my carry-on bag on international flights without any issues.

I just toss them inside my bag or personal item and forget about them.

Taking cash on international flights has some strict rules. More  than $10,000 may cause the airport authorities to ask some questions, but not coins or some spare change are just okay.

The only thing you need to consider is the security checkpoint of both your departure and destination country if you are traveling with large amounts of coins.

Some passengers try to hide cash, which is a bad idea that may cause some serious problems with the airport security.

Final Thoughts

There are no restrictions on taking change and coins in both carry-on and checked luggage.

It is better to place in coins or change inside your carry on or personal item before going through the security checkpoint.

You don’t need to remove them, unless the security officer asks you to do that.

If you are traveling with some type of expensive coins like gold coins, avoid placing them inside your checked luggage.

the TSA answers about traveling with gold and silver coins

If you don’t want your coins to be inspected in front of the world you can ask the security officer for a private screening. That way you won’t get the attention of some bad guy that may want to take advantage of your coins.

Happy travels.

We hope this help.

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