Can I Take My Electric Scooter On a Plane ? 2024

Taking electric scooter on a plane is a bit sketchy.

As you may know electric items have some serious restrictions on most airlines especially those that operate with lithium or lithium ion batteries, even though it is rare but there are possibilities of Li-ion batteries becoming overheat and even to explode.

If you want to make sure that you bring your electric scooter whenever you fly, you will need to know what are the airline’s rules about taking electric scooters on planes in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Here is the short answer.

Most of the airlines and the airport securities do not allow electric scooters if they have lithium batteries that exceed a maximum capacity of 101–160 watt hours, however; you can still transport your electric scooter on some airlines, but still it is better to contact your airline and confirm with them, before heading to the airport.

Keep reeding because in this post we will look at some details and dive deeper why are most airlines do not allow E-scooters.

Let’s get right into the details.

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Take Electric Scooter Through The Security Checkpoint

I have checked the TSA website but I did not find any info about electric scooters, but they mention Segways and according to them they are allowed , but you will need to check with your airline first.

The TSA Website

I went further and looked for other answers.

It turns out that the TSA does not have any issues with electric scooters, but still you need to contact your airline and make sure they allow them on their airplanes.


So it is the FAA, the IATA, the airlines that have some decisions if your electric scooter is allowed or not, so if you bring it to the airport and the TSA approves it you will still have issues with the airline.

Here is what the FAA has to say about traveling with E-scooters.

Most unicycle scooters and Segway-type scooters have a battery that exceeds 160 Wh, and thus are prohibited.

Take Electric Scooters In Carry-on Luggage


Airlines do not have worries about electric scooters themselves, but rather with the lithium batteries inside them, because most manufacturers do not display the exact battery capacity.

But if your electric scooter has a removable or no battery you can remove the battery but you can’t take it with you on your flight.

You can then gate check the scooter and get I back when your flight landed, like in the video below.

I do think airlines and manufacturers need to find a solution as electric scooters are increasingly going in popularity as they save time, money and the environment.

On the other hand if your battery does not exceed 160 Wh which is usually on small electric scooters that are mostly designed for children, you can still bring it in carry-on luggage but you need to contact the airline and it must be within the airline size limits.

Airlines have exceptions with some mobility devices batteries when used for medical use, but most airlines will not consider e-scooters as a mobility device even though any mobility device needs to be transported on hold the airplane.

AirlinesElectric scooters
United AirlinesForbidden
Delta AirlinesForbidden
American AirlinesForbidden
Jet BlueForbidden
Spirit AirlinesForbidden
Alaska AirlinesForbidden
Southwest AirlinesForbidden
Air CanadaForbidden

Take Electric Scooter In Checked Luggage

Usually when an airline does allow large electronic item on their planes, they allow them in checked luggage.

If the battery is removable, you will need to take the battery with you on board, on the other hand if the battery is not removable you can transport the item in checked luggage, but you will need to make sure that the item cannot accidentally turn on during the transportation.

The item must be protected neatly and all the cables and circuit is covered and wrapped.

I did the research to see if there are some airlines that will allow electric scooters in checked luggage on some international airlines, and here is what I’ve found.

International AirlinesElectric scooters
AeromexicoOnly scooters with non-spillable batteries that are 12 V or less and 100 watts / hour (Wh) or less are permitted.
Qatar AirwaysNeed approval
Turkish AirlinesForbidden
British AirwaysForbidden

What if Your Airline Do Not Allow Electric Scooters?

If you contact your airline they confirm that electric scooters are not allowed on their flight there are some other options that you may want to approach.

  • Rent one at your destination: If you want to just bring your E-scooter with you on a plane, to navigate the city and explore its hidden gems and your airline does not permit them in both carry on and checked luggage, then you can opt for a rental option at your destination.
  • Ship your scooter: while this an option if you decided to do whatever it takes to travel with your scooter, for example you just bought one at your destination to use yourself or a gift, if you want to ship your E-escooter check out this detailed article on docshipper.
  • Leave it at home: If you are like me, sometimes I just want to bring something with me on my flight without any reason, so sometimes I just end up reconsidering the option as I can easily find an alternative at my destination.

Final Thoughts

There are some restricted rules on traveling with items with batteries on most airlines.

The FAA and the aviation authorities regulate this type of objects and as you read above devices with batteries that exceed 160 WH are not permitted on planes in both carry-on and checked luggage.

There are only a few airlines that will allow you to bring an electric scooter on their airplane.

Except oblate devices, like wheelchairs, or mobility scooters, even these types of devices still need airline approval.

Happy travels.

We hope this helps.

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