Can I Bring My Keys On a Plane? 2024

So can i bring my keys on a plane?

Traveling is a fantastic experience, and knowing what is allowed will make everything easier and more fun.

Careful packing is necessary and better understanding of airlines and airports regulations can help you whizz through the airport.

If this is your first time traveling with keys, you probably do not know what are the rules on taking them on planes, where to place them and if they will set off the metal detectors at the airport.

Here is the short answer:

All types of Keys are good to go on planes in both carry on and checked luggage, however it is not recommended to put any of your personal items such as keys in your check in bag.

This post will explore how to pack and secure your car keys, house keys, and other important keys for your next flight. It will also shed some light on airline’s rules and regulations, in addition to some other metal items. Finally, you’ll also get to see some best alternatives for key carabiners.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can I take keys through airport security?

According to the TSA Keys are allowed through the security checkpoint without any worries. But you must be placing them in a bin for X-ray screening.

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Will keys set off the metal detector?

Some scanners have higher sensitivity levels than others, sometimes an object may set off a metal detector while will not set off another.

Keys usually will set off a metal detector because they have metals that will trigger the alarm, so it is better to remove your keys from your pocket and place them in a separate bin for x-ray screening.

I noticed that so many passengers left their keys at the TSA checkpoint.

So ensure that you collect all your items including keys after you pass the security checkpoint.

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TIP: When traveling with your expensive items make sure that you protect them, and use a beautiful, solid and top-of-the-line bag. We always recommend hard-side suitcases that will give added protection to your accessories and fragile items! check out these Samsonite hard-side luggage on Amazon. It is really durable, solid and can be taken for any adventure.

Can you Bring keys in carry-on luggage?

The short and simple answer is yes, keys are allowed in your hand luggage (carry-on luggage).

Car ( keys, a key fob or apartment key are classified just like any other normal accessory. So you can take it in your carry-on bag and bring it with you on the plane without any problem. You just have to remember to pack your keys somewhere accessible if you need to remove them at the airport.

I prefer placing my car and house keys in my fanny pack, that way it is always easy to take them out when i go through the security checkpoint.

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Can I bring keychains in my carry-on?

Yes, Your keychain is OK to go in carry-on bags.

Tonya asked the TSA about taking her keys with a keychain, the TSA confirmed that keychains are allowed on planes without any problem.

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Other Things To Remember About Bringing keys on Planes

When you are flying and bringing your keys, you need to remember some things that will help you for a smoother, hassle-free trip.

1. Make Sure You don’t bring your keys

it may sound weird, but yes.

sometimes you can eave those keys for a relative.

It is more secure to not bring your keys if you can, or if they are not necessary.

In case you have the ability to leave them at home, do not hesitate to leave them behind, especially if you are going on an adventure, or a long vacation.

Taking unnecessary items on your flight or adventure in general can cause delays and might just add to your stress on top of other things.

2. Take your keys in carry-on

As much as you can, don’t send your house or car keys in your checked bag where there’s a chance that they might get lost or stolen. You want to keep your keys safe, so it’s best that they’re with you all the time. That’s why it’s safer if you take them with you by packing them into your personal bag or carry-on bag.

3. Do not forget you keys

As stated above when you’re at the airport, you can easily forget your keys at the security checkpoint. Taking care of your items start at home and will save you time and give you a stress-free flight.

Try to attach your keychain somewhere inside the bag or a personal item, if the airport security asks you to remove them from your bag you can still attach them with other accessories.

If you want to go further you can use a tag that can detect your key’s location, something like this Apple luggage tracker is just fantastic and priceless.

AirTags operate like a keychain, you can just assign the AirTag to your keys and name it with a default like “MyKeys” ,“Mychain” or “Wallet,” or provide a custom name of your choice.


It’s no big secret that keys are among our top main items that we all travel with.

Just make sure to follow the airport security and the TSA rules and do not leave the keys in your pocket while you are at the security checkpoint.

Also remember that it’s better to pack them in your personal bag or carry-on luggage rather than checked baggage so they won’t get lost and you can access them anytime.

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