Why Is Tumi So Expensive? And Are Tumi Bags Worth It?

So why Tumi luggage so expensive? And are Tumi bags worth the price?

Tumi is a luggage brand that is known for its long lasting and high-end luggage and its suitcases and accessories are in an increasing demand, with its new features and models the Tumi sold about 762 million dollars in 2018 and beyond.

While an expensive Tumi bag can worth more than $1000; many travelers are still questioning if the brand is still worth it.

Here is the short answer: However; Tumi bags are expensive but they are luxury and made to last. Tumi utilizes sturdy and imperishable raw material , like SRPP Ballistic material that are 100% polypropylene composite,that is meant to deliver maximum toughness and turn it into fabric layers. The more layers used, the stronger the product and the longer the suitcase will last.

Below, we have answered why Tumi luggage so expensive and if the Tumi bags are worth it, in addition to some of the best sellers of the Tumi bags.

Let’s dive right in.

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Is Tumi a Luxury Brand?

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Tumi is considered a luxury brand in the luggage industry, just like Louis Vuitton and Gucci in the fashion industry.

Tumi has a strong reputation with its range of well designed and high-end suitcases and travel bags; also they spent years in developing its reputation especially in the US market as a luxury brand.

Tumi was founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford in Edison, New Jersey US, since the brand started to expand; the brand also supplies accessories such as belts, pens, and electronic equipment.

Are Tumi Bags Worth It?

So many people think that Tumi suitcases are overpriced, especially those that are above $500.

However, travelers who own Tumi suitcases know that they are worth the price because the company focuses on high quality products and materials and they still use the suitcases for a long time and they never get disappointed with the quality.

@Brandon recommends Tumi to his friend because they are super durable and never had a zipper, a wheel, or a handle ever failed during his journey.

While @Beau says that his suitcase last for 10 years, in addition it held up for heavy use and rough handling.

Why Are Tumi Luggage So Expensive?

If this is the first time you are planning to acquire a Tumi suitcase or backpack you may get surprised with its waving prices, and wonder why the brand is so expensive.

The thing is that there are more areas than just the design that makes Tumi price its products so high, here are some of the major factors that influence the Tumi prices.


Durability is the symbol of Tumi, the company uses durable materials for both its soft side and hard side suitcases.

They use the ultra-durable FXT Ballistic nylon that is Impact resistant and sturdy and holds a lot, and always looks good in soft sided suitcases.

In other hand they utilize Aluminium in some suitcases and the TUMI SRPP BALLISTIC in some of the hard sided suitcases, especially in the TUMI Latitude collection, their most durable lightweight hard-sided luggage.

The material are flexible and can be bend, so it won’t crack under any tough pressure or when tossed around.


While some people claims despite the whopping prices, the interior design of the Tumi luggage is better then the exterior, they are right.

Tumi are more focused on the quality of their products rather than how they look, they build simple suitcases but still attractive, they don’t put too much style on their suitcases, and they don’t follow the current trends; but if you are like me, i really want a stylish and quality suitcase if i paid a good amount of money.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the main reasons why Tumi luggage is expensive. Just like Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands, Tumi has a large group that are loyal to its products, they buy the backpack and bags whenever there is a new launch or version.

Abundant is a Tumi customer and she just claims that the brand is the best in the world, and there is no doubt she will get a Tumi bag whenever she needs a new one.

Customer service and warranty

Tumi has a 5 years warranty from the date you own your suitcase and 2 years for any wallet or accessory if you get them in an authorized store.

Furthermore; Tumi claims that if your suitcase gets damaged by normal handling or airline transportation, in the first 12 months they will cover it including shipping cost, if your suitcase already gets ripped or damaged before you receive it they will replace it.

You will enjoy using our innovative products that are designed and manufactured to be the best; you will experience world-class, after-sales customer service; For five (5) years after you purchase a TUMI product from one of our travel, business, or bag collections, or two (2) years for any wallet or accessory, from an authorized TUMI store or dealer, you will be covered by our Limited Warranty.



Not just Tumi that uses this technique but almost all luxury brands are using marketing for their size to increase brand awareness and sales, hence an increase in price if the demand occurs.

What is unique about implementing different ways of marketing with this brands is that the image can stay for so long, especially on social media , when customers are tagging the brand pr sending image of him with a Tumi bag or accessory, the image can stay for so long and it has always an impact on the buyer decision.

How Long Does Tumi Luggage Last?

According to Tumi there are some customers that traveled with bags for more than five years and they still function perfectly.

You can see this guy claimed that his hard suitcase lasts for more than 10 years, which is something most travelers want.

and even if your suitcase gets rugged or ripped after a few years you can still take it to a Tumi store and they will repair it, most of the time they will charge a small fee.

Does Tumi Luggage Scratch?

Yes; however Tumi suitcase are expensive they can be scratched if they handled roughly just like other suitcases, but of you take care for it there is more chance they that it will remain clean and shiny all the time, if I’m buying and expensive suitcase i always choose small size so o can carry it with me all the time as carry on baggage and i don’t seed my expensive suitcase in the custody of the luggage handler.

However; you can use a luggage cover to protect your suitcase from scratches, stained, messy or ruined.

What Is The Most Expensive Tumi Bag?

Currently this TUMI – Alpha 3 Extended Trip Expandable suitcase is the most expensive Tumi suitcase with a price of $1250. The suitcase is roomy and a great choice for extended travel or shared packing.

The suitcase also includes a removable garment sleeve to store your suit and wide interior pockets to keep essentials in order and easy to reach

Is Tumi Real Leather?

Soft sided bags are made from Ultra-durable FXT Ballistic nylon which combines a unique weave and special coating to make it ultra-durable, while hard sided suitcases are made from TUMI’s SRPP Ballistic material.

Some Tumi backpacks are made from leather like the Arrivé Larson Leather Backpack; other Tumi backpacks are made from Nylon like this Voyageur Carson Laptop Backpack.

Final Thoughts: Are Tumi Bags Worth It?

Tumi are considered one of the luxury and finest brands in the luggage industry and for some buyers it is worth every penny they spend on it, but other passengers are still wondering if the brand is worth all that much money.

If you still do not want to spend a large amount of money on a single suitcase, you get a backpack or other accessories, to test the quality of the backpack and know more about the brand, but overall the brand is all about luxury and meaning the products have when having them.

Before you make the decision make sure you read some other customers’ reviews and opinions, or just hit the company with a message if you still have any questions.

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