Can You Take Sunglasses On A Plane? 2023

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Sunglasses are critical to safeguard your eyes with UV protection when exploring the world while staying cool, but you will need first to ensure that they are allowed on planes, and keep them safe while you are on your flight.

So can you bring eyeglasses on a plane?

Here is the quick answer: there are no restrictions on flying with sunglasses and glasses in general, you can either wear them or place them inside your personal item, it is better to avoid placing expensive sunglasses in checked baggage.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with sunglasses, whether you are wearing prescription, fashion or designer eyeglasses, and the right way to protect them on your next flight.

Let’s dive right in

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Wear Sunglasses Through The Security Checkpoint

There are various opinions on wearing sunglasses though the security checkpoint.

For instance you can wear prescription sunglasses without any issues but occasionally it will happen that the security officer will instruct you to place them in a separate tray along with your other items for further screening.

Many passengers have already asked the TSA on Twitter if they can wear sunglasses at the security checkpoint.

The TSA answers Mr Chicago that passengers can wear prescription sunglasses through the security checkpoint.


Other types of sunglasses which are not prescription, it is better to remove them until you pass the security checkpoint or you board the airplane.

If you remove them, ensure that you put an eye on them as they can be missed or lost.

That is what probably happened to Jeanie, she lost her $200 Rays Bans at the screening checkpoint, and the TSA told her to file a claim.


Wearing designer sunglasses inside the airport can draw some unnecessary attention from the airport security.

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Take Sunglasses In Carry-on Baggage

The TSA and most airlines do not have any restrictions on where to place your sunglasses, but I recommend placing  them in your personal item.

Sunglasses block light so you can  wear them on board the airplane which is a good idea if you sit in a window seat, sunglasses can be used also to help sleep comfortably if you don’t have  a sleeping mask.

Take Sunglasses In Checked Baggage

I did it once.

I placed my sunglasses inside my checked bag. 

And you guess what happened!!


They got crushed.

I just tossed them in my checked bag and the mistake I also made was not using a pocket case.

So I wouldn’t advise anyone to send them in checked baggage, unless you don’t worry about them.

But if you are traveling with $200 Ray Bans you already know that is not a good idea, It makes more sense to place them in your carry-on bag along with any fragile Items.

Protect Sunglasses When Traveling

You will need to take some necessary preventive measures to make sure that your eye or sunglasses don’t get crushed, whether you are taking them inside your carry-on or checked baggage.

Protecting them neatly will also help avoid any scratches.

Getting a solid case that will help protect them from scratches and breaks is critical. The protective case together with the glasses can be placed in your carry-on or a personal item or even in your pocket if you want to keep them handy.

Final thoughts 

There are no restrictions on traveling with even Spongebob pink glasses on planes.

It doesn’t matter what type of sunglasses you are traveling with, but wearing them through the security checkpoint will depend on the security officer at the security checkpoint.

If the security officer ask you top remove them, ensure that you don’t leave them at the security checkpoint.

Also do not forget your sunglasses inside your checked bag, since most airlines will not compensate any damaged or lost expensive items.

We hope this helps

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