Can You Take a PickleBall Paddle On a Plane? 2024

According to the TSA you can take PickleBall paddles in both carry-on and checked baggage, but, it is advisable to place larger PickleBall Paddles in checked baggage, to avoid any inconvenience at the airport, you will need also to consider your airline luggage rules regarding where to place your paddles.

Whether you are an avid PickleBall player or simply want to bring your paddle along on a trip, keep reading to know more about traveling with PickleBall paddles and the best way to pack them for air travel.

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Can You Take PickleBall Paddles Through The TSA Security Checkpoint?

In the United States the TSA ( The Transportation Security Administration ) is in charge and regulates what you can and can’t bring through the security checkpoint and on board the airplanes.

On their website they stated that PickleBall Paddles are permitted in both carry-on and checked bags without any restrictions.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website:

PickleBall Paddles tea rules

I searched the TSA social media to find more answers, and turns out that the TSA have more to say about the topic.

Tom wanted to take his PickleBall Paddle on board the airplane on his upcoming flight.

The answer about taking  a pickleball paddle  in carry on baggage

The TSA customer service replied that PickleBall Paddles are not specifically mentioned on their prohibited items list in carry on, but it is important to note that the final decisions rest with the TSA officer inspecting bags at the security checkpoint.

For instance a person with a bad temper can use an elongated PickleBall Paddle to strike someone in the head, just like a baseball bat, even though PickleBall paddles are lightweight compared to a baseball bat.

John’s daughter’s Pickleball paddle was confiscated at LAX airport.

The answer about confiscating a pickleball paddle at the airport

The same answer from the TSA customer service ” The security officer has full discretion to decide what is allowed on board the airplanes “.

They also recommend placing PickleBall Paddles in checked baggage.

If you are going for a tournament you will need to know what are there rules when traveling with other items, like liquids, food, snacks and other equipment.


Carry-on VS. Checked Baggage 

In addition to the TSA regulations, it is essential to be aware of the specific rules set with your airline.

If the paddles fit inside your carry-on bag then there is nothing to worry about, but if you take them separately, then you should consider your airlines baggage policy, if they allow passengers to have extra items, or they allow only one carry-on piece free of charge.

For instance, United Airlines permit one carry-on bag with the dimensions 22″ * 14″ * 9″ and one personal item sized at 17″ * 10″ * 9″ free of charge, and if you choose to bring a separate bag for your paddles, it will be counted as a carry-on if it exceeds the size of the personal item. but, if the paddles bag fits within or under the dimensions of 17″ * 10″ * 9″, it will be considered a personal item and must fir under the seat in front of you.

You can always place your PickleBall paddles in your checked bag and avoid the hassle of the carry-on rules and the security checkpoint.

Packing PickleBall Paddles For Air Travel 

Before heading to the airport, it is important to do some prior packing to keep your PickleBall paddle intact and undamaged during the trip:

Here is some tips to follow:

  • Know your airline rules: Do some research about your airline regarding sports equipment, size, weight, or packing requirements and if there are any additional fees or procedures to keep in mind, that way you will know where to put your paddle and pack it accordingly.
  • Protect your paddles: to avoid any damage or scratches, you can use a paddle cover or wrap them with soft clothes or any other pieces of soft items.
  • Use a separate bag: if you want to give your PickleBall paddle some extra protection you can use a separate bag or solid case specifically designed for paddles, these bags often have compartments to keep paddles and ensure your PickleBalls is secured and safe.

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Final Thoughts 

You won’t face any issues taking standard-sized PickleBall paddles on planes.

The TSA does not have any issues with traveling with PickleBall paddles, even though the final decision always rests with the security officer inspecting bags at the airport.

Large paddles will need to stay within the airline carry-on restrictions, and are preferred if they are transported in checked baggage.

Ensure that you check your airline carry-on and checked baggage size and weight.

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