Can You Bring a Theragun On a Plane? 2024

So can you bring a Theragun on a plane?

Traveling can be stressful especially for work or business, therefore so many travelers prefer to bring a massage gun along in the the journey, its relieves stress and relaxes the muscles.

A portable and lightweight massage gun can be really handful every time you are on a mission.

But what about taking a Theragun massage gun on a plane, and what are the airport’s security and airline regulations when traveling with such items.


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Here is the short answer: All massage guns -including Theragun massage guns- are allowed in both carry on and checked luggage, on major airlines, however if your massage gun have a removable lithium battery, you will be required to remove the battery if you want to check in your Theragun and take it with you in your carry on bag.

Read on to know more about traveling with you Theragun and how to efficiently pack your massage gun for a flight.

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Can I Bring My Massage Gun On a Plane TSA Rules?

The TSA didn’t specifically mention massage guns or a Theragun on its website; however I checked Twitter to see what the TSA customer service says about taking Theraguns through the airport security checkpoint.

This passenger asked the TSA if she can bring her TheraGun massage gun on her flight.

The TSA didn’t clearly confirm that they are allowed but, what they mean is that the TSA officer has the right to not allow any item in carry-on luggage for security reasons.

But overall massage guns are allowed through the security checkpoint on most airports.

Can You Bring a Theragun On a Plane?

Can I Put My Theragun In Carry-On Luggage?

Passengers are generally permitted to carry massage guns with them on planes, provided that they are within the size and weight limit of the airline they are flying with.

But if your Theragun is larger than the allowed carry on size or weight, you will be required to transport it your check in luggage.

GuyR asked the TSA about flying with this massage “gun” in the carry-on bag, the TSA replied that Medically necessary massagers are permitted in carry-on bags without any issues.

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While you go through the security checkpoint , keep your message gun hand so you can put it in a bin or a basket and tell the officer kindly that you have it. 

Another thing to remember is that most the Theragun or any other massage guns come in a solid bag, and its attachments come with a travel bag or pouch. If you need to quickly remove it from luggage or carry-on, it should be rather simple.

Can I put my TheraGun in checked luggage?

Theragun massage guns are allowed in checked luggage but lithium batteries must be removed from your check in bag.

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If you transport your massage gun in your checked luggage without removing the battery , there is more chance that the items will not be approved by the TSA officer or the airport security.

So if you decide to check in your Theragun massage gun, keep in mind to remove the battery first and take it with you on board.

Here is what FAA displays on its website:

Devices with lithium metal or lithium ion batteries (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) must be transported in carry-on baggage when possible. When portable electronic devices powered by lithium batteries are transported in checked luggage, they must be completely powered off and well protected to prevent unintentional activation or damage. In electronic devices capable of generating extreme heat, heating elements must be isolated which could cause a fire if activated, by removal of the heating element, battery or other components.


Just to know, most airlines will not compensate for lost or damaged expensive items, so if it is not necessary do not put your expensive TheraGun inside your checked bag.

How to protect your Theragun massage fun when traveling

Here are some tips on how to protect your massage gun in your checked baggage.

  • Use a massage gun solid bag and place it inside your suitcase, check this solid bag on Amazon, it will help also on carrying additional accessories.
  • To go further you can wrap your massage gun with two to three layers of bubble wrap or piece of cloth so the item won’t move around inside the case.
  • Remove the batteries and place them inside your personal item in case your carry on bag is gate checked and avoid any surprise at he airport.

Consider Theragun Massage Guns for Travel

If you are planning to get an electric massager, then a Theragun is the right choice, and these are the best Theragun massage guns. If you want to grab one and go.

  • TheraGun Elite: The best seller on Amazon and most widely used; The Theragun Elite comes with 5 attachments, the battery lasts as longer, with its strong massage you will be impressed by how much quieter the elite is.
  • Theragun Mini massage gun : Theragun mini is the affordable massage gun, with powerful and effective massage, the Mini is unique and can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Theragun Pro: the best massager by far, very powerful, good ergonomics,the Theragun Pro comes with several multiple massage heads. also it comes with all the necessary accessories for a soothing and relaxing massage, no need to buy extra batteries or anything.


Most massage guns, such as TheraGuns are permitted in carry-on luggage. Make sure it is secured neatly inside your bag so it won’t jiggle around. also removable lithium batteries are not allowed in your checked baggage.

Whether you are traveling with a normal electric massage gun, or the expensive theraGun Pro it is always advised to keep it inside your carry on bag.

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