Can You Bring Pre-Workout Supplements On a Plane?

So can you bring workout supplements on a plane? And how to pack pre-workout  supplements for travel?

You’re preparing for your next adventure, or a trip somewhere and need to carry your workout supplements.

You’re going to need to pack protein powder, creatine, and other supplements inside your carry on or checked baggage to keep up with your training.

According to the TSA you can bring any type of Workout Supplements ( pills and powders ) inside your carry-on and checked baggage without any issues, but if you are taking any type of pre-workout powders greater than 12 oz / 350 ml you will be required to place them in a separate bin for X-ray screening at the security checkpoint, pre workout drinks need to follow the TSA 3-1-1liquid rule.

Let’s dive in more about traveling with pre-workout supplements inside both carry-on and checked baggage.

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The TSA Pre-Workout Supplements Rules

The TSA do not have any restrictions on taking powders and pills through the security checkpoint, However they recommend that when traveling with powder products more than 12 oz inside your carry-on, you will need to take them out from your bag and place them in separate bins for x-ray screening.

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Powders may require additional screening at the airport and containers may need to be opened.


Workout Supplements Allowed In Carry-on Baggage?

There are no limits to the amount of workout supplements you are allowed to carry inside your carry on baggage, if your product is solid or powders.

Taking pre workout drinks liquid products you will need to adhere to the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule, which requires you to take only containers less or equal to 3.4 oz inside a transparent quart sized bag.

No matter how often you travel, you will need a GREAT suitcase or a backpack that will take all your essential items meanwhile stay within the airline luggage limits, check them out on Amazon.


Can You Take Workout Supplement In Checked Luggage?

The right way to transport your workout supplement if it is powders is in your checked baggage, taking more than 12 oz in your carry on baggage may cause some inconvenience during the screening process.

Also when traveling with large quantities, you will need to be careful about the airline luggage limits, if your checked baggage is too heavy you will be charged additional fees.

The most common weight for checked baggage for most airlines is 50 lbs 23 kg.

If you are traveling with a heavy suitcase that is above the allowed weight, you can just split the weight between two bags and you can still benefit from the free baggage allowance on your airlines, usually most airlines include 2 to 3 bags in your ticket.

Can You Take Creatine In Checked Luggage?

Creatine is the number-one supplement for improving performance when working out and usually it comes as powder or capsules (pills) and both of them do not have any restrictions in checked baggage.

Other-ways if you decide to take them in carry-on baggage and when traveling for a few days and you are not familiar with How to pack powders or other supplements for travel, here is a video from Marc Lobliner (Pro Bodybuilder) packing his 3 days supplements using Ziploc bags.

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What Do Travelers Say About Traveling With Workout Supplements?

@gboss asked TSA about his protein powder, creatine, pre workout and other pills vitamins, and the TSA says that all his supplements are allowed in either carry on and checked baggage. 

The only thing he should consider is, if the containers are more than 12 oz then he must take out all the products from the carry in bag in the security screening.

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@Beth wanted to take large containers of collagen powder and Metamucil in checked baggage, and the TSA answered that supplement powder is good to go in checked baggage.

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Pre-workout Powder Travel Containers

If you are traveling for long days, taking your workout supplement in Ziploc bags may not be a good idea.

Unfortunately  almost all the workout supplements come in large containers, though you can use Workout travel sized supplements on the go  by filling small containers, like this Mini Protein Powder Funnel that you can load with powder or pills and here you go.

also small Storage Containers that can take as much as you will need during your trip, frankly i found this more practical and helpful than Ziploc bags.

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Final Thoughts: Can You Bring Workout Supplements On a Plane?

You can take pills and powdered pre-workout supplements on planes in your carry-on and checked baggage without any problem.

When going through airport security you will be required to take out powders in containers over 12 oz and place them in a separated bin for X-ray screening.

Happy Travels.

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