What Luggage Do Pilots And Flight Attendants Use?

Pilots and flight attendants are experts at what they do.

With their decades of experience I trust that they know what type of luggage works the best.

In addition of a super sturdy, lightweight and durable suitcase, there must be other secrets or criteria we don’t know about.

And whether you are a flight crew or you want to get a new bag what pilots and flight attendants use, right here, We’ve compiled the best luggage pieces and brands flight crews use.

Well !! enough rumbling.

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Luggage brands pilots and flight attendants useSuitcases pilots and flight attendants prefer
Briggs & RileyBriggs & Riley Baseline-Softside Carry-On
TravelProTravelpro Platinum Elite-Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage
RimowaRimowa Topas Titanium Carry on
Tumi TUMI Alpha Compact 4 Wheel Briefcase.
DelseyDELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage
SamsoniteSamsonite Winfield 2 fashion
Luggage Work
MygoflightMYGOFLIGHT Aviator Pro AL20 Luggage in Silver – Hardside 360 Degree Wheeled Spinner Carry-on 

What type Luggage Do Pilots Use?

Most pilots do take one bag filled with clothes and other stuff, in addition to one small personal item that is called ” a pilot bag ” it fits the side of the pilot’s chair and it takes items like electronics (headsets, a torch etc ..) and toiletries .

Usually the first bag is larger and can hold a lot of clothes and shoes needed for the journey, for example pilots who fly longer routes will need more stuff in their suitcase.

This is why a pilot’s carry-on bag needs to be spacious and can take everything he or she needs to fly safely and comfortably during the trip.

It should contain items such as clothes, a laptop computer, cell phone, passport, medications, and other necessary documents.

Usually pilots prefer some high value luggage brands, like Briggs & Riley and  TravelPro, but most of the time it comes to each pilot’s personal preference.

What Luggage Do Flight Attendants Use?

Flight attendants bring the same number of luggage as pilots, one bag and one small additional item, that take their toiletries and electronics.

And it doesn’t matter if it is a duffle bag or a backpack, but most of them prefer wheeled suitcases.

Flight attendant also need to consider the weight and size of their luggage as they will

Flight attendants prefer the same luggage brands pilots use, like Rimowa, Briggs & Riley and travelPro, which we are going to talk more about below.

Here Is The 8 Popular Luggage Brands And Suitcases Pilots And Flight Attendants Use

Airlines crew members need their luggage to be durable, sturdy and fascinating, as they travel frequently for living.

Pilots and flights attendants need their luggage to be :

  • Very light
  • 4-wheel for smooth maneuverability
  • Good warranty or at least everything is easily replaceable
  • Expandable

1- Briggs & Riley

Briggs and Riley is the first luggage brand in the list and preferred by pilots and flight attendants.

Their suitcases are built to last, with a wide range of lightweight and durable suitcases.

What makes the brand remarkable more is their unconditional lifetime warranty, It does cover any defect or type of damage.

Even though their prices are super high, pilots and flight attendants still prefer the brand, as the warranty gives them some peace of mind and they can use one bag for a long time.

The Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside Carry-On is the most preferred piece by pilots and flight attendants.

2- TravelPro

TravelPro is another luggage brand that flight crews admire, similar to Briggs and Riley but it doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty.

What is more intriguing about travelPro and why flight crew are coveted about their suitcases, it is created with a pilot, also known as a pilot designed brand and flight crew tested.

The Travelpro Platinum Elite-Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage , is the popular suitcase used with flight crews.

3- Rimowa

Even though I’m not a pilot or flight attendant, I admire Rimowa luggage.

Their luggage pieces are different and look more like a luxury brand.

The best piece pilots and flight attendants likes most is the Rimowa Topas Titanium Carry on,, the suitcase has 4 wheel spinners for smooth maneuverability in any direction.

Moreover, it is made from the robust shell of aluminum magnesium, which makes it one the lightest and most stable luggage ranges in their class.

4- Tumi

Tumi builds some high quality and durable bags, not only for flight crews, but also for any traveler.

When pilots or flight attendants opt for Tumi luggage they usually go with the TUMI Alpha Compact 4 Wheel Briefcase.

The suitcase is durable and has plenty of features like, front zipped pockets, USB Ports on the side, a sleeve in the back to fasten on a trolley,  the Tumi tracer metal plate in the back and more.

5- Delsey

Delsey is another popular and premium luggage brand, which pilots and flight attendants travel with, as they manufacture some durable and beautiful styles.

The DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels is their most common suitcase used with flight crews.

6- Samsonite

Samsonite is known for affordable suitcases that do not sacrifice the quality.

They have a really good sand solid warranty and their suitcases can be found anywhere in the world.

Samsonite is mainly known for its super sturdy and lightweight hard-side suitcases.

For example the Samsonite Winfield 2 fashion which flight crews prefer comes with a stylish exterior four spinner wheels and a TSA-approved lock, to ensure  that the suitcase is secured.

The compartments are ample and will take all the needed essentials.

7- Luggage Work

Just like TravelPro, Luggage works are mainly designed for flight crews.

Some Luggage works suitcases have steel frames which makes them more strong and powerful.

It is rigorously built but with a limited warranty of three years, it is also backed with a 30 day return policy.

8- Mygoflight

If the aluminum is more your style, then you’ll love MYGOFLIGHT suitcases.

MYGOFLIGHT Aviator Pro AL20 Luggage is the most popular suitcase used with flight crews, as it has all the features a pilot or flight attendant will need.

The suitcase is lightweight and spacious, it is made from aluminum making the hard-case strong and sturdy.

Final Thoughts

Pilots and flight attendants do not choose a specific type of suitcase, but they focus more on the quality, size and weight of their luggage. 

It mostly depends on how much they are ready to pay for a good suitcase, “the more you pay the better and long-lasting suitcase you get”.

Even though airline crew need to pick their luggage wisely, the suitcase needs to be durable and to last for long utilization.

We hope this helps

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