Can I Wear My Ring Through Airport Security?

So can you wear your ring through airport security? and will a ring set off a metal detector?

Most travelers don’t want to take off their jewelry like a ring and earrings or bracelets through the security checkpoint.

And if you are traveling with a fancy ring you want to seal the airport without bringing unwanted attention, and protecting your jewelry has to be on the top-of-mind. But there are some precautions to take, especially if you bring your engagement ring or other expensive pieces.

Fortunately it isn’t complicated. Here is the short answer

According to the TSA jewelry including rings are allowed through the airport security checkpoint without any problem, if your ring is made from silver, gold or platinum it will not set off the metal detector and you don’t need to remove them.

I’ve traveled with my silver ring and neck chain many times and they never set off airport scanners.

If you are ready to kick off your flight, whether you own an expensive ring, an anniversary Band or a band ring , or both, we have all the tips you need for hitting the road.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can You Wear Your Ring Through The Airport Security?

Yes, you can wear your ring through the airport security checkpoint without any issue, in case your ring sets off the metal detector, you will be required to remove it and so the security will inspect it in front of you (But most of the time it will not set the metal detector unless they are bulky).

The TSA recommends keeping your jewelry with you all the time, rings and earring are easy to lose, and if you decide to remove them, place them in your personal item or your carry-on bag, do not place it in a separate bin for screening.

It is recommended to remove heavy and bulky jewelry before the security checkpoint.

This passenger asked the TSA if she could wear this stainless steel ring through the security checkpoint.

The TSA replied that ” it is highly recommended that passengers remove bulky jewelry before beginning the security screening process. Removing these items may reduce the need for additional screening, including a pat down.”

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Wear Engagement Ring Through Airport Security

If you wonder if you have to remove your engagement or wedding ring at the airport security here is what the TSA answered Caitlin on Twitter.

Caitlin asked the TSA if she can wear her 14k white gold engagement ring through the security checkpoint, and the TSA customer service confirmed that she is good to go with her ring and most rings will not require removal for screening.

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Take a Ring In Carry On Baggage

Most airlines and airport security advise wearing rings or any kind of jewelry or keeping them inside your handbag or carry on bag.

Your jewelry is precious and should be treated with care and placing your expensive ring in checked luggage is too risky, most airlines will not cover your ring expenses if it is lost or damaged, in addition jewelry is more prone to be stolen when transported in a checked bag.

You don’t want to open your suitcase and find a big tangled mess in it, or your ring is not there anymore.

TIP: There will always be damaged and missing items in checked baggage, so do not put any expensive item inside your check baggage.

How To Pack a Ring For Travel?

While; if you do not plan to wear your ring during your flight it is better to do some prior arrangement and securing your accessories inside your carry on baggage is the first step.

To keep your ring safe but not in its own box or case, simply roll up a small cloth or towel. After that, place your ring into a small plastic bag then secure it in the middle of your bag. This will keep all of your rings and jewelry from getting damaged , scratched or bent. 

I have scoured the internet for other best tricks and hacks for traveling with your ring, and most of the techniques will not require a lot of hassle.

  • Use a Ring Box or Jewelry Storage Case: Will protect your ring all the time, especially if you use a solid one, you can add some added cushions inside like cotton if you feel that your ring is not secured.
  • Use O-Rings: Works better when traveling with many rings and jewelry, before placing your ring in a hard side case or a Ziploc bag you can just simply open your O-rings, slip your rings on, and pack!
  • Use Solid cases(My favorite): a hard sided and small case that you can place easily in the middle of your suitcase are just a smart choice to fully protect your accessories, in addition there will always have additional accessories you want to to take along with your ring, it may take some room inside your bag but it is worth it.

If you find that your ring isn’t prone to get damaged or tangled, you can simply place it in a soft jewelry pouch for its protection. 

You want to dive more on how to pack jewelry in a fascinating way!! you can check this post from carlin on packing and traveling with Jewelry.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with an expensive ring can be a challenge especially on long flights as you are not sure what to expect at the airport.

But rest assured that the TSA never confiscated a ring.

You are not even obligated to remove your ring through the airport security checkpoint.

Never pack your ring in your checked bag, if you don’t wear it secure it safely in your carry-on bag or personal item.

We hope this helps

Happy travels.

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