Can You Bring Tennis Racket On Plane 2024?

You can bring a tennis racket on a plane in both carry-on and checked bags, however each airline has its size, weight and number of items you are allowed to carry on the plane, ensure that your tennis racket is within your airline carry-on and checked baggage size and weight.

In this post we have answered all your questions about traveling with your tennis rackets on planes, in addition of some tips to help you fly in peace with your racket.

Let’s dive right in.

Two tennis rackets

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Tennis Rackets And TSA Rules

According to the TSA you are allowed to bring tennis rackets through the security checkpoint point without any restrictions.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website:

Can You Bring Tennis Racket On Plane-03

However planning for your flight prior and packing properly your tennis racket will ease the screening process and travel experience.

I also researched social media to find some of the TSA responses about taking tennis rackets.

This page wonder if he can bring his tennis racket on board or it must be in checked luggage.

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The TSA customer service replied that tennis rackets are allowed in both carry on and checked baggage.

Can I Take a Tennis Racket as Hand Luggage?

Tennis rackets are goof to go in your carry on bag, however you could save a lot of hassle if you would check your airline carry-on size before deciding where to place your tennis racket.

Some airline are more friendly with sporting equipment and that won’t cause too much hassle, others may make the process a bit hard.

Make sure to fly with an airline that welcome any Tennis item as carry on especial if you are traveling with more iems.

call ahead your airline if you are traveling with a large tennis racket to avoid any inconvenience when flying on smaller or regional airplanes.

Can I Take a Tennis Racket In Checked Baggage?

Most airlines accept taking sporting equipment in checked luggage if they are packed properly.

If you decide to take your tennis racket in checked baggage, ensure that it is protected na well secured to avoid any damage or break during transport.

Checked baggage are handled carefully in most airlines, and if you are traveling with a carry expensive tennis racket it is also important to keep in mind that items can be missing or even stollen when transported on hold.

Can You Pack a Tennis Racket In a Suitcase?

A tennis racket size ranges between 27 inches (the most common) and 29 inches (the maximum length allowed in professional and non-professional tennis).

And the average suitcase length is 30″ and most of the time your racket will fit in, However the ideal way to carry your tennis racket is inside its tennis racket travel bag.

Can You Take Tennis Rackets On Most Airlines ?

Most US airlines do apply the TSA rules, as long as the TSA allow it you will not have any issues with tennis rackets ( if it fits with their size ), then you are good to bring it on any US airlines.

American Airlines

Sassy asked AmericanAir if she can carry her tennis rackets.

They replied that tennis rackets can either carry on or checked baggage, when transported in carry-on they must be with the size limits.

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United Airlines

The same answerer are given to Miss Rachel from United Airlines, if the racket is over the allowed size it will be subject for checked baggage.

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The same rules apply for Delta Air Lines, JetBlue. Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Allegiant Air because they all have almost the same luggage size and wight limits.

Other International Airlines


Can You Bring Tennis Racket On Plane-07


Can You Bring Tennis Racket On Plane-08

Turkish Airlines

Can You Bring Tennis Racket On Plane-09

People also ask:

Final Thoughts On Taking Tennis Rackets On a Plane.

Most Airlines will allow your tennis racket on both carry on and checked baggage,

There are no special instructions or limits.

However some small airplanes may not allow taking them with onboard due to the limited space.

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